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2019-01-20 Dario Lombardojson_dumper: increase JSON_DUMPER_MAX_DEPTH to 1100.
2019-01-17 Peter WuDTLS: add DSB support, use the key log file from the...
2019-01-14 Dario Lombardodfilter: add string() function.
2019-01-11 Atli GuðmundssonUnit tests for ASTERIX I048
2019-01-07 Dario Lombardosharkd: use json_dumper for output.
2019-01-06 Atli GuðmundssonUnit tests for ASTERIX I034
2019-01-05 Peter Wutest: allow running pytest without specifying the tests...
2019-01-04 Peter Wutest: assume binaries in $PWD\run\RelWithDebInfo by...
2019-01-04 Peter Wutest/dissectorstest: assert that text2pcap and tshark...
2019-01-04 Peter Wutest: split SubprocessTestCase.run into setUp/tearDown
2019-01-03 Peter Wutest: print command output for dfiltertest failures
2018-12-29 Peter WuAdd support for RSA decryption using PKCS #11 tokens
2018-12-29 Peter Wutest: add tests for Unicode paths in Lua and tshark...
2018-12-27 Dario Lombardotest: fix import in suite_dissectors/group_asterix.
2018-12-27 Dario Lombardotest: add comment to fixture.
2018-12-26 Dario Lombardotest: add suite_outputformats for json output regressio...
2018-12-26 Atli GuðmundssonAdded a generic dissector validator and some ASTERIX...
2018-12-19 Peter Wutest: enable extra test summary by default
2018-12-13 Jaap Keutertext2pcap: allow to set interface name
2018-12-13 Peter WuAdd new "rsa_keys" UAT for storage of RSA private keys
2018-11-30 Peter Wutest: fix "DeprecationWarning: invalid escape sequence \("
2018-11-30 Peter Wutest: skip tests when GnuTLS is unavailable
2018-11-30 Peter Wutest: use assertRun instead of runProcess where possible
2018-11-27 Gerald CombsTest: Look up our encoding name before checking it.
2018-11-27 Martin Kaisertest: lua: add a test for invalid ethernet address
2018-11-25 Martin Kaisertest: lua: (trivial) fix indentation
2018-11-21 Peter Wutest: extend sharkd tests to cover all requests
2018-11-20 Gerald CombsTest: Fix some dumpcap section checks and skip one.
2018-11-20 Peter WuAdd new Secrets API and allow TLS to use pcapng decrypt...
2018-11-20 Peter Wueditcap: add --inject-secrets option
2018-11-20 Peter Wuwiretap: add read/write support for Decryption Secrets...
2018-11-20 Peter WuReplace JSON-GLib by custom JSON dumper library
2018-11-16 Gerald CombsDumpcap: Fix writing SHBs and IDBs.
2018-11-16 Peter Wutest: finalize suite_capture conversion to fixtures...
2018-11-16 Peter Wutest: convert capture tests to use fixtures, fix tests...
2018-11-15 Peter Wutest: convert suite_dfilter to use fixtures
2018-11-15 Peter Wutest: convert suite_nameres to use fixtures
2018-11-15 Peter Wutest: convert suite_text2pcap to use fixtures
2018-11-14 Peter Wutest: convert some more tests to use fixtures
2018-11-13 Vasil Velichkovtshark: Print the packets' comments in the expert info
2018-11-10 Peter Wuwiretap: fix truncated reads while reading compressed...
2018-11-09 Gerald CombsDumpcap+Qt: Add support for `-a packets:NUM` and `...
2018-11-09 Peter Wutest: make it possible to use pytest-style test fixtures
2018-11-08 Peter Wutest: drop Python 2 compatibility, use more Python...
2018-11-01 Pascal Quantinprint.c: use SEP_XXX to print byte strings
2018-10-31 Vasil Velichkovtext2pcap: Fix IPv6 checksum
2018-10-31 Vasil Velichkovtext2pcap: Fix -i <proto> when IPv6 (-6) is specified
2018-10-30 Vasil Velichkovtext2pcap: Fix IPv6 payload length
2018-10-25 Dario Lombardotest: make 'double' tests rely on icmp instead of ntp.
2018-10-21 Dario Lombardontp: change root delay and dispersion to integer for...
2018-10-18 Martin Kaiserlua: add support for ethernet addresses to the Address...
2018-10-17 Richard Sharpewslua: Add support for base.RANGE_STRING handling.
2018-10-16 Ralf NasilowskiKNX-IP: new KNXnet/IP dissector
2018-10-13 Peter Wutext2pcap: gracefully handle hexdump without trailing LF
2018-10-13 Peter Wutest: increase coverage for text2pcap supported formats
2018-10-13 Peter Wutest: fix text2pcap tests not to overwrite case_text2pc...
2018-10-12 Peter Wutest: reduce further influence from the environment
2018-10-12 Peter Wutest: fix DeprecationWarning: invalid escape sequence
2018-10-11 Vasil Velichkovtext2pcap: Fix TCP, UDP or SCTP headers over IPv6
2018-10-05 Uli Heilmeier*shark: Update help and manpage for name resolving
2018-09-14 Gerald CombsTest: Fix a copy+paste error.
2018-09-13 Gerald CombsStart renaming SSL to TLS.
2018-09-07 Peter WuLua: remove various logging functions (debug, warn...
2018-09-04 Dario Lombardontp: make ntp.precision an uint8.
2018-08-31 Gerald CombsAdd support for protocol aliases. Switch BOOTP to DHCP.
2018-08-30 Peter Wutcp: fix OoO reassembly when the first data packet...
2018-08-17 Peter WuTLS13: add final tests for RFC 8446
2018-08-08 Peter WuWireGuard: implement decryption with PSKs
2018-08-08 Peter WuWireGuard: decrypt transport data
2018-08-08 Peter WuWireGuard: implement responder handshake decryption
2018-08-08 Peter WuWireGuard: add keylog for initiation decryption with...
2018-08-08 Peter WuWireGuard: implement initiation message decryption...
2018-08-08 Peter WuWireGuard: implement peer identification based on MAC1
2018-07-26 Peter Wutest: do not silently ignore feature detection failures
2018-07-23 Jaap KeuterRemove executable file permission from lua test files
2018-07-20 Gerald CombsLua: Switch from disable_lua to enable_lua.
2018-07-17 Peter WuTests: add minimal pytest support
2018-07-06 Peter Wutests: add regression tests for Follow TCP Stream
2018-06-28 Peter Wutcp: add support for reassembling out-of-order segments
2018-06-21 Gerald CombsTest: Add sharkd tests.
2018-06-18 Gerald CombsTest+CMake: Make our test grouping more fine-grained.
2018-05-30 Gerald CombsTest: Add UTF-8 filter tests.
2018-05-25 Peter Wuwslua: fix NSTime:__tostring for negative values
2018-05-22 Gerald CombsTest: Consolidate our environments.
2018-05-21 Gerald CombsTest: Be more paranoid about our log output.
2018-05-17 Peter Wutest: require Libgcrypt 1.6 for TDLS test
2018-05-12 Peter Wutest: add test for resolved addresses
2018-05-06 Gerald CombsTest: Make sure we run our display filter tests.
2018-05-05 Gerald CombsTest: Integrate ftsanity directly into our tests.
2018-05-04 Gerald CombsTest: Add dftest to our tests.
2018-05-03 Gerald CombsTest: Fix default capture interface discovery.
2018-05-02 Gerald CombsTest: Remove the Bash test scripts.
2018-05-02 Gerald CombsTest: Add wslua.
2018-05-01 Gerald CombsTest: Fix capinfos output and command paths.
2018-05-01 Gerald CombsTest: More fixes and updates.
2018-04-30 Gerald CombsTest: Add unittests.
2018-04-30 Gerald CombsTest: More fixups.
2018-04-30 Gerald CombsTest: Add a missing global.
2018-04-30 Gerald CombsTest: Add text2pcap.
2018-04-30 Gerald CombsTest: Add name resolution.