wmem: allow wmem_destroy_list to ignore a NULL list.
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / wsutil / CMakeLists.txt
2019-01-20 João ValverdeCMake: Replace PACKAGELIST magic
2019-01-01 Guy HarrisMove some command-line-oriented routines from wsutil...
2018-12-22 Peter Wujson_dumper: add debugging print as corruption check
2018-12-20 Gerald CombsCMake: Don't bundle our libraries at compile time.
2018-12-04 João Valverdewsutil: Rename DATAFILE_DIR variable
2018-12-03 João ValverdeCMake: Simplify CMAKE_INSTALL_DATADIR usage
2018-11-29 João ValverdeCMake: Fix some transitive link dependencies
2018-11-26 João ValverdeCMake: Fix runtime destination for our libraries
2018-11-25 João ValverdeRemove a stale FIXME
2018-11-24 João ValverdeInstall development headers on all platforms
2018-11-20 Peter WuDrop JSON-GLib completely
2018-11-20 Peter WuReplace JSON-GLib by custom JSON dumper library
2018-10-03 Peter Wuwsutil: get_datafile_dir: avoid hard-coded build directory
2018-09-19 Gerald CombsTry to discourage the use of APIs via counting.
2018-09-03 Stig Bjørlykkeepan: Use g_base64_decode_inplace()
2018-08-25 João ValverdeCMake: Modernize config-file package support
2018-08-23 João ValverdeCMake: Clean up and homogenize plugin dir configuration
2018-08-22 João ValverdeRevert "CMake: Clean up plugin dirs"
2018-08-21 João ValverdeCMake: Clean up plugin dirs
2018-08-08 Peter Wuwsutil: Add Curve25519 ECDH (X25519) using Gcrypt
2018-06-21 David KreitschmannFix build paths for cmake's Xcode project generator...
2018-06-07 Gerald CombsCMake: Get rid of FULL_SO_VERSION
2018-05-23 Martin Kaisermake our version of nla_for_each_nested() public
2018-04-24 Jakub Zawadzkioss-fuzzshark: use install directory for headers. Insta...
2018-04-24 Dario Lombardowsutil: use json-glib instead of jsmn if present.
2018-04-21 Dario Lombardowsutil: rename wsjsmn to wsjson.
2018-04-16 Joerg Mayerglib-compat is no longer used - it provided only code...
2018-03-13 Gerald CombsRemove popcount in favor of ws_count_ones.
2018-03-09 Dario Lombardospdx: more licenses converted.
2018-02-24 Gerald CombsRename airpdcap to dot11decrypt.
2018-02-20 Guy HarrisDefine macros to calculate (2^N)^M, and use them in...
2018-02-17 Guy HarrisDon't have CLEAN_FILES variables for the "clean" source...
2018-01-29 João ValverdeAvoid #ifdef'ing out translation units
2017-12-23 Guy HarrisPut special pipe-handling code into libwsutil.
2017-11-19 João ValverdeFix (and chop) static build option
2017-10-25 João ValverdeRemove replacement inet_pton/inet_ntop
2017-10-25 João ValverdeRemove inet_aton() usage everywhere
2017-10-13 João ValverdeCMake: Allow user build flags to override default build...
2017-09-17 João Valverdeplugins: Fix paths to match WSUG
2017-09-17 João ValverdeCMake: Initial work to install headers for the benefit...
2017-08-12 Ahmad FatoumInclude xtea.[hs] in CMakeLists.txt and
2017-06-16 Guy HarrisChange some names to reflect Apple's new UNIX-for-Macs...
2017-06-05 Ahmad FatoumMove RSA key loading and decryption functions to wsutil
2017-04-08 Guy HarrisClean up handling of enabled/disabled protocols/heurist...
2017-04-05 Guy HarrisA bunch of "{Mac} OS X" -> "macOS" changes.
2017-03-10 erikdejongReplace aes.c and des.c by Libgcrypt
2017-03-02 Erik de JongRewrite dissectors to use Libgcrypt functions.
2017-02-20 AndersBromanAdd some glib functions not available in older glibs
2016-12-20 Peter Wucmake,wslua,wsutil: load files from run/ instead of...
2016-11-02 Michael MannMove Base32_encode from packet-fc00.c to wsutil (as...
2016-09-30 Dario Lombardowsutil: split libjsmn.
2016-09-30 Peter Wucmake: make WERROR_COMMON_FLAGS a normal string
2016-09-23 Stig Bjørlykkedumpcap: Include CPU info as hardware description in SHB
2016-09-05 Dario Lombardowsutil: add string to integer conversion utilities.
2016-08-26 Dario Lombardowsutil: add enumeration of local ip addresses in Windows.
2016-08-23 João ValverdeCMake: Allow setting per target compiler warnings
2016-06-25 Roland Knallwsutil: Move Win32 helper routines from capchild
2016-06-21 Pascal Quantinlibcodecs and libwsutil are DLLs, not static libraries
2016-05-02 Graham BloiceAdd checkAPI calls to CMake.
2016-04-21 João ValverdeLink version code statically again
2016-04-04 João ValverdeUse AC_REPLACE_FUNCS and LTLIBOBJS
2016-04-03 João ValverdeFix cmake libwsutil zlib missing linkage
2016-03-11 Gerald CombsRemove the last remnants of U3 support.
2016-03-04 Dario Lombardoextcap: add local_interfaces_to_list() to wsutil.
2016-02-19 João ValverdeAdd inet_pton/inet_ntop interface to libwsutil
2016-02-03 Cedric IzoardAdd functions for SHA256 and HMAC-SHA256
2015-11-29 João Valverdecfutils.c: Fix ISO C forbids an empty translation unit...
2015-10-16 Gerald CombsCMake: Add /WX
2015-10-13 Peter Wucmake: link against dl, fixes linking with gold
2015-08-26 Joerg Mayercmake: rework version.h handling to treat it like config.h
2015-08-16 Gerald CombsRun abicheck commands at compile time.
2015-06-16 Gerald CombsAdd the wireless toolbar.
2015-02-19 Guy HarrisCheck whether emmintrin.h can be used *without* -msse4.2.
2015-02-17 Dario LombardoAdded JSON native file support.
2015-02-11 Guy HarrisFix SSE 4.2 checks.
2015-01-21 Guy HarrisAlso support -xarch=sse_42 in the Sun C compiler for...
2015-01-21 Guy HarrisAlways set the COMPILE_FLAGS property, so we can always...
2015-01-21 Guy HarrisDon't set SSE4_2_FLAG to -msse4.2 unless -msse4.2 works.
2015-01-21 Guy HarrisCheck whether we can use nmmintrin.h.
2015-01-21 Guy HarrisOnly turn -msse4.2 on for ws_mempbrk_sse42.c, and don...
2015-01-11 Graham BloiceFix CMake generation and use of Windows .rc files
2015-01-05 Graham BloiceMinor CMake updates to better group build artefacts
2014-12-31 Guy HarrisMove some routines into ws_version_info.c.
2014-12-25 Guy HarrisCheck for getopt_long(), not getopt().
2014-12-25 Guy HarrisInclude some files based on whether the functions they...
2014-12-24 Guy HarrisDon't use extra variables for ws_mempbrk_sse42.c and...
2014-12-23 Guy HarrisCmake: check for popcount, and build it from wsutil...
2014-11-03 Guy HarrisDon't use -msse4.2 with MSVC.
2014-10-10 Gerald CombsCMake: Bundle our libraries.
2014-08-08 Guy HarrisThe DRM DCP CRC-16 is the same as the X.25 CRC-16.
2014-07-15 Guy HarrisOnly one buffer.c, please.
2014-07-15 Graham BloiceFix up library names when using CMake on Windows
2014-07-09 Graham BloiceMoved nghttp2 to epan
2014-07-03 Guy HarrisMake wsutil depend on gitversion.
2014-07-03 Guy HarrisMove the GLib version info string stuff to get_glib_ver...
2014-06-29 Guy HarrisMove some more stuff into wsutil.
2014-06-24 Guy HarrisFix OS X CMake build.
2014-06-22 Guy HarrisAdd a routine to return a version string including...
2014-06-21 Guy HarrisMove the routine to get memory information to wsutil.
2014-06-21 Guy HarrisMove the routine to get a CPU information string to...