wmem: allow wmem_destroy_list to ignore a NULL list.
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / wsutil / wsgetopt.h
2018-02-07 Dario Lombardowsutil: use SPDX identifiers.
2014-10-17 Guy HarrisEliminate include of <ctype.h>.
2014-03-31 Alexis La GoutteContinue to remove $Id$ from top of file
2013-10-06 Jörg MayerAdd $Id$
2013-07-16 Martin Kaisermake getopt_long() available on systems that don't...
2013-04-16 Evan HuusFix another dozen or so files with bad FSF addresses...
2013-03-01 Balint ReczeyExport libwireshark symbols using WS_DLL_PUBLIC define
2013-02-28 Balint ReczeyExport libwsutil symbols using WS_DLL_PUBLIC define
2012-04-04 Guy HarrisAlways declare getopt() with a prototype.
2012-04-04 Anders BromanUpdate to a version which have getopt_long().
2012-01-04 Gerald CombsMore C++ updates.
2010-05-28 Jeff MorrissMove some code (including the optional objects) into...