TODO SMB2 NegotiateContext....
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / text2pcap.c
2018-10-11 Vasil Velichkovtext2pcap: Fix TCP, UDP or SCTP headers over IPv6
2018-10-08 Guy HarrisBring back arg_list_utf_16to8(), but have it just do...
2018-10-07 Guy HarrisUse wsetargv.obj, and wmain() rather than main(), on...
2018-03-13 Gerald CombsGet rid of TestBigEndian and AC_C_BIGENDIAN.
2018-02-16 Guy HarrisSquelch redundant declaration warnings.
2018-02-08 Dario Lombardoreplace SPDX identifier GPL-2.0+ with GPL-2.0-or-later.
2018-01-09 Guy HarrisUse pcapng as the name of the file format.
2017-11-09 Gerald CombsStart using SPDX license identifiers.
2017-10-26 Guy HarrisAdd a ws_in6_addr typedef for struct e_in6_addr.
2017-09-26 João ValverdeRename "ws_version_info.h", also .c
2017-09-25 Pascal Quantintext2pcap: fix crash when there is no argument
2017-08-11 Sontol BonggolDo not allow -m option to be larger than our allocated...
2017-06-05 Guy HarrisAllow bigger snapshot lengths for D-Bus captures.
2017-03-29 Guy HarrisCheck for localtime() failing.
2017-03-28 Pascal Quantintext2pcap: define max packet size to WTAP_MAX_PACKET_SIZE
2017-02-28 Dario Lombardotext2pcap: free memory on exit.
2017-02-27 Peter Wutext2pcap: fix -Wmacro-redefined warning
2017-02-27 Dario Lombardotext2pcap: check return values of functions and use...
2016-11-22 Guy HarrisInclude <io.h> and <fcntl.h> for _setmode().
2016-11-22 Guy HarrisOn Windows, put the standard output in binary mode...
2016-10-22 Guy HarrisMore checks for localtime() and gmtime() returning...
2016-09-10 Peter WuFix version-string releated memleak for some CLI tools
2016-04-21 João ValverdeLink version code statically again
2016-04-04 João ValverdeInclude ws_diag_control.h in config.h
2016-04-03 João ValverdeMove zlib version check to wsutil
2016-03-24 Guy HarrisPut pcapio.c into a writecap library, and use it.
2016-02-19 João ValverdeAdd inet_pton/inet_ntop interface to libwsutil
2016-02-13 João ValverdeJust #include wsutil/inet_aton.h
2016-02-13 Joerg MayerFix an indentation to get rid of
2015-12-21 Guy HarrisDon't write out statistics if we don't have any.
2015-12-21 Alexis La Gouttetext2pcap: fix There are identical sub-expressions...
2015-12-12 João ValverdeRemove -Wwrite-strings compiler flag
2015-11-11 Pascal QuantinUpdate user guide for development release
2015-11-07 Guy HarrisClean up includes of unistd.h, fcntl.h, and sys/stat.h.
2015-02-20 Gerald CombsSuppress a bunch of cast-qual warnings.
2015-02-09 Bill Meier(Trivial) Fix printf-related 'Mismatch on sign' warnings
2015-01-03 Guy HarrisUse get_ws_vcs_version() to generate the version string.
2015-01-02 Pascal QuantinAdd back "version.h" inclusion
2014-12-31 Guy HarrisDo the full string in get_{compiled,runtime}_version_in...
2014-12-31 Guy HarrisMove the version_info.c stuff to wsutil/ws_version_info.c.
2014-12-28 Guy HarrisDon't check the same character twice in a row, check...
2014-12-25 Guy HarrisOnly include <wsutil/os_version_info.h> if we need it.
2014-12-25 Guy HarrisCheck for getopt_long(), not getopt().
2014-12-24 Stephen FisherMove twelve show_version() functions from the varoius...
2014-10-17 Guy HarrisDon't use ctype.h routines.
2014-09-28 Guy HarrisSupport nanosecond-resolution time stamps when writing...
2014-08-30 Guy HarrisRemove some unnecessary definitions.
2014-08-24 Graham BloiceModify includes of config.h so that out-of-tree builds...
2014-08-05 Bill MeierFix whitespace/indentation to match editor modelines.
2014-08-02 Evan HuusRename variable to avoid -Wshadow on mac buildbots
2014-07-06 Guy HarrisClean up handling of missing functions.
2014-07-03 Guy HarrisMake --help and --version information a bit more uniform.
2014-07-03 Guy HarrisMore getopt_long, to add --help and --version support.
2014-06-21 Jeff MorrissAdd command-line argument to request the version to...
2014-04-14 Alexis La GoutteFix Argument with 'nonnull' attribute passed null found...
2014-03-24 Graham BloiceEnhanced text2pcap so that if direction is specified...
2014-03-04 Alexis La GoutteRemove all $Id$ from top of file
2014-03-02 Hadriel KaplanFix text2pcap.c: Argument with 'nonnull' attribute...
2014-02-07 Gerald CombsReplace "svn" with "git" all over the place.
2013-12-31 Bill MeierUse the normal convention for exit status and output...
2013-12-22 Bill Meier'L' constant modifier not needed.
2013-12-20 Bill Meier'guint32 crc_c[256]' array initializer constants should...
2013-10-05 Jörg MayerInvert NEED_INET_ATON_H to HAVE_INET_ATON_H
2013-09-29 Guy HarrisRename routines that write pcap-ng files to "pcapng_xxx...
2013-09-29 Guy HarrisWe always write to a FILE *, so:
2013-09-06 Chris MaynardThe 'a' option doesn't take an argument. Fix bug intro...
2013-07-29 Guy HarrisIn the comments for pcap_link_type, point to
2013-06-25 Gerald CombsFrom Dirk Jagdmann: Use a guint32 for IPv4 addresses...
2013-06-21 Stephen FisherAF_INET and AF_INET6 undefined in textpcap.c when compi...
2013-06-18 Jörg MayerFix compile error:
2013-06-16 Michael MannPrepend custom Destination IP and Source IP (ipv4 or...
2013-04-05 Michael TüxenDon't forget to move the trailing '\0'.
2013-04-04 Chris MaynardAs forewarned at
2013-03-20 Anders Broman[-Wmissing-prototypes]
2013-02-20 Gerald CombsWhen any of our executables start on Windows create...
2013-01-23 Chris MaynardUsage formatting changes:
2013-01-03 Michael TüxenCleanup error handling when processing preamble.
2013-01-03 Michael TüxenDon't try to process timestamp without the format being
2013-01-02 Michael TüxenFix indentation.
2013-01-02 Michael TüxenAlso print number of bytes written.
2013-01-02 Michael MannAllow pcap/pcapng format to be written to more than...
2012-12-26 Guy HarrisFix a bunch of warnings.
2012-12-25 Michael TüxenAdd support for -D option. The preamble will start...
2012-12-25 Michael TüxenRemove current version of -D option, because:
2012-12-25 Michael TüxenAdd some debug output regarding preamble processing.
2012-12-25 Michael TüxenClear preamble if no timespec is given.
2012-12-25 Michael TüxenAdd support of -m option for SCTP.
2012-12-25 Michael TüxenFix SCTP packet generation if DATA chunk headers need
2012-12-25 Michael TüxenFix bugs I introduced. Now
2012-12-25 Michael TüxenImprove description.
2012-12-23 Michael TüxenAdd support for writing per packet comments when using...
2012-12-23 Michael TüxenWhen using pcapng, provide input file name as comment.
2012-12-22 Michael TüxenSpecifiy time resolution explicitly.
2012-12-22 Michael TüxenFix timestamp computation when using pcapng.
2012-12-22 Michael TüxenAdd support for writing pcap-ng files by specifying...
2012-12-21 Michael TüxenFix a warning on Windows.
2012-12-21 Michael TüxenUse pcapio routines. This concludes the preperation for
2012-12-21 Michael TüxenThis should make the Linux buildbot happy.
2012-12-21 Michael TüxenAddress a build issue on Windows.
2012-12-21 Michael TüxenBuild the packet to be sent completely in the buffer and