2018-04-06 Adam Wujekmanuf: Overwrite entry for OUI 08:00:30
2018-04-06 Adam Wujekdissector/ptp: Add dissection of White Rabbit TLV
2018-04-06 Gerald CombsRemove some references to Qt4.
2018-04-05 Michail KoreshkovQT: Copy as printable
2018-04-05 Uli HeilmeierSIP: Fix handling of response time
2018-04-05 Guy HarrisThe CPU mode values might be function-dependent.
2018-04-05 Pascal QuantinRLC-NR: fix bearerType and bearerId length
2018-04-05 Guy HarrisInterpretation of PCCC function codes depends on the...
2018-04-05 Guy HarrisSort the PCCC_ES values, as required in a value_string_ext.
2018-04-05 Dario Lombardolemon: remove leaks in main().
2018-04-05 Dario Lombardolemon: remove leak in tplt_open().
2018-04-05 Dario Lombardolemon: remove scan-build warning in errline().
2018-04-05 Dario LombardoQt: remove ws_buffer_start_ptr calls from clang-scan.
2018-04-05 Dario Lombardorpcrdma: add check to prevent null dereference (found...
2018-04-05 Roland KnallQt: Remove checks for version below 5.2
2018-04-05 Guy HarrisDon't install PortAudio if we're not installing GTK+.
2018-04-05 AndersBromanglib: Require 2.32 or newer.
2018-04-05 AndersBromanGTK Cmake: Remove the option to build the GTK UI.
2018-04-05 AndersBromanAutotools: Remove the "with GTK" option.
2018-04-05 AndersBromanSIP: Change filter Retry-After to an FT_UINT32
2018-04-05 Roland Knallextcap: Extend documentation for new features
2018-04-05 Roland Knallextcap: Reload values on request
2018-04-05 Roland Knallextcap: Tell utilities the wireshark version
2018-04-05 AndersBromanQt: Require 5.2 or newer
2018-04-05 Roland Knallextcap: Add missing compatibliity function
2018-04-05 Darius DavisTweak ws_cpuid so that Valgrind is happy.
2018-04-05 Nathaniel ClarkLustre: Add barrier processing
2018-04-05 Jared RittleENIP-CIP-PCCC: add support for the CIP PCCC Object
2018-04-05 Kenneth SoerensenZigBee: Allow a different set of attributes for ZCL...
2018-04-05 Dana SyZigBee: ZDP MGMT NWK Enhanced update notify
2018-04-04 Gerald CombsFixup
2018-04-04 Roland Knallextcap: Move extcap_foreach to a GList
2018-04-04 Pascal fix parsing of END tag
2018-04-04 AndersCMake RPM build: Try to get rid of %globals in favor...
2018-04-04 Gerald CombsCMake: Add a note about passing /external to Visual...
2018-04-04 Pascal QuantinLTE RRC: upgrade dissector to v15.1.0
2018-04-04 Pascal QuantinMAC-NR: upgrade dissector to v15.1.0
2018-04-04 Pascal QuantinLPP: upgrade dissector to v14.5.1
2018-04-04 Dana SyZigBee: Many-to-one route options info column
2018-04-04 Yuri ChislovWCCP: use proto_tree_add_ipv4_format() if ipv4 used
2018-04-04 Dario Lombardodns: check if name is root before any other check.
2018-04-04 Michail KoreshkovDissect JSON-RPC over TCP or UDP
2018-04-04 Dario Lombardolemon: make some functions static.
2018-04-04 Dario Lombardolemon: comment out unused OptErr function.
2018-04-03 Richard Sharperadiotap: Correct the handling of MU Preamble Puncturin...
2018-04-03 Guy HarrisIf we're reading from a string, don't fclose yyin.
2018-04-03 Gerald CombsFix a typo.
2018-04-02 Martin Kaiserdns: make expand_dns_name() an internal function
2018-04-02 Guy HarrisPick up some compiler-specific flags from autotools.
2018-04-02 Eric WangLPP: fix NRSRQ display
2018-04-02 Gerald Combs2.5 → 2.9.
2018-04-02 Dario Lombardodoc: minor changes in README files.
2018-04-02 Pascal QuantinLPP: fix RSRP, NRSRP and NRSRQ inequalities
2018-04-01 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2018-04-01]
2018-04-01 Michał ŁabędzkiBluetooth: Update Assigned Numbers
2018-04-01 Michał ŁabędzkiQt/Bluetooth: Fix Devices lists names
2018-03-31 Robert Grangepacket-mq: Fix for SPI Verb and SPI OPEN Fields
2018-03-31 Bruno VerstuyftXRA: fixed bug in profile mapping
2018-03-31 Richard Sharperadiotap: Remove a redundant increment from the end...
2018-03-30 Dario Lombardolemon: skip clang analyzer for more code.
2018-03-30 Dario Lombardolemon: remove unneeded assignment.
2018-03-30 Pascal QuantinSGsAP: fix decoding of Erroneous message IE
2018-03-30 Dario Lombardolemon: remove clang scan warnings.
2018-03-30 Robert SauterIEEE 802.15.4: fix decryption results based on uninitia...
2018-03-30 Kenneth SoerensenZigBee: Do not use value_string_ext for small arrays
2018-03-30 Richard Sharperadiotap: Add support for the HE-MU header.
2018-03-30 Richard Sharpeieee80211: Correct the handling of QoS Queue Size.
2018-03-29 Pascal QuantinLPPa: upgrade dissector to v14.4.0
2018-03-29 Pascal QuantinNAS EPS: upgrade dissector to v15.2.0
2018-03-29 Pascal Quantin3GPP NAS: upgrade dissector to v15.2.0
2018-03-29 Moshe KaplanExtend 'HTTP Referer statistics' to sequence HTTP Redirects
2018-03-29 Dana Syzbee ZCL OTA attribute typo fix
2018-03-29 Guy HarrisDon't bother with CMAKE_C_STANDARD.
2018-03-28 Bruno VerstuyftDOCSIS: Making sure UCD contained in REGRSPMP does...
2018-03-28 Dario LombardoQt: keep the extension in CaptureFile::fileName().
2018-03-28 Anderslemon: Sync with latest trunk.
2018-03-28 Pascal QuantinKerberos: do not store empty keys
2018-03-28 Ivan Severinpacket-wsp: Adding support
2018-03-28 Roland HaenelNano: add a heuristic dissector registration.
2018-03-28 Anderslemon: Sync with upstream, Jun 28, 2017
2018-03-28 Martin Kaiserclean up the echo dissector
2018-03-28 Anderslemon: Align struct s_options with upstream.
2018-03-27 Peter Wucmake: fix "cmake -E env" compatibility with older...
2018-03-27 Anderslemon: Trivial changes to make it easier to compare...
2018-03-27 Guy HarrisAdd missing symbols.
2018-03-27 Mikael Kanstrupandroiddump: Read btsnoop header separately from rest...
2018-03-27 AndersDiameter: Fix some xml errors.
2018-03-27 yttiBGP path attribute AGGREGATOR (7) may be 32bits
2018-03-27 AndersDiameter: Add &Custom last, fixup xml a bit.
2018-03-27 Uli HeilmeierWSUG: Fix Display Filter doc
2018-03-27 Peter Wutap: fix remaining potential memleaks with register_tap...
2018-03-27 Guy HarrisThere's no entity "Verizon"; there's "VerizonWireless".
2018-03-26 Martin Kaiserrpcrdma: make sure that heuristic checks don't throw...
2018-03-26 Gerald CombsDocs: Fix some cross references.
2018-03-26 Mikael Kanstrupandroiddump: Update ps command parameter for Android...
2018-03-26 Mikael Kanstrupandroiddump: Fix btsnoop net port lookup
2018-03-26 Mikael Kanstrupandroiddump: Fix some error messages
2018-03-26 Mike LugoAdded Diameter AVP decode details for Override Control...
2018-03-26 Gerald CombsCMake: Add an rpm-package target.
2018-03-26 AndersBromanBSSGP: Add 2 new values to 11.3.112 Redirection Indication.