HTTP2: allow subdissectors to query the Stream ID
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / wsutil /
2018-09-19 Gerald CombsTry to discourage the use of APIs via counting.
2018-09-03 Stig Bjørlykkeepan: Use g_base64_decode_inplace()
2018-08-25 João ValverdeCMake: Modernize config-file package support
2018-08-23 João ValverdeCMake: Clean up and homogenize plugin dir configuration
2018-08-22 João ValverdeRevert "CMake: Clean up plugin dirs"
2018-08-21 João ValverdeCMake: Clean up plugin dirs
2018-08-21 João Valverdeplugins: Minor interface improvement
2018-08-16 Tomasz MońDo not pass pipe handle to WaitForMultipleObjects
2018-08-16 Tomasz MońFix extcap initialization deadlock
2018-08-08 Peter Wuwsutil: Add Curve25519 ECDH (X25519) using Gcrypt
2018-07-20 Guy HarrisIf we have fseek/ftell variants with 64-bit offsets...
2018-07-03 Guy HarrisUpdate a comment to reflect current reality.
2018-07-03 Julien StaubWSUTIL/PINT: transform macros into static functions
2018-07-02 Julien StaubWSUTIL: create phtole32 and 64 functions
2018-06-28 Guy HarrisAdd macros to initialize nstime_t values and use them.
2018-06-27 Graham BloiceAdd Windows 10 Release ID to About info
2018-06-26 Gerald CombsRemove code specific to older versions of Visual Studio.
2018-06-26 Gerald CombsWindows: Fetch our version using RtlGetVersion.
2018-06-21 David KreitschmannFix build paths for cmake's Xcode project generator...
2018-06-07 Gerald CombsCMake: Get rid of FULL_SO_VERSION
2018-06-04 João ValverdeAllow user to override config dir for all OSes
2018-05-28 Dario Lombardowsutil: fix compilation on freebsd.
2018-05-24 Dario Lombardows_pipe: don't check for negative number using DWORD.
2018-05-23 Dario Lombardows_pipe: fix return code on windows.
2018-05-23 Martin Kaisermake our version of nla_for_each_nested() public
2018-05-18 Guy HarrisOlder versions of Clang don't understand -Wpedantic.
2018-05-16 Guy HarrisEliminate some unneeded header checks.
2018-05-14 Peter WuFree g_ptr_array_free-related memory leaks
2018-05-13 Peter Wuwsutil: fix json-glib memleaks and warning
2018-05-11 Peter Wuwsutil: fix WS_INET_ADDRSTRLEN definition on Windows
2018-05-10 Dario Lombardowsutil: null-terminate string in ws_read_string_from_pi...
2018-05-08 Pascal QuantinWindows: prioritize Npcap over WinPcap
2018-05-05 Guy HarrisDon't use dladdr() to get a pathname for the current...
2018-05-05 Guy HarrisUse dlget() and dlgetname() to get the executable path...
2018-05-04 Guy HarrisGet rid of more autotoolsisms.
2018-05-04 Guy HarrisFix function declaration of ws_buffer_length().
2018-05-03 chinarulezzzfix missing parentheses in 'if' statement
2018-04-30 João Valverdeplugins: Remove autotools specific code for build path
2018-04-30 Peter WuLua: ensure that DATA_DIR and USER_DIR have trailing...
2018-04-28 Stig Bjørlykkelwm2mtlv: Handle String data type as UTF-8
2018-04-25 Guy HarrisGet rid of stuff that checks for a .libs directory.
2018-04-24 chinarulezzzremove redundant break statement
2018-04-24 Jakub Zawadzkioss-fuzzshark: use install directory for headers. Insta...
2018-04-24 Dario Lombardowsutil: use json-glib instead of jsmn if present.
2018-04-21 Dario Lombardowsutil: convert one leftover function in wsjson.
2018-04-21 Dario Lombardowsutil: rename wsjsmn to wsjson.
2018-04-18 Dario LombardoRemove autotools build system.
2018-04-16 Joerg Mayerglib-compat is no longer used - it provided only code...
2018-04-08 Gerald Combsws_pipe: Zero an array.
2018-04-05 Darius DavisTweak ws_cpuid so that Valgrind is happy.
2018-03-25 Guy HarrisClean up REPORT_DISSECTOR_BUG().
2018-03-23 Guy HarrisInclude alloca.h if we have it.
2018-03-21 Peter Wursa: fix memleak and accept keys from certain PKCS...
2018-03-13 Gerald CombsWindows: Conditionally set CREATE_BREAKAWAY_FROM_JOB.
2018-03-13 Guy HarrisGet rid of trailing white space.
2018-03-13 Guy HarrisExpand a comment.
2018-03-13 Gerald CombsWindows: Always assign newly-created processes to our...
2018-03-13 Gerald CombsRemove popcount in favor of ws_count_ones.
2018-03-12 Gerald CombsRemove some unused or hard-coded header checks.
2018-03-09 Gerald CombsAdd ws_pipe_kill_child_on_exit.
2018-03-09 Peter WuGeoIP: avoid closing random file descriptors
2018-03-09 Dario Lombardowsutil: add CR to license.
2018-03-09 Dario Lombardospdx: more licenses converted.
2018-03-09 Dario Lombardospdx: more licenses converted.
2018-03-07 Guy HarrisHack to fix ABI checking.
2018-03-02 Gerald CombsMore spawned process handling updates.
2018-03-02 Gerald CombsGeneralize our process spawning code.
2018-03-01 Graham BloiceWindows: Remove cruft for unsupported versons
2018-02-28 Guy HarrisInclude <config.h> so UNICODE is defined.
2018-02-28 Guy HarrisMake sure GetModuleHandle(_T("kernel32.dll") succeeds.
2018-02-24 Gerald CombsRename airpdcap to dot11decrypt.
2018-02-22 Guy HarrisAnd systemd weighs in on how to find out the distributi...
2018-02-20 Guy HarrisDefine macros to calculate (2^N)^M, and use them in...
2018-02-17 Guy HarrisThe CRC8 routines don't modify the buffer; make the...
2018-02-17 Guy HarrisFix casts.
2018-02-17 Gerald CombsQt: Replace the toolbar extension icon.
2018-02-17 Guy HarrisDon't have CLEAN_FILES variables for the "clean" source...
2018-02-15 Peter WuMove hkdf_extract to wsgcrypt.h
2018-02-12 Peter WuExtract HKDF-Expand from TLS 1.3 dissector
2018-02-10 Dan Robertsonmusl: compile with musl libc
2018-02-08 Dario Lombardoreplace SPDX identifier GPL-2.0+ with GPL-2.0-or-later.
2018-02-07 Guy HarrisClean up the null pointer check in profile_exists().
2018-02-07 Stig Bjørlykkewsutil: Allow NULL as profile name
2018-02-07 Dario Lombardowsutil: use SPDX identifiers.
2018-02-01 Stig Bjørlykkebase64: Adjust whitespace for readability
2018-02-01 Dario Lombardobuffer: add g_assert to all functions.
2018-01-29 João ValverdeAvoid #ifdef'ing out translation units
2018-01-28 Jakub Zawadzkiwsutil/filesystem.c: fix memory leak in init_progfile_dir()
2018-01-28 João ValverdeMinor cleanup.
2018-01-28 João Valverdeplugins: Remove nordic_ble.dll exception
2018-01-28 João ValverdeRename plugins_scan_dir()
2018-01-28 João ValverdeUse g_str_has_suffix()
2018-01-28 João Valverdeplugins: Use per-library data structures
2018-01-16 João Valverdeplugins: Add source tree subfolder for plugin library
2018-01-11 Guy HarrisUpdate a comment to reflect current reality.
2018-01-11 Gerald CombsUse an enum for plugin types.
2018-01-08 Dario Lombardoextcap: remove conditional compilation.
2018-01-03 Dario Lombardowsutil: return false if NULL is asked as profile name...
2018-01-02 Uli Heilmeierws_pipe: fix format error for size_t buffer_size
2018-01-02 Roland Knallwsutil: Add missing include