tests: add regression tests for Follow TCP Stream
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / tools /
2018-07-02 Guy HarrisAdd new encoding names for seconds/{micro,nano}second...
2018-06-28 Balint ReczeyDo not add Change-Id on packaging branches
2018-06-28 Dario Lombardomacosx-setup: fix indentation.
2018-06-27 Dario Lombardogit hooks: prevent first commit message line to exceed...
2018-06-26 Gerald CombsFix shellcheck issues in debian-setup.sh.
2018-06-11 João ValverdeRewrite make-{dissectors,taps} in Python
2018-06-11 Gerald CombsMore shellcheck fixes.
2018-06-11 Peter Wudebian-setup: fix GnuTLS installation for Ubuntu 14.04
2018-06-08 Dario Lombardorpm-setup: add rpmbuild package.
2018-06-08 Dario Lombardorpm-setup: add support for opensuse non-interactive...
2018-06-08 Dario Lombardotools: update rpm-setup.
2018-06-08 Gerald CombsQt: Move wireshark-qt.cpp back to ui/qt/main.cpp.
2018-06-07 Gerald CombsMore shellcheck checks and fixes.
2018-06-07 Gerald CombsCMake: Get rid of FULL_SO_VERSION
2018-06-07 Stig Bjørlykkelemon: Make it build with __clang_analyzer__ defined
2018-06-06 Guy HarrisAdd COMMON_ARGS to the "Command and args" message.
2018-06-06 Gerald CombsShellcheck fixes.
2018-06-06 Jaap KeuterTweak cppcheck to test with better settings
2018-06-05 Jeff MorrissFix rpm-setup.sh so it works when you're not installing...
2018-06-04 Dario Lombardotools: add bsd-setup.sh.
2018-06-04 Guy HarrisSend the "Command and args:" message to the right outpu...
2018-06-02 João ValverdeMake make-{taps,dissectors}.c shared code shared.
2018-05-31 João ValverdeMove make-taps and make-dissectors to tools/
2018-05-30 Darius DavisAdd valgrind support to randpkt-test.sh.
2018-05-29 Dario Lombardotools: rename rpm_setup.sh to reflect other similar...
2018-05-24 Gerald CombsAsciidoctor: Remove underscores from macro names.
2018-05-23 Joerg MayerAdd asciidoctor and asciidoctor-pdf to macos-setup.sh
2018-05-19 Guy HarrisIf the OS version of curl isn't new enough, download...
2018-05-18 Guy HarrisInstall CMake 3.5.2 on Lion and 3.7.2 on later releases.
2018-05-18 Guy HarrisDon't try to download MaxMindDB on Lion or earlier.
2018-05-18 Guy HarrisWrong Darwin major version - Lion is 11, not 10.
2018-05-18 Guy HarrisDon't try to download Ninja on Lion or earlier.
2018-05-17 Gerald CombsRemove older Visual Studio suport.
2018-05-16 Gerald CombsAdd a few more notes to git-export-release.sh.
2018-05-16 Joerg MayerMinimum supported QT-Version is 5.2
2018-05-16 Guy HarrisCMake 3.11.0 has problems on Lion; use 3.5.2, which...
2018-05-15 Peter WuCMake: require at least CMake 3.5
2018-05-15 Guy HarrisGive Ninja build instructions if we've installed Ninja.
2018-05-15 Guy HarrisDownload and install Ninja.
2018-05-15 Guy HarrisGet rid of debugging printout.
2018-05-15 Guy HarrisClean up Qt installation.
2018-05-14 Guy HarrisUpdate a comment.
2018-05-14 Guy HarrisBuilds require CMake, so always install it.
2018-05-14 Guy HarrisUpdate some comments.
2018-05-14 Peter WucheckAPIs: handle C++ / C99-style '//' comments
2018-05-13 Dario Lombardotools: add missing packages to osx setup.
2018-05-12 Matej Tkachtml2txt.py: replaced 2 occurences of '{}' with equal...
2018-05-08 Guy HarrisReport the file name in the "#if/#endif mismatch" error.
2018-05-05 Gerald CombsTest: Integrate ftsanity directly into our tests.
2018-05-05 Guy HarrisDon't use dladdr() to get a pathname for the current...
2018-05-04 Gerald CombsTest: Add dftest to our tests.
2018-05-04 Dario Lombardotravis: use ninja for building.
2018-05-03 Dario Lombardotools: add missing optional packages in debian/rpm...
2018-05-03 Dario Lombardotools: add ninja to debian/rpm additional packages.
2018-05-02 Gerald CombsWindows: Upgrade WinSparkle to 0.5.7.
2018-05-02 Gerald CombsForce textify.ps1 to read files as UTF-8.
2018-05-01 Stig BjørlykkeFix comment end after SPDX identifier
2018-04-30 Peter WucheckAPIs.pl: fix false positive with C++ method names
2018-04-26 Peter WuEnsure test directories are included with git archive
2018-04-25 Guy HarrisDon't install autotools or GTK+, but do install CMake.
2018-04-25 Peter Wudfilter: fix memleaks with functions and slice operator
2018-04-25 Guy HarrisGet rid of more .libs stuff.
2018-04-24 Peter Wuvg-suppressions: suppress more GLib-related memleaks
2018-04-24 Dario Lombardotools: make rpm and debian setup scripts more similar.
2018-04-24 Dario Lombardotools: remove install_rpms_for_devel.sh.
2018-04-24 chinarulezzztools/cppcheck/cppcheck.sh: improve script; add new...
2018-04-24 Jakub Zawadzkioss-fuzzshark: use install directory for headers. Insta...
2018-04-21 Joerg MayerRemove a few obsolete references to gtk from checkapi...
2018-04-20 Pascal QuantinWindows: add JSON-GLib library
2018-04-20 Pascal QuantinWindows: upgrade GLib to 2.52.2
2018-04-18 Dario Lombardotshark: add -G elastic-mapping report.
2018-04-18 Peter Wudfilter: make spaces around ".." optional in display...
2018-04-18 Peter Wudfilter: add range support to set membership operator...
2018-04-18 Dario LombardoRemove autotools build system.
2018-04-17 Gerald CombsRemove some GTK+-only code.
2018-04-17 Gerald CombsAdd a destination directory flag to git-export-release.
2018-04-16 Gerald CombsAdd some notes to git-export-release.sh.
2018-04-15 Gerald CombsMore PortAudio removal.
2018-04-15 Joerg MayerProvide alternative paths for the macosx-support-libs.
2018-04-15 Peter Wudfilter-test.py: document parallelization support
2018-04-15 Peter Wudftestlib: remove unnecessary execute bit
2018-04-11 Dario Lombardotools: add openSUSE asciidoctor to rpm_setup.sh.
2018-04-10 Joerg Mayermacos-setup.sh: More GTK and minimum supported version...
2018-04-09 Joerg MayerRemove GTK-related stuff from macos-setup.sh
2018-04-05 Dario Lombardolemon: remove leaks in main().
2018-04-05 Dario Lombardolemon: remove leak in tplt_open().
2018-04-05 Dario Lombardolemon: remove scan-build warning in errline().
2018-04-05 Guy HarrisDon't install PortAudio if we're not installing GTK+.
2018-04-05 Darius DavisTweak ws_cpuid so that Valgrind is happy.
2018-04-04 Pascal Quantinextract_asn1_from_spec.pl: fix parsing of END tag
2018-04-04 Dario Lombardolemon: make some functions static.
2018-04-04 Dario Lombardolemon: comment out unused OptErr function.
2018-03-30 Dario Lombardolemon: skip clang analyzer for more code.
2018-03-30 Dario Lombardolemon: remove unneeded assignment.
2018-03-30 Dario Lombardolemon: remove clang scan warnings.
2018-03-28 Anderslemon: Sync with latest trunk.
2018-03-28 Anderslemon: Sync with upstream, Jun 28, 2017
2018-03-28 Anderslemon: Align struct s_options with upstream.
2018-03-27 Anderslemon: Trivial changes to make it easier to compare...
2018-03-26 Gerald CombsCMake: Add an rpm-package target.