PPP: remove obsolete Van Jacobson decompression preference
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / wiretap /
2016-02-18 Guy HarrisDon't add the wiretap directory to the list of include...
2016-02-11 anilkumar911nstrace: Allow opening of files that are not multiples...
2016-02-11 João Valverdeautotools: Add more silent build rules
2016-02-11 Guy HarrisMake file indices consistently unsigned in the merge...
2016-02-11 Michael McConvilleAvoid undefined behavior in overflow check
2016-01-29 Guy HarrisNo need for a routine to return a GSList of extensions...
2016-01-29 Guy HarrisAdd A-MPDU reassembly information to the radio metadata.
2016-01-28 João Valverdeautotools: Don't use "user variables" to set build...
2016-01-25 Guy Harrisphdr->pkt_encap and phdr->pkt_tsprec need to be set...
2016-01-20 Guy HarrisNote that using file_gets() for UCS-2 files is a bit...
2016-01-20 Guy HarrisFix indentation.
2016-01-17 João ValverdeFix build [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized]
2016-01-17 Martin Kaiser[iseries] fix iseries_check_file_type()
2016-01-17 Martin Kaiser[iseries] return WTAP_OPEN_ERROR if file_seek() fails
2016-01-16 Guy HarrisAdd WTAP_ENCAP_NFC_LLCP to the list of types require...
2016-01-16 Michael MannImprove Error messages when failing to load pcapng...
2016-01-13 Guy HarrisMove structure definition outside another structure...
2016-01-13 Guy HarrisGet rid of debugging printouts.
2016-01-13 Guy HarrisClean up handling of the data before the Ethernet packe...
2016-01-13 michal.oryniczFix issue with dumping to logcat_text from UPPER_PDU
2016-01-13 Guy HarrisDissect the MC and AAL2 headers as 32-bit words.
2016-01-13 Guy HarrisAssorted cleanups.
2016-01-13 AndersBromannettrace_3gpp_32_423 Protect from buffer overun.
2016-01-13 Guy HarrisUse g_ntoh* rather than g_hton*.
2016-01-08 Guy HarrisNote that sometimes the packet time stamps are relative...
2016-01-08 Guy HarrisImprove an error message.
2016-01-05 John A. ThackerGFP: Add support for Generic Framing Procedure (ITU...
2015-12-31 Guy HarrisDon't cast away constness.
2015-12-24 Simon BarberRefactor 802.11 radio flags.
2015-12-21 Guy HarrisSquelch another warning.
2015-12-21 Guy HarrisSquelch some compiler warnings.
2015-12-21 Guy HarrisRename some variables to make it a bit clearer what...
2015-12-20 Guy HarrisAdd bounds checks and fix a length argument.
2015-12-19 Guy HarrisAdd missing ERF types, mention another missing type...
2015-12-19 Anthony CoddingtonERF: Add basic no-break support for ERF_TYPE_META.
2015-12-18 Stig BjørlykkeRemoved local definitions of offsetof().
2015-12-16 Guy HarrisMake zlib API constness-aware, take 2.
2015-12-16 Guy HarrisRevert "Make zlib API constness-aware"
2015-12-16 João ValverdeMake zlib API constness-aware
2015-12-06 Guy HarrisGet rid of a bunch of unused variables.
2015-12-05 Guy HarrisRevert "Build Flex-generated files with "warnings are...
2015-12-05 Guy HarrisBuild Flex-generated files with "warnings are errors".
2015-12-05 Guy HarrisUse noyywrap rather than defining our own yywrap functions.
2015-12-03 Michael Mann[MP2T] Reading buffer should have MP2T_SIZE+TRAILER_LEN...
2015-12-02 Guy HarrisMove the bitrate test against 0 to mp2t_bits_per_second().
2015-12-01 João Valverdeautotools: Fix g212f2f1
2015-12-01 Michael Mann[MP2T] Prevent divide by zero.
2015-12-01 João Valverdeautotools: Clean abi-check with maintainer-clean
2015-11-30 Guy HarrisHandle Date: headers differently from other headers.
2015-11-30 Guy HarrisAdd some comments explaining what some code is doing.
2015-11-30 Guy HarrisTreat invalid (negative or too-large) values in the...
2015-11-30 Michael MannFix out-of-bounds read in ascend_seek.
2015-11-29 Michael MannAdd bounds checking to find_signature.
2015-11-28 Guy HarrisMake the rate tables static and const.
2015-11-28 Guy HarrisMake it more obvious why no bounds checks are necessary...
2015-11-28 Peter Wuvwr: fix buffer overrun in getRate
2015-11-28 Michael MannSanity check iSeries packet length to prevent heap...
2015-11-27 João Valverdewtap: Disable ISO C forbids conversion [-Wpedantic]
2015-11-27 João Valverdepcapng: Fix ISO C forbids conversion [-Wpedantic]
2015-11-26 João ValverdeScan pcapng change time to unsigned
2015-11-26 Martin Kaiser[mp2t] use the correct file infomation for PCR detection
2015-11-26 Guy HarrisProcess the radio information internally for AiroPeek...
2015-11-26 Guy HarrisAdd a check for the day of the month.
2015-11-26 Guy HarrisMost fields in an ISO 8601 date/time are unsigned.
2015-11-25 Guy HarrisCheck whether create_tempfile() fails.
2015-11-23 Alexis La Gouttemerge: fix parameter 'in_files/in_count_files' not...
2015-11-19 Martin Kaiseruse the official DLT for ISO14443
2015-11-17 Evan HuusMisc minor issues caught by cppcheck
2015-11-16 Evan Huuscatapult: fix sscanf buffer overflow
2015-11-12 Guy HarrisPlug file descriptor leak.
2015-11-12 Guy HarrisAdd wtap_dump_open_tempfile routines, to write to a...
2015-11-11 Guy HarrisPut wtap_dump_open() right before wtap_dump_open_ng().
2015-11-11 Guy HarrisMake routines used only within wiretap/merge.c static.
2015-11-10 Gerald CombsInitial Sysdig syscall (event) support.
2015-11-10 Guy HarrisFix typo.
2015-11-10 Guy HarrisCall wtap_dump_open_check() in wtap_dump_init_dumper().
2015-11-10 Guy HarrisAdd a comment for is_stdout.
2015-11-10 Guy HarrisSkip only the actual file descriptor close when writing...
2015-11-10 Guy HarrisTreat "-" as "standard input" in the CLI, not in libwir...
2015-11-09 Guy HarrisCall the dumper routine to finish write a file the...
2015-11-08 Martin MathiesonDCT2000 wiretap: Try to address CID 1158844 and 1158845
2015-11-08 Guy HarrisUse ws_{read,write,fdopen,close}.
2015-11-08 Guy HarrisMore unnecessary <stdio.h> includes.
2015-11-07 Guy HarrisRenames to avoid collisons with read() and write()...
2015-11-07 Guy HarrisCheck for read errors in the open routine.
2015-11-07 Guy HarrisClean up includes of unistd.h, fcntl.h, and sys/stat.h.
2015-11-06 Guy HarrisDon't include io.h in Flex scanners - they're not inter...
2015-11-04 Guy HarrisDon't include libwireshark headers from libwiretap.
2015-10-26 AndersBroman[Nettrace] Port can have 5 characters.
2015-10-26 Alexis La GoutteNettrace 3GPP 32.423: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement...
2015-10-23 AndersBroman[Nettrace] Add parsing of IP addresses and ports.
2015-10-20 AndersBroman[Nettrace] Parse timestamps and add to individual packets.
2015-10-16 Gerald CombsCMake: Add /WX
2015-10-09 Dario Lombardocatapult_dct2000: code restyle
2015-10-05 Gerald CombsInitialize 2.1.
2015-10-05 Peter WuAllow use of variadic macros
2015-10-04 Guy HarrisExpand, correct, and otherwise improve comments.
2015-10-03 Guy HarrisIf we don't have an NDP flag, make it 0.
2015-10-02 Guy HarrisFix some issues with Series III.
2015-10-02 Guy HarrisFix indentation after previous change.