tests: add regression tests for Follow TCP Stream
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / ui /
2018-07-06 Guy HarrisDon't use QFileInfo()::baseName().
2018-07-06 Guy HarrisFix the calculation of a file's "basename".
2018-07-06 Peter WuQt: fix wrong Follow Stream text position after changin...
2018-07-06 Peter WuFollow Stream: ensure linear performance with many...
2018-07-06 Guy HarrisUse the display name in "Save As..." output for statist...
2018-07-06 Guy HarrisUse the file *base* name for statistics graphs etc..
2018-07-06 Guy HarrisChange the print preview if "include column headings...
2018-07-05 Guy HarrisAdd a "Include column headings" checkbox in export...
2018-07-05 Alexis La Gouttetap-rtp-common: fix comma at end of enumerator list...
2018-07-04 Guy HarrisSome fixes.
2018-07-04 Guy HarrisfileTitle -> fileDisplayName.
2018-07-04 Guy HarrisWe have cf_get_display_name(); use it to get the title...
2018-07-04 Guy HarrisSet the file path for a main window if it's not a tempo...
2018-07-03 Guy HarrisJust use CaptureFile::fileTitle() in MainWindow::setTit...
2018-07-03 Guy HarrisCaptureFile.fileTitle() is for display, not for file...
2018-07-03 Guy HarrisDon't show temporary file names in title bars.
2018-07-03 Peter WuQt: fix crash on opening a capture file while loading...
2018-07-02 Guy HarrisMake arrays of 4 octets arrays of 4 guint8.
2018-07-02 Guy HarrisMake an array of 4 octets an array of 4 guint8.
2018-06-28 Jiri NovakRTP: If multiple codecs are used in RTP stream flow...
2018-06-27 Graham Bloicepacket export: Add default file extension
2018-06-26 Gerald CombsRemove code specific to older versions of Visual Studio.
2018-06-26 Gerald CombsGTK+: Remove the last original bit of GTK+ code.
2018-06-26 Gerald CombsWindows: Fetch our version using RtlGetVersion.
2018-06-26 Roland KnallQt: Fix crash when starting to drag on the wrong position
2018-06-26 Guy HarrisDisable coloring rules with invalid packet-testing...
2018-06-26 Gerald CombsTry to fix the macOS builder.
2018-06-26 Roland KnallQt: Fix Filterexpression Toolbar
2018-06-25 Roland KnallQt: Move FilterToolBar to a separate class
2018-06-25 Jiri NovakRTP: Common functions for allocation/deallocation of...
2018-06-23 Jiri NovakRTP: code cleanup 3
2018-06-22 Guy HarrisInclude <stdlib.h>, to declare exit().
2018-06-22 Jiri Novaktshark/RTP: GUI dependency removed from register_tap_li...
2018-06-21 Gerald CombsWSUG: Update the Follow Stream documentation.
2018-06-21 Guy HarrisSquelch a warning from MSVC.
2018-06-21 Jiri Novak RTP: Stats calculation unification
2018-06-20 Jiri NovakRTP: Code cleanup 2
2018-06-20 Jiri NovakRTP: Encapsulation of comparsion of two rtpstreams
2018-06-19 Jiri NovakRTP: Code clean up
2018-06-18 Gerald CombsRemove an unused recent setting.
2018-06-18 Joerg MayerGet rid of some occurrences of Q_UNUSED
2018-06-17 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2018-06-17]
2018-06-15 Joerg MayerAdd -Wextra-semi to (clang) C and C++ flags to make...
2018-06-14 Erika SzelleovaVoIP: fix in prepare filter for VOIP calls
2018-06-11 Gerald CombsWindows: HiDPI-ify our native print dialogs.
2018-06-10 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2018-06-10]
2018-06-10 Guy HarrisIf device->active_dlt = -1, show "Unknown" rather than...
2018-06-08 ruengelerSCTP: Add a checkbox to show relative TSNs
2018-06-08 Gerald CombsQt: Move wireshark-qt.cpp back to ui/qt/main.cpp.
2018-06-07 Jaap KeuterPreincrement iterators for better performance
2018-06-07 Gerald CombsQt: Set the ByteViewText field and protocol foreground.
2018-06-04 ruengelerSCTP: Adjust minTSN
2018-06-03 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2018-06-03]
2018-06-01 Roland KnallQt: Rename MainWelcome
2018-06-01 Roland KnallQt: Move Layout and clear master_split use
2018-05-31 Jakub Zawadzkisharkd: add support for io graph.
2018-05-31 João ValverdeMove make-taps and make-dissectors to tools/
2018-05-30 Roland KnallQt:Fix ProtoTree Copy
2018-05-30 Dario LombardoQt: use data() instead of constData() in pcap_compile().
2018-05-30 Peter WuQt: fix memleaks on opening a context menu
2018-05-30 Peter WuQt: fix memleaks in protocol preferences menu
2018-05-30 Peter WuQt: fix memleak in PacketList::contextMenuEvent
2018-05-30 Peter WuQt: fix memleak from cf_get_display_name
2018-05-28 Anderssctp-analysis: Use g_list_free_full() in a couple of...
2018-05-28 Peter WuQt: select a better default Decode As table
2018-05-28 Peter WuSCTPAllAssocsDialog: fix memleak of "sctp_assocs"
2018-05-27 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2018-05-27]
2018-05-26 Pascal QuantinSCTP: plug the remaining memleaks in the tap
2018-05-26 Pascal QuantinSCTP: fix crash when filtering an association
2018-05-25 Peter WuQt: fix use-after-free on error while saving exported...
2018-05-25 Paul ZanderQt: Configure the selection color via the preferences
2018-05-24 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Support search without a selected packet
2018-05-23 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Update menus when mark/ignore/timeref packet
2018-05-23 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Default no selection in UAT dialog
2018-05-22 Gerald CombsFix a typo.
2018-05-22 Gerald CombsQt: Set a minimum width for the main window.
2018-05-20 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2018-05-20]
2018-05-18 Peter Wucmake: remove dependency of i18n.qrc on .qm files
2018-05-18 Peter WuCMake: cleanup ui/qt/CMakeLists.txt
2018-05-18 Gerald CombsQt: Make sure we destroy the Capture Information dialog.
2018-05-17 Gerald CombsWin32: Add a missing check.
2018-05-17 Peter WuCMake: try to fix duplicate qm builds on Windows
2018-05-17 Alexis La Goutteqt_ui_utils: fix issue found by PVS Studio (V519)
2018-05-17 Alexis La GoutteQt: fix issue found by PVS Studio (V519)
2018-05-16 Guy HarrisEliminate some unneeded header checks.
2018-05-16 Gerald CombsQt: Fix a memory leak.
2018-05-16 Gerald CombsQt: Save the Capture Information dialog geometry.
2018-05-16 Guy HarrisNot GTK+-only any more.
2018-05-16 Gerald CombsQt: Implement the capture info dialog.
2018-05-16 Gerald CombsWindows: Make sure more native dialogs handle HiDPI.
2018-05-15 Peter WuCMake: require at least CMake 3.5
2018-05-14 Gerald CombsQt: MainWindow::dropEvent fixes.
2018-05-14 Peter WuFree g_ptr_array_free-related memory leaks
2018-05-13 Guy HarrisRemove a question from a comment.
2018-05-13 Guy HarrisGet rid of some GTK+-only stuff.
2018-05-13 Guy HarrisFix indentation.
2018-05-13 Guy HarrisGet rid of some GTK+-only stuff.
2018-05-13 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2018-05-13]
2018-05-12 Guy HarrisGet rid of some GTK+-only stuff.
2018-05-12 Peter Wucli: make "-z host,ipv4" filter actually work