Remove some GTK+-only code.
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / ui / qt / packet_list.cpp
2018-04-17 Gerald CombsRemove some GTK+-only code.
2018-04-16 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Rename packet_list_enable_color
2018-04-11 Gerald CombsQt: Disable collapsible children in the main window.
2018-04-05 Roland KnallQt: Remove checks for version below 5.2
2018-03-15 Gerald CombsEpan+Qt: Invalidate cached column strings.
2018-03-01 Graham BloiceWindows: Remove cruft for unsupported versons
2018-02-27 Peter WuQt/USB: Allow USB src/dst addresses to be selected...
2018-02-09 Guy HarrisGeneralize wtap_pkthdr into a structure for packet...
2018-02-08 Dario Lombardoreplace SPDX identifier GPL-2.0+ with GPL-2.0-or-later.
2018-02-02 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Keep auto-scroll when starting a new capture
2018-01-15 Dario LombardoQt: change obsolete qVariantFromValue into QVariant...
2018-01-04 Michael MannConvert preference dialog to use more models.
2017-12-28 Roland KnallQt: Remove duplicate copy actions
2017-12-15 Gerald CombsQt: Switch ProtoTree to a treeview+model.
2017-12-08 Guy HarrisHave the frame_tvbuff.c routines not use the global...
2017-12-08 Guy HarrisMove the frame_set stuff back into the capture_file...
2017-12-04 Guy HarrisPut the structure of a capture_file back in cfile.h.
2017-12-04 Guy HarrisMove the parts of a capture_file used by libwireshark...
2017-12-03 Guy HarrisUse cfile.h to define the capture_file type.
2017-11-23 Michael MannQt: Add menu option to remove all packet comments
2017-11-13 Roland KnallQt: Really fix the packet list selection
2017-11-12 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Select correct packet from list
2017-11-12 Roland KnallQt: Rename packetSelection to frameSelected
2017-11-08 Roland KnallQt: Further cleanup ByteView
2017-10-31 Roland KnallByteViewText: Remove epan dependancy
2017-10-28 Michael MannConvert to using find_conversation_pinfo where appropriate
2017-10-15 Peter WuRename ui_util.h -> ws_ui_util.h
2017-09-20 Mikael Kanstrupqt: Fix some leaked menu objects
2017-07-26 Roland KnallQt: Move utils to separate utils directory
2017-07-17 Guy HarrisRename cf_get_comment() to reflect what comment it...
2017-07-11 Roland KnallQt: Move all utility widgets to widgets subdirectory
2017-06-22 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Restore multi custom column width and align
2017-06-20 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Turn off auto scroll when going to a packet
2017-06-20 Jeff MorrissDon't scroll back to the selected frame when we get...
2017-04-20 Peter WuQt: Prevent moving other columns on drag and drop
2017-04-05 Guy HarrisA bunch of "{Mac} OS X" -> "macOS" changes.
2017-03-03 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Fix goto next/prev packet toolbar buttons
2017-03-03 Gerald CombsQt: Add selection history navigation.
2016-12-13 Gerald CombsQt: Optionally restore our selected packet when thawing.
2016-12-12 Guy HarrisMove the declaration of packet_list_select_last_row...
2016-12-12 Gerald CombsMark routines GTK+ only.
2016-12-12 D. UlisDo not set Qt Window focus when highlighting rows
2016-09-22 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Optimized setColumnVisibility() usage
2016-09-17 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Hide columns after setting widths
2016-09-15 Gilbert RamirezQt: Option to copy bytes to clipboard as Escaped String
2016-06-28 Gerald CombsQt: Make the packet map work with Qt 5.7.
2016-06-22 Gerald CombsQt: Clear the packet list selection before freezing it.
2016-06-20 Martin Kaiserqt: reset the column sorting when a new file is loaded
2016-06-13 Gerald CombsQt: Fix a Windows version check.
2016-06-12 Gerald CombsQt: Draw a border around inactive+selected packet list...
2016-06-05 Michael MannDon't copy details of hidden columns.
2016-05-05 Gerald CombsQt: Make sure we redraw the far overlay.
2016-05-01 Martin Kaiserqt: don't declare dp_ratio for Qt < 5.1
2016-04-28 Gerald CombsQt: Refactor the packet list scroll bar.
2016-04-08 Alexis La Gouttepacket_list: fix Called C++ object pointer is null...
2016-04-02 Peter WuQt: Remember selected item in packet tree
2016-03-21 Gerald CombsQt: Normalize timerEvents
2016-02-23 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Select matching tree item and bytes in Find Packet
2016-01-24 Guy HarrisAdd the packet number to the packet_info structure...
2016-01-03 Michael MannAdd HTTP Follow stream
2015-12-28 Michael MannRefactor GUI dependencies out of color_filters.[ch...
2015-12-20 Michal LabedzkiQt: Add missing multi-field column validation
2015-12-13 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Removed applyRecentColumnWidths from recentFilesRead
2015-12-12 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Apply recent column widths when columns changed
2015-12-08 michal.oryniczFix crash caused by nullptr in packet_list
2015-12-07 Gerald CombsQt: Set the packet list width when we apply recent...
2015-12-03 Gerald CombsQt: Disable setStretchLastSection in the packet list.
2015-11-28 Pascal QuantinQt: fix "go to packet" broken by g56625dd
2015-11-27 Pascal QuantinQt: remove automatic horizontal scrolling when selectin...
2015-11-27 Pascal QuantinFix display of bytes as EBCDIC
2015-11-27 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Check zero recent column width
2015-11-26 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Use correct column width when switching profile
2015-11-24 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Save preferences when hide/show columns
2015-11-23 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Fix column resolve names
2015-11-23 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Fixed more column issues when changing profile.
2015-11-22 Pascal QuantinQt: save columns position before freezing
2015-10-27 Gerald CombsAdd preferences for related packets and the scroll...
2015-10-19 Gerald CombsQt: fix time shift
2015-10-05 João ValverdeMove utf8_entities.h to wsutil
2015-09-30 Peter Wuqt: warn when jumping to an invalid packet number
2015-09-23 Gerald CombsQt: Always make the packet list row heights uniform.
2015-09-21 Gerald CombsQt: Add idle dissection.
2015-09-18 Pascal QuantinQt: flush visible rows before trying to select one
2015-09-17 Gerald CombsPacket list speedups.
2015-09-13 Gerald CombsDon't invalidate the column cache when we filter packets.
2015-09-08 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Fixed a resource leak in getFilterFromRowAndColumn
2015-09-08 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Fix use-after-free pattern
2015-08-28 Gerald CombsSpeed up column sorting.
2015-08-18 Michal LabedzkiQt/Minimap: Fix for Qt < 4.8
2015-08-17 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Always rebuild columns when fields changed
2015-08-06 Gerald CombsAdd an elide mode preference for the Qt packet list.
2015-08-02 Evan Huusqt: fix scrollbar crash applying conv. filter
2015-07-31 Gerald CombsMore spacing fixups.
2015-07-30 Gerald CombsMore context menu updates.
2015-07-30 Gerald CombsMake copy menu item names more consistent.
2015-07-30 Gerald CombsAdd a missing menu item.
2015-07-30 Gerald CombsPacket list and detail context menu updates.
2015-07-29 Gerald CombsMain menu and packet list menu updates.
2015-07-27 Gerald CombsFixup packet list context menu behavior.
2015-07-23 Gerald CombsFix QCocoaMenu errors.