2016-04-02 Peter WuQt: Keep byte tab when reloading/closing capture file
2016-04-02 Gerald CombsUse faster wmem_str* functions in a few places.
2016-04-02 Michal Labedzkiandroiddump: Register interfaces when list interfaces
2016-04-02 Michal LabedzkiBluetooth: Fix conflicting address fields
2016-04-02 Pascal QuantinPDCP LTE: upgrade dissector to v13.1.0
2016-04-02 Pascal QuantinMAC LTE: upgrade dissector to v13.1.0
2016-04-02 Pascal QuantinERF: fix crash when displaying erf.ip_proto field
2016-04-02 Guy HarrisThere are two separate IP-over-Infiniband encapsulations.
2016-04-02 Guy HarrisOK, we'll increase PROTO_PRE_ALLOC_HF_FIELDS_MEM a...
2016-04-02 Gerald CombsQt: Lazily create dialogs.
2016-04-02 Gerald CombsQt: Try to speed up SplashOverlay
2016-04-01 Anthony CoddingtonERF: Add dissection and wiretap support for ERF_TYPE_META.
2016-04-01 Petr Sumberasupport for IP-over-Infiniband - pcap encapsulation
2016-04-01 Guy HarrisRemove trailing whitespace.
2016-04-01 Guy HarrisClean up the wildcard string processing a bit.
2016-04-01 João Use AC_MSG_ERROR instead of AC_ERROR
2016-04-01 Michael MannRename json.member.key -> json.key to keep it on the...
2016-04-01 Dario Lombardorandpkt: restyle the list generation to get rid of...
2016-04-01 Dario Lombardoextcap: fix const warnings
2016-04-01 Peter WuFix "No interfaces selected" when restarting capture
2016-04-01 Peter Wuhttp: set conv dissector from when heuristics succeeded
2016-03-31 Peter Wuieee80211: fix deep recursion
2016-03-31 Guy HarrisRemove trailing whitespace.
2016-03-31 Guy HarrisUpdate URL
2016-03-31 Peter Wuwslua: avoid memleak on duplicate names for
2016-03-31 Peter Wudtls: Fix ClientCertificateVerify dissection
2016-03-31 Pascal QuantinLPP: upgrade dissector to v13.1.0
2016-03-31 AndersBroman[Nettrace] Add parsing of some HSS records.
2016-03-31 Peter WuFix byte pane not showing up in Packet dialog
2016-03-31 Jaap Keuterreplace dangerous tvb_get_ptr with safer string function.
2016-03-31 Jeff MorrissAdd a NULL check: it's not sure we have a radius_call...
2016-03-31 Alexis La GoutteRevert "Trun on -Wused-but-marked-unused but only as...
2016-03-31 Jeff MorrissEnsure our fields are registered before starting dissec...
2016-03-31 Kevin BraceyCorrect 6LoWPAN NHC datagram size calculations
2016-03-31 Guy HarrisSquelch a "not allowed in C++" warning.
2016-03-31 Guy HarrisClean up some stuff.
2016-03-30 Guy HarrisInstall GNU autotools even on Snow Leopard.
2016-03-30 Juanjo MartinRTPS: Fixed ACKNACK mask processing
2016-03-30 Juanjo MartinRTPS: Now PID_ENTITY_NAME and PID_ROLE_NAME use differe...
2016-03-30 Gerald CombsSPOOLSS: Try to avoid an infinite loop.
2016-03-30 Alexis La GoutteTCP: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement/Dead increment...
2016-03-30 Benoit GrangeQt: fix buffer alarm threshold parameter retrieval...
2016-03-30 AndersBroman[GSM MAP] Introduce dissector tables to be able to...
2016-03-30 Pascal QuantinFix a typo
2016-03-30 AndersBromanws_load_library() is called with constant char reflect...
2016-03-30 Ignacio MartínezAdd support for National Language tables in GSM UD
2016-03-30 AndersBromanRemove not needed initialisation breaking MSVC 15 nmake...
2016-03-30 João Fix generated code indentation
2016-03-29 AndersBroman[Exported PDU] Add the abillity to use dissector tables...
2016-03-29 Alexis La GoutteTCP: Remove double semicolon
2016-03-29 Christoph SchlosserEPL: Fix segmented transfer complete detection
2016-03-29 Jeff MorrissRemove an unused variable from both the Gtk and Qt...
2016-03-29 Jaap KeuterUpdate min. GLib version and add Qt version checks
2016-03-29 João ValverdeUse "old-style" moc options to ensure backward compatib...
2016-03-29 João ValverdeAdd GLib version info to configure status message
2016-03-29 João Fix bogus variable name
2016-03-29 Mike Frysingerconfigure: fix cache var handling
2016-03-29 Peter WuFix modeline definitions
2016-03-29 Pascal QuantinGSM CBCH: fix an out of bounds access
2016-03-29 Peter WuAnother round of extcap memleak fixes
2016-03-29 Guy HarrisAssorted cleanups.
2016-03-28 Joerg MayerTrun on -Wused-but-marked-unused but only as warning...
2016-03-28 Peter WuFix out-of-tree "gen-authors" target
2016-03-28 Joerg MayerFix -Wused-but-marked-unused warning/error
2016-03-28 Joerg MayerFix more -Wused-but-marked-unused warnings/errors.
2016-03-28 Mike Frysingerconfigure: fix non-POSIX test
2016-03-28 Pascal Quantinwslua: handle parameters with const keyword when genera...
2016-03-28 Gerald CombsQt: Make conversation menu items static.
2016-03-28 Joerg MayerFix warnings/errors of type -Wused-but-marked-unused
2016-03-28 Joerg MayerFix some warnings/errors of type
2016-03-28 Joerg MayerFix some warnings/errors of type
2016-03-28 Pascal QuantinNAS EPS: add a missing break
2016-03-28 Adrian Simionov[docsis->mdd] Add support for TLV 1.7
2016-03-28 Peter Wutools/ avoid duplicates
2016-03-27 Pascal QuantinNAS EPS: upgrade dissector to v13.5.0
2016-03-27 Michael MannIf setting an address from a tvb and the address length...
2016-03-27 Alexis La GoutteNGHTTP2: Update to 1.8.0
2016-03-27 Guy HarrisTreat Gammu DCT3 trace files as having magic numbers.
2016-03-27 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2016-03-27]
2016-03-27 Gregor JasnyAdd dissector table for negotiated WebSocket protocol
2016-03-27 Guy HarrisPull the invocation of the Lex scanner into common...
2016-03-27 Guy HarrisMake failure_alert_box() be printf-like.
2016-03-26 Jaap KeuterMake sure conversation exists (CID-280536)
2016-03-26 Alexis La Goutteethercat: Fix Control flow issues MISSING_BREAK (CID...
2016-03-26 Matthieu CoudronImproves MPTCP analysis
2016-03-26 Victor Dodonbootp: Add support for iSNS (RFC4174) dissection
2016-03-26 Andrew HoagASTERIX: Add CAT025 dissection
2016-03-26 Alexis La GouttePTP: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement/Dead increment...
2016-03-26 Daniël van... Fix compile errors when compiling w/o zlib
2016-03-26 Daniël van... MySQL: Fix query string in info column
2016-03-26 Michael MannMake sure there's enough data in the header for a FMTP...
2016-03-26 Daniël van... Fix typo in README.cmake
2016-03-26 Jeff MorrissPush initial directory code up into CaptureFileDialog.
2016-03-26 Jeff MorrissChoose the appropriate initial directory for the Export...
2016-03-26 Sven SchnelleIEEE802.11: properly decode bss transition response...
2016-03-26 Moeller, Thiesgvsp: allow for header-only GVSP payload packet
2016-03-26 Jakub ZawadzkiAdd json.member.key
2016-03-26 Michael MannFix some copy/pasteos for writecap using doxygen
2016-03-26 Michael MannFix nmake build for new extcap and writecap binaries.
2016-03-25 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: Add new tag found with version Q30