qt: show marker when capture file comment has changed
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / ui / qt / main_window.cpp
2016-02-24 Peter Wuqt: show marker when capture file comment has changed
2016-02-19 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Update AccordionFrame widgets to use common layout
2016-02-04 Peter WuFix memleaks related to get_dirname
2016-01-26 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Check for file changes on Reload
2016-01-26 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Improved testCaptureFileClose dialog texts
2016-01-23 Stig Bjørlykkeui: Code cleanup
2016-01-21 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Add some window title variables
2016-01-19 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Update window title when preferences changed.
2016-01-15 Paul Offordplugin_if: Add function to get capture file info
2016-01-14 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Separate window titles with Em dash on OS X
2016-01-14 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Add back setWindowFilePath
2016-01-12 Michael MannRefactor "Follow Stream" functionality on all GUI inter...
2016-01-12 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Refactor testCaptureFileClose
2016-01-11 Stig BjørlykkeLua: Added reload_lua_plugins
2016-01-10 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Fix testCaptureFileClose without packets
2016-01-08 Gerald CombsQt: Queue up redissection.
2015-12-29 Alexis La GoutteQt: Add gui.prepend_window_title option
2015-12-29 Alexis La GoutteQt: Add support of gui.window_title
2015-12-29 Alexis La GoutteQt: Remove usage of setWindowFilePath
2015-12-23 Michael MannInitialize Qt info_data_t structure in constructor.
2015-12-23 Stig BjørlykkeAdded HAVE_LIBPCAP guards
2015-12-23 Roland Knallcapture_info: Fix initialization of packet counter
2015-12-21 Michael MannConfirm discarding data before restarting capture.
2015-12-13 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Removed applyRecentColumnWidths from recentFilesRead
2015-12-09 Pascal QuantinQt: various fixes to VoIP calls / RTP player windows
2015-12-03 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Update menus with new recent settings when changing...
2015-12-03 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Check display filter when changing profile
2015-11-30 Alexis La Gouttemain_window: fix no previous prototype for function...
2015-11-22 Guy HarrisWe *do* use setWindowModified; remove the XXX comment...
2015-11-22 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Added translate for "Capturing from ".
2015-11-22 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Set normal window icon when capture file closed.
2015-11-18 Stig BjørlykkeLua: Disable Reload Lua Plugins while reading file.
2015-11-17 Gerald CombsQt: Fix a merge crash.
2015-11-17 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Removed obsolete comments.
2015-11-17 Alexis La GoutteQt: avoid crash when use Go Next/Previous Conversation
2015-11-16 Pascal QuantinQt: do not clear display filter when merging files
2015-11-13 Gerald CombsQt: Add go to next + previous packet in conversation.
2015-11-11 Gerald CombsQt: Freeze+thaw the main window during nested operations.
2015-11-08 Gerald CombsQt: Start adjusting icon sizes dynamically.
2015-11-05 Gerald CombsQt: Check for a sane window geometry.
2015-11-03 Martin Kaiser[Qt recent files menu] make sure that the "Clear Menu...
2015-10-29 Gerald CombsUpdate the taskbar icon when we start a capture.
2015-10-29 Gerald CombsQt: Add the ability to add filter expressions.
2015-10-27 Gerald CombsAdd preferences for related packets and the scroll...
2015-10-27 Gerald CombsQt: Add a filter expression item to the display filter...
2015-10-27 Gerald CombsConvert SIP statistics to the stat tap API.
2015-10-17 Michal LabedzkiQt: Add switch between Capture and FileFormat
2015-10-11 Martin MathiesonLTE RLC graphs - initial version
2015-10-05 Gerald CombsQt: Don't update the recent list while capturing.
2015-10-05 YFdyh000Remove tr() for setObjectName
2015-09-28 Martin MathiesonLTE RLC Statistics Dialog
2015-09-23 Martin MathiesonLTE MAC Statistics Dialog
2015-09-13 Pascal QuantinQt: refresh column content after editing it
2015-09-11 Gerald CombsFix a bunch of leaks found by Valgrind.
2015-09-09 Gerald CombsAdd the Telephony→LTE menu.
2015-09-08 Roland KnallPluginIF: Parent menu and goto frame
2015-09-08 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Fix use-after-free pattern
2015-09-06 Gerald CombsKeep focus rects from showing through the welcome screen.
2015-09-06 Gerald CombsDisplay filter edit updates.
2015-09-01 Gerald CombsFixup the main window tab order.
2015-08-31 Gerald CombsConvert the MTP3 stats to new "generic stat API".
2015-08-28 Gerald CombsSpeed up column sorting.
2015-08-27 Gerald CombsMore retapping fixups.
2015-08-27 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Fixed some memory leakages
2015-08-12 Alexis La GoutteQt (main_window) fix no previous prototype for '.....
2015-08-11 Stig BjørlykkeAdded Reload Lua plugins.
2015-08-06 Gerald CombsAdd an elide mode preference for the Qt packet list.
2015-08-06 Gerald CombsConvert the GSM MAP stats to new "generic stat API".
2015-08-04 Gerald CombsConvert Camel tap stats to new "generic stat API".
2015-07-31 Gerald CombsUse an ellipsis character instead of three dots.
2015-07-29 Gerald CombsMain menu and packet list menu updates.
2015-07-27 Gerald CombsFixup packet list context menu behavior.
2015-07-21 Gerald CombsAdd manual name address resolution.
2015-07-20 Gerald CombsAdd general a busy progress indicator.
2015-07-16 Gerald CombsAdd the RTP Stream Analysis dialog.
2015-07-13 Gerald CombsPacketList column fixes.
2015-07-11 Gerald CombsQt: Add Colorize Conversation menu items.
2015-07-09 Gerald CombsMake sure we uncheck the "Find Packet" action.
2015-07-09 Gerald CombsQt: Add dynamic menu support.
2015-07-08 Gerald CombsAdd SimpleStatisticsDialog.
2015-07-07 Gerald CombsQt: Add initial Lua support.
2015-07-03 Gerald CombsAdd ServiceResponseTimeDialog.
2015-06-25 Evan HuusRemove the other g_hash_table_contains
2015-06-25 Martin KaiserQt: use <> for including the generated ui_*.h files
2015-06-25 Roland KnallPlugin Interface: Add GUI callbacks
2015-06-25 Martin KaiserQt: fix crashes when Wireshark is closed while running...
2015-06-24 Evan HuusDisable "Refresh Interfaces" when capturing
2015-06-24 Alexis La GoutteQt: Add Reload button on MainToolBar
2015-06-23 Gerald CombsMorph ProgressBar into CaptureProgressFrame.
2015-06-18 Gerald CombsAdd a preferences editor frame.
2015-06-17 Gerald CombsFix the Qt main window popup behavior.
2015-06-17 Gerald CombsQt: Add protocol preferences menus.
2015-06-16 Gerald CombsAdd the wireless toolbar.
2015-06-15 Gerald CombsAccept drop events immediately.
2015-06-14 Gerald CombsInclude QUrl.
2015-06-14 Gerald CombsQt: Enable Drag and Drop in the main window.
2015-06-10 Guy HarrisUse pid_t on UN*X, and HANDLE on Windows, for the proce...
2015-06-09 Anders[MSVC 2015] Use intptr_t for "pointer stored as int...
2015-06-03 Gerald CombsAdd the Display Filter Expression dialog.
2015-05-23 Gerald CombsQt: Update the status bar when saving.