2017-07-21 Pascal Quantinandroiddump: add a cast to please MSVC x64
2017-07-21 Russell LowesAdd support for Metamako trailer extensions.
2017-07-21 João ValverdeRequire c-ares >= 1.5
2017-07-21 Simon GrahamSupport heuristic sub-dissectors for UDT
2017-07-21 Michael MannENIP: Add support for CIP Security Information in ListI...
2017-07-20 Alexis La Goutte.gitignore: move ui/qt/gitignore to root gitignore
2017-07-20 Guy HarrisMore precise error message.
2017-07-20 Dario LombardoAUTHORS: add newline after bracket.
2017-07-20 Dario Lombardoandroiddump: use actual buffer length instead of pointe...
2017-07-20 João ValverdeRemove dead code for address reverse-mapping
2017-07-20 Alexis La GoutteDICOM: Add User Identify
2017-07-20 Guy HarrisGive some references.
2017-07-20 Gerald CombsCMake: Escape shell command quotes.
2017-07-20 Gerald CombsUpdate the release notes.
2017-07-20 AndersBroman[IP] Simplify paring of flags field by using
2017-07-20 Alexis La GoutteDICOM: Add display of Unknown item type
2017-07-20 João ValverdeRemove line numbers (locations) from .ts files
2017-07-20 Pascal QuantinAdd udpdump documentation to distribution
2017-07-20 Simon GrahamDisplay relative sequence numbers when dissecting UDT.
2017-07-20 Owen KirbyZigBee: Add touchlink commissioning dissectors.
2017-07-20 Gerald CombsUpdate WinSparkle.
2017-07-19 Alexis La Gouttedcerpc-pn-io (profinet): fix typo for pn_io.iops displa...
2017-07-19 Pascal QuantinX2AP: update version info in header
2017-07-19 Chris BrandsonZigBee make ZCL Frame Control direction more descriptive
2017-07-19 Uli HeilmeierICMPv6: RA: Add Captive Portal Option (RFC7710)
2017-07-19 Marie JanssenAVRCP: fix parsing of Media Player Items
2017-07-19 Robert SauterIEEE 802.15.4: MPX dissect IEEE 802.11 4WH/GKH with...
2017-07-19 Uli HeilmeierICMPv6: Fix data length for unknown option
2017-07-18 Gerald CombsQt: Don't clobber the itemview hover behavior on Windows.
2017-07-18 AndersBroman[Diameter] Add a couple of command codes from IANA.
2017-07-18 João ValverdeExtend enterprises.tsv to accept spaces as separators
2017-07-18 Chris BrandsonZigBee cleanup minor errors
2017-07-18 Pascal QuantinLPP: upgrade dissector to v14.2.0
2017-07-18 Guy HarrisDo the meta-tag stuff the same way in all three cases.
2017-07-18 Guy HarrisRevert "Don't byte-swap an 1-byte value."
2017-07-18 Simon Vans... CQL: Fixes the dissector so PREPARE Results have the...
2017-07-18 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Fix "Filter Button Preferences" shortcut
2017-07-18 Guy HarrisRemove unnecessary test.
2017-07-18 Guy HarrisDon't byte-swap an 1-byte value.
2017-07-18 Guy HarrisRemove unnecessary test.
2017-07-18 Guy HarrisCopy no more than MAX_ERF_EHDR - 1 additional extension...
2017-07-17 Gerald CombsQt: Simplify some version checks.
2017-07-17 Guy HarrisUse time_t for the seconds part of a time stamp.
2017-07-17 Alexis La Goutte.gitignore: Add ignore to moc file on new qt subfolder
2017-07-17 Alexis La Goutte802.11: fix SNR Report for 802.11ad is not decoded...
2017-07-17 Martin Boye... ZigBee: Implemented zigbee zcl prepay dissector
2017-07-17 Peter WuFix formatting of AUTHORS list, fix Perl warning
2017-07-17 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Expand column preferences text edit fields to colum...
2017-07-17 Guy HarrisRename cf_get_comment() to reflect what comment it...
2017-07-17 Guy HarrisRename section comment get/set routines.
2017-07-17 Anthony CoddingtonERF_TYPE_META write and comment support
2017-07-17 Gerald CombsQt: More Main Welcome interface tweaks.
2017-07-16 Joakim KarlssonGPRSCDR: decoding of GPRS/UMTS QoS-information
2017-07-16 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Main Welcome hover text color fix.
2017-07-16 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Expand IO Graph text edit fields to column width
2017-07-16 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Set IO Graph display filter when having Y field
2017-07-16 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2017-07-16]
2017-07-16 Dario LombardoQt: add initializers (CID 1162824).
2017-07-16 Dario Lombardobthci-evt: decrement number_of_loops to avoid hang...
2017-07-16 Peter WuQt: refactor UatTreeView into something reusable
2017-07-16 Peter Wussl,dtls: make some fields in RSA keys dialog optional
2017-07-16 Peter Wu.mailmap: fix duplicates and regenerate AUTHORS
2017-07-16 Peter WuQt: show UAT description for header items
2017-07-16 Guy HarrisIgnore .moc.cpp files in ui/qt/widgets.
2017-07-16 Guy HarrisAnother enterprises -> enterprises.tsv rename.
2017-07-16 Guy HarrisFix for building without libpcap and extcap.
2017-07-16 Peter WuQt: fix build without libpcap and without extcap
2017-07-15 Gerald CombsQt: Main Welcome behavior tweaks.
2017-07-15 Gerald CombsRename enterprises to enterprises.tsv and ship it.
2017-07-15 Peter WuQt: implement saner tab navigation for coloring rules...
2017-07-15 Alexis La GoutteAdd AMT (Automatic Multicast Tunneling) RFC7450 dissector
2017-07-15 Uli HeilmeierMP2T: Add video/mp2t media-type
2017-07-14 Stefan Hajnoczivsock: add missing vsockmon header reserved field
2017-07-14 Stefan Hajnoczivsock: add WTAP_ENCAP_VSOCK constant
2017-07-14 Aurelien AptelSMB2: add sessionkey table in prefs for decryption
2017-07-14 Uli HeilmeierSIP: Add Status Code 607 (Unwanted)
2017-07-14 AndersBroman[print.c] g_slist_free_full requires #include <wsutil...
2017-07-14 Gerald CombsRemove some unneeded includes.
2017-07-13 AndersBroman[GTPv2] Use proto_tree_add_bitmask_with_flags() for...
2017-07-13 Pascal QuantinGTK: add a comment better suiting GCC 7 parsing
2017-07-13 AndersBroman[GTPv2] Make dissect_gtpv2_uli() external and add more...
2017-07-13 Pascal QuantinS1AP: upgrade dissector to v14.3.0
2017-07-13 Pascal QuantinLPPa: upgrade dissector to v14.2.0
2017-07-13 Pascal QuantinX2AP: upgrade dissector to v14.3.0
2017-07-13 Sergey Avseyevcouchbase: fix decoding last lookup spec
2017-07-13 Pascal QuantinM2AP: upgrade dissector to v14.0.0
2017-07-13 Robert SauterIEEE 802.15.4: Support the MPX IE defined by IEEE 802...
2017-07-13 Pascal QuantinNAS EPS: upgrade dissector to v14.4.0
2017-07-12 Richard SharpeCorrect the dissection of zero-length SSIDs to show...
2017-07-12 Pascal QuantinGTK: fix compilation with GCC 7
2017-07-11 Roland KnallQt: Move all utility widgets to widgets subdirectory
2017-07-11 Erik de JongIndigoCare iCall: Support for padded packets
2017-07-11 Michael MannOrganize Qt source files for Visual Studio
2017-07-11 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: rename to G(oogle)QUIC
2017-07-11 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: like Fbzero dissector check direclty offset_end
2017-07-11 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: move get length packet number to function
2017-07-11 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: directly return len
2017-07-11 Alexis La GoutteZbee ZCL se: fix typo found by conflict hf
2017-07-11 AndersBroman[x509af] Make CertificateSerialNumber an unsigned integ...
2017-07-11 Robert SauterEthertype: Add 6LoWPAN Ethertype; register dissector