2016-07-30 Peter Rosspacket-simple: also dissect SIMPLE over TCP
2016-07-30 Uli HeilmeierREADME.dissector: Add proto_tree_add_bitmask_with_flags()
2016-07-30 João ValverdeMove IPv6 inet definitions to wsutil/inet_ipv6.h
2016-07-30 João ValverdeAdd GeoIP database UN*X system path
2016-07-30 João ValverdeIPv6: Add deprecation expert infos
2016-07-30 João ValverdeIPv6: Add experimental routing header types
2016-07-29 Alexis La Goutteieee80211: PMKID is incorrectly decoded under RSN Vendo...
2016-07-29 Guy HarrisUpgrade to libtool 2.4.6.
2016-07-29 Gerald CombsWiX: Set the "Programs and Features" icon.
2016-07-29 João ValverdeIPv6: Use some macros to set/allocate addresses
2016-07-29 Pascal QuantinGTPv2: fix test for flags in TWAN Identifier IE (CID...
2016-07-29 Pascal QuantinGTP: fix dissection of NSAPI
2016-07-29 João ValverdeIPv6: Dissect unknown routing header types as data
2016-07-29 João ValverdeRegister IPv6 extension header dissectors to "ip.proto...
2016-07-29 Dario Lombardoeditcap: fix typos
2016-07-29 Gerald CombsUse xz to compress the source tarball.
2016-07-29 Gerald CombsDon't discard unknown coloring rules.
2016-07-29 Roland Knallextcap: Restore functionality for options
2016-07-29 Gerald CombsGive the WiX installer a full name.
2016-07-29 Gerald CombsEnable airpdcap debugging explicitly.
2016-07-28 Gerald CombsAdd an ESP decryption test.
2016-07-28 Thomas KlausnerFix build on NetBSD.
2016-07-28 João ValverdeIPv6: Fix Decode As to distinguish a null from a hop...
2016-07-28 João ValverdeIPv6: Reduce some expert info PI_PROTOCOL severities
2016-07-28 Pascal QuantinCIP: ensure to give a valid tvb pointer when calling...
2016-07-28 João ValverdeIPv6: Fix an incorrect bitmask
2016-07-28 AndersBroman[BTLE] Add Version 4.2 to ll_version_number_vals
2016-07-28 Kim KempfFixed compile error in packet-ssl-utils.c when HAVE_LIB...
2016-07-28 João ValverdeIPv6: Add expert info for option extension header type...
2016-07-28 João ValverdeIPv6: Add support for SMF_DPD option (RFC 6621)
2016-07-27 Guy HarrisCopy over change from Samba repository:
2016-07-27 Guy HarrisCopy over change from Samba repository:
2016-07-27 Guy HarrisCopy over change from Samba repository:
2016-07-27 Guy HarrisCopy change from Samba repository:
2016-07-27 Guy HarrisCopy over change from Samba repository:
2016-07-27 Guy HarrisPick up changes from the Samba repository:
2016-07-27 João ValverdeAdd IPv6 to the randpkt manpage
2016-07-27 Guy HarrisFix from the Samba repository:
2016-07-27 Guy HarrisIf we don't get any OS information, remove the old...
2016-07-27 João ValverdeMake randpkt generate the correct IP version for IPv6
2016-07-27 AndersBroman[BTLE] Add new Link layer Feature flags.
2016-07-27 Pascal QuantinIPSec: fix decryption broken in g8cd167a
2016-07-27 Peter Wussl-utils: ensure that the cipher suite matches decoder
2016-07-27 João ValverdeIPv6: Fix dissection with IPv6 No Next Header
2016-07-27 William TuERSPAN: support platform specific sub-header.
2016-07-27 Michael MannFollow up for proto_tree_add_checksum.
2016-07-27 AndersBroman[BTLE] Use the correct struct.
2016-07-27 Gerald CombsIPv6: Remove an unused function and unused macros.
2016-07-27 João Valverderandpkt: Add support to generate IPv6
2016-07-26 Michael MannMove airpdcap's print_debug_line() to airpdcap_debug.h
2016-07-26 João ValverdeCLI/GTK: Fix compare_stat checksum to include IPv4...
2016-07-26 João ValverdeIPv6: Add "ipv6_ws" tap providing a ws_ip structure
2016-07-26 Michael MannCleanup some checkAPI warnings that were missed in...
2016-07-26 Michael MannUse ws_g_warning in wslua.
2016-07-26 Pascal QuantinEnsure to have a valid string pointer when writing...
2016-07-26 Dario Lombardoeditcap: fix typos
2016-07-26 Alexis La GoutteUpdate .mailmap
2016-07-26 Hiroshi Iokapacket-smb2: fix data type of share_type
2016-07-26 Alexis La GoutteBGP: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement/Dead increment...
2016-07-26 Alexis La Gouttes1ap: fix indent (use 2 spaces) and modelines info
2016-07-26 bartolootritDNP dissector. Typo in comments
2016-07-26 William TuERSPAN: add link to protocol spec and refactoring.
2016-07-26 Marius PaligaFix decoding of MS Info Change Reporting Action
2016-07-26 Michael MannFix some of the warnings for g_warning.
2016-07-26 Alexis La GoutteGVSP: enforce heuristic (get some false positive with...
2016-07-26 Matt TexierMP-BGP dissector: Fix EVPN route type 5 decoding
2016-07-26 Hiroshi Iokapacket-smb2: add a dissector for STATUS_STOPPED_ON_SYMLINK
2016-07-26 Alexis La GoutteSMB2: Always display reserved field
2016-07-26 Pascal QuantinWBXML: limit the recursion level
2016-07-26 Pascal QuantinWAP: check that tvb_get_guintvar does not overflow
2016-07-26 Pascal Quantinproto.c: add bounds check to proto_tree_add_text(_valis...
2016-07-26 Gerald CombsUse a variable consistently.
2016-07-26 João ValverdeIPv6: Add fragment header size #define
2016-07-25 Dario Lombardoeditcap: fix typos
2016-07-25 Alexis La Gouttevxlan(.h): fix no newline at end of file [-Wnewline...
2016-07-25 Alexis La GoutteSMB2: (Re)indent hf_register_info hf (use tab)
2016-07-25 Alexis La Gouttevsock: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement/Dead increment...
2016-07-25 Pascal QuantinLDSS: check if a conversation already exists before...
2016-07-25 Alexis La GoutteSHIM6: rename p variable by offset
2016-07-25 AndersBroman[S1AP] Add dissection of the content of UERadioCapabili...
2016-07-25 AndersBroman[GTPv2] Dissect TWAN Identifier and other minor updates.
2016-07-25 João ValverdeIPv6: Use wmem_packet_scope for ws_ip address allocation
2016-07-25 João ValverdeIPv6: Use pinfo->pool scope for ipv6_pinfo
2016-07-25 João ValverdeIPv6: Say "unknown" for unknown ip protocol column...
2016-07-25 João ValverdeIPv6: Use ipv6_pinfo_t instead of ws_ip to keep some...
2016-07-25 Pascal QuantinRLC: fix a variable overflow in rlc_decode_li function
2016-07-25 Pascal QuantinRLC: fix a stack overflow in rlc_decode_li function
2016-07-25 Gerard GarciaAdd vSocket dissector
2016-07-25 Michael MannFix warnings about printf
2016-07-24 Michael MannPacify GTK warnings.
2016-07-24 Martin Kaiserzvt: use a hash table for the bitmaps
2016-07-24 João ValverdeUse 'nxt' argument in ipv6_dissect_next()
2016-07-24 Martin Kaiserzvt: rename dissect_zvt_bitmap_apdu() to dissect_zvt_bi...
2016-07-24 Martin Kaiserzvt: rename bitmap to bmp
2016-07-24 Harald WelteAdd Ericsson A-bis P-GSL dissector
2016-07-24 Michael MannReplace strlen with NULL checks to pacify
2016-07-24 Michael MannFix shadow variable warnings.
2016-07-24 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2016-07-24]
2016-07-24 Harald WelteAdd basic dissector for Ericsson Packet A-bis TFP Protocol
2016-07-24 Harald WelteL2TP: Add some more Ericsson-specific AVPs