2018-03-15 Peter Wucapinfos: fix leak of message digest handle
2018-03-15 Peter Wuwslua: use Filehandler.extensions for controlling outpu...
2018-03-15 Peter WuQt 4.8 compatibility for escaping HTML
2018-03-15 Gerald CombsUpdate some of the NSIS packaging documentation.
2018-03-15 Gerald CombsMaxMind DB: Shut down our mmdbresolve process.
2018-03-15 Gerald CombsProperly reset a variable.
2018-03-15 Gerald CombsEpan+Qt: Invalidate cached column strings.
2018-03-15 Dario Lombardossl-utils: fix compilation if not HAVE_LIBGCRYPT_AEAD.
2018-03-15 Dario Lombardotap-sctp: remove leak of sack and tsn (found by clang).
2018-03-15 Dario Lombardotap-sctp: remove leak of tmp_info (found by clang).
2018-03-15 Dario Lombardotap-sctp: rework the memory allocations.
2018-03-15 Peter WuTLS13: support draft 25 and 26
2018-03-15 Peter WuTLS13: implement trial decryption for early data
2018-03-15 Peter Wu(D)TLS: restrict ssl.ignore_ssl_mac_failed preference...
2018-03-14 Alexis La Gouttef5ethtrailler: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement/Dead...
2018-03-14 Vidar MadsenOmron-FINS: Added parsing of CS1 mode FINS memory area...
2018-03-14 Pascal QuantinNano: do not use packet scope strings in columns
2018-03-14 Gerald CombsTrust CMake's Visual C++ version detection.
2018-03-14 AndersBromanNAS-5GS: Start updating to version 0.4.0
2018-03-14 Joakim Karlsson[GPRSCDR] Update to 3GPP TS 32.298 V15.1.0
2018-03-14 Joerg Mayerf5ethtrailer: Fix calling col_info with NULL format...
2018-03-14 Graham Bloicethrift: Fix typo in dissector table description
2018-03-14 Joakim Karlsson[GTPv2] Add new IE Secondary RAT Usage Data Report
2018-03-14 Gerald CombsMigrate sharkd to MaxMindDB.
2018-03-14 Paul ZanderExport ZigBee ZCL functions in the libwireshark.dll.
2018-03-14 Paul ZanderRegister the ZigBee ZCL cluster with a manufacturer...
2018-03-14 Paul ZanderAdd support for ZigBee ZCL manufacturer specific attrib...
2018-03-14 Alexis La Goutte.mailamp: update (of Q1 2018)
2018-03-14 Gerald CombsCMake: Don't build fuzzshark by default on Windows.
2018-03-13 Gerald CombsWindows: Conditionally set CREATE_BREAKAWAY_FROM_JOB.
2018-03-13 Guy HarrisGet rid of trailing white space.
2018-03-13 Guy HarrisExpand a comment.
2018-03-13 Matej Tkac[PFCP] Fixed FAR ID, QER ID and URR ID Allocation Type...
2018-03-13 Gerald CombsProperly initialize mmdb_lookup_t.
2018-03-13 Gerald CombsGet rid of TestBigEndian and AC_C_BIGENDIAN.
2018-03-13 ciechanowskiRemoved assert which was only used for debugging.
2018-03-13 Gerald CombsWindows: Always assign newly-created processes to our...
2018-03-13 Gerald CombsRemove popcount in favor of ws_count_ones.
2018-03-13 Stig Bjørlykkenordic_ble: Fix delta time start-to-start calculation
2018-03-13 Pascal QuantinGSM BSSMAP: fix a typo in in speech version range_string
2018-03-13 Joerg MayerColumn format functions must not be called with a NULL...
2018-03-13 Craig JacksonTDS: Improve dissection of TDS5 tokenized requests.
2018-03-13 Gerald CombsCMake: Skip some header checks on Windows.
2018-03-13 Gerald CombsCMake: Exclude wmem_test from the default build
2018-03-12 Gerald CombsRemove some unused or hard-coded header checks.
2018-03-12 Gerald CombsQt: Implement MulticastStatisticsDialog::treeItemData
2018-03-12 Peter WuTLS13: prepare for early data trial decryption
2018-03-12 Roland HaenelAdd dissector for Nano / RaiBlocks cryptocurrency protocol
2018-03-12 Dario Lombardober/per: assert actx to avoid null dereference (found...
2018-03-12 Peter Wueth: fix null pointer dereference when called from Lua
2018-03-11 Michael MannF5ETHTRAILER: Initial cleanup from submission
2018-03-11 Michael MannAdd wmem alloc parameter to ws_find_media_type_parameter.
2018-03-11 Joerg MayerAdapt to current WS code base to make it compile and...
2018-03-11 Joerg MayerResolve the F5PROTO_TREE_ADD... macros: They render...
2018-03-11 Joerg MayerImport f5 Wireshark plugin for the f5 ethernet trailer
2018-03-11 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2018-03-11]
2018-03-11 Robert SauterIEEE 802.15.4: show MIC and key number for decryption
2018-03-11 Pascal QuantinDOF: restore correct memory scope for decrypted buffer
2018-03-11 Robert Sautertfs: Add high_normal and low_normal
2018-03-11 Dario Lombardomaxmind: check val_start before using it.
2018-03-11 Dario Lombardomaxmind: use ws_strtou32 to convert AS numbers.
2018-03-11 Alexis La Gouttegryphon: fix 'gryphon.usdt.action_flags' exists multipl...
2018-03-10 Dylan UlisENIP packets are not decoded as ENIP anymore
2018-03-10 Gerald CombsMaxMindDB: Add country ISO codes.
2018-03-10 Gerald CombsMaxMind DB: Fixup IPv6 address interning.
2018-03-10 Gerald CombsProcess MaxMind DB data one line at a time.
2018-03-10 Pascal QuantinAdd tfs_activated_deactivated
2018-03-10 Guy HarrisDon't put a comma after the last item in an enum list.
2018-03-10 Guy HarrisAvoid the realloc() warning from VS Code Analyzer.
2018-03-09 Gerald CombsAdd ws_pipe_kill_child_on_exit.
2018-03-09 Guy HarrisRegenerate dissector from updated template.
2018-03-09 Guy HarrisRegenerate dissector.
2018-03-09 Guy HarrisPut a variable inside the block in which it's used.
2018-03-09 Dario Lombardokerberos: remove leak (found by clang).
2018-03-09 Guy Harrisentry_data.type is unsigned, so print it with %u.
2018-03-09 Guy HarrisCheck for realloc() failing.
2018-03-09 Peter Wuspdx: use consistent formatting for GPL-2.0-or-later
2018-03-09 Pascal Quantinmaxminf_db.c: ad an explicit cast to please gcc 7.3.1
2018-03-09 Dario Lombardommdbresolve: remove leak (found by clang).
2018-03-09 Peter WuGeoIP: avoid closing random file descriptors
2018-03-09 Robert SauterIEEE 802.15.4: fix wmem_free instead of g_free; fix...
2018-03-09 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: Replace cleartext by handshake
2018-03-09 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: Remove last long packet type about old draft...
2018-03-09 Pascal QuantinWSP: check tvb_get_guintvar() success
2018-03-09 Paul ZanderRegister and initialize the ZCL clusters in a uniform...
2018-03-09 Dario Lombardospdx: convert files with multiple licenses.
2018-03-09 Dario Lombardolicensecheck: handle multiple licenses.
2018-03-09 AndersBromanSIP: Add a filter for icid-value.
2018-03-09 Pascal QuantinAdd MaxMindDB 1.3.2 library to Windows
2018-03-09 Pascal QuantinLACP: protect a possible infinite loop
2018-03-09 KasperDengupdate AVPs of diameter dictionary for diameter t6a...
2018-03-09 Dario Lombardowsutil: add CR to license.
2018-03-09 Dario Lombardospdx: more licenses converted.
2018-03-09 Dario Lombardospdx: more licenses converted.
2018-03-09 Peter WuIEEE 802.15.4: fix uninitialized variable warning
2018-03-09 Guy HarrisPlug a leak.
2018-03-09 Guy HarrisWhen looking up response codes, just keep the key on...
2018-03-09 Gerald CombsIntern MaxMinDB IPv6 addresses.
2018-03-08 Gerald CombsMaxMind DB fixups.
2018-03-08 Gerald Combsepan: Ignore SIGPIPE.