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2018-10-10 Gerald CombsWindows: Make our program details more consistent.
2018-06-08 Gerald CombsQt: Move wireshark-qt.cpp back to ui/qt/main.cpp.
2018-06-07 Gerald CombsMore shellcheck checks and fixes.
2018-05-10 Gerald CombsRemove a bunch of unused images.
2018-05-09 Gerald CombsWindows: Make sure native dialogs handle HiDPI.
2018-03-07 Dario LombardoMore licenses converted to SPDX.
2018-03-02 Graham BloiceWindows: Update target version info
2018-02-10 Gerald CombsCMake: Don't shadow PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE.
2018-01-30 Gerald CombsRemove more unused images.
2018-01-30 Gerald CombsRemove some unused images.
2018-01-24 Graham BloiceWindows: Modify position of compress checkbox in Export...
2018-01-05 Gerald CombsQt: Move sized toolbar images to stock_icons.
2017-11-16 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Add UAT move up and down buttons
2017-11-14 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Change delete_list icon transparent value
2017-10-26 Gerald CombsCMake: Set the Windows build target to Vista.
2017-10-24 Michael MannAdd 32x32 png file for UAT "clear list" icon
2017-10-21 Michael MannAdd button in Qt UAT dialog/frame to remove all UAT...
2017-07-30 Michael MannExpand Merge file dialog on Windows
2017-04-05 Guy HarrisA bunch of "{Mac} OS X" -> "macOS" changes.
2016-09-09 Gerald CombsRemove name resolution from the file dialogs.
2016-06-30 Gerald CombsRecompress PNGs.
2016-06-22 Pascal QuantinWindows: rename wiretap-${PROJECT_VERSION}.dll to libwi...
2016-06-15 Pascal QuantinRemove Nmake build system
2016-01-30 Gerald CombsUpdate filter bookmark icons.
2015-12-03 Pascal QuantinChange codecs from static to dynamic library
2015-10-16 Gerald CombsFix dist.
2015-10-16 Gerald CombsUse buttons to display the main status bar icons.
2015-10-05 Gerald CombsMake the capture comment icon more Wireshark-y.
2015-09-23 Gerald CombsUse the Qt-provided media icons.
2015-09-06 Gerald CombsDisplay filter edit updates.
2015-06-24 Gerald CombsRun
2015-06-24 Alexis La GoutteQt: Add Reload button on MainToolBar
2015-06-07 Balint ReczeyRestore image/expert_ok.png, it is used by GTK+ UI
2015-03-08 Gerald CombsAdd the @2x expert indicators.
2015-03-08 Gerald CombsUpdate the expert indicators.
2015-03-02 Gerald CombsQt: Add @2x images to the layout preferences.
2015-02-27 Michal LabedzkiQt: Automatically scroll the packet list.
2015-02-14 Gerald CombsWSUG and image updates.
2015-01-11 Graham BloiceFix CMake generation and use of Windows .rc files
2014-12-09 Gerald CombsQt: Initial VoIP Calls dialog.
2014-12-09 Gerald CombsQt: Update and rename the summary dialog.
2014-11-04 Michal LabedzkiQt: Dynamic languages
2014-11-02 Pascal QuantinAdd identification of Windows (Server) 10
2014-10-28 Gerald CombsQt: Add a set of 2x 16-pixel toolbar icons.
2014-10-28 Jeff MorrissAdd GPLv2+ license header to keep license-check happy.
2014-10-28 Gerald CombsQt: Add a set of 2x 24-pixel toolbar icons.
2014-09-23 Gerald CombsQt: Add zoom and column resize actions.
2014-09-23 Gerald CombsQt: Add the colorization action.
2014-09-23 Gerald CombsQt: Re-enable menu icons.
2014-09-22 Gerald CombsQt: Use wsiconcap while we're capturing.
2014-09-21 Gerald CombsQt: Multi-state capture start icon.
2014-09-20 Gerald CombsQt: Update the x-capture-file-close icon.
2014-09-20 Gerald CombsQt: Add stock icons.
2014-09-02 Gerald CombsQt → wireshark. GTK+ → wireshark-gtk.
2014-08-04 Evan HuusRip out the filetap code
2014-07-10 Guy HarrisRevert "A few more changes to remove "lib" from "libwsu...
2014-07-09 Guy HarrisA few more changes to remove "lib" from "libwsutil...
2014-06-12 Irene RuengelerCapture Interfaces Dialog:
2014-05-14 Balint ReczeyDrop unused voip_bg.xpm
2014-03-31 Alexis La GoutteContinue to remove $Id$ from top of file
2014-03-04 Michal Labedzkiwin32: Implement format type selector in open file...
2014-02-05 Pascal QuantinIntroduce end-of-line normalization
2014-01-08 Michael MannTFShark (Terminal Fileshark) v.001. Bug 9607 (https...
2014-01-02 Alexis La GoutteAdd About window for Wireshark Qt
2014-01-01 Michael MannFiletap library, version 0.001
2013-12-13 Anders BromanTry to fix building of captype
2013-12-13 Anders BromanAdd a file that probably should have been a part of
2013-11-29 Michael MannStats_tree enhancements for sorting, averages and burst...
2013-11-01 Pascal QuantinFix
2013-10-23 Balint ReczeyRemove unused wsicon32.xpm
2013-09-12 Gerald CombsAdd previous/next stream navigation to the TCP stream...
2013-09-09 Gerald CombsAdd the TCP window scaling graph. Add zoom selections.
2013-06-19 Chris MaynardAllow for column headers not to be printed in order...
2013-04-26 Gerald CombsUpdate the capture start, stop, and restart icons and...
2013-04-11 Gerald CombsSet properties.
2013-04-11 Gerald CombsReplace the capture start and restart icons with a...
2013-04-08 Gerald CombsNudge the fill another half pixel.
2013-04-08 Gerald CombsDecrease the width of the outer borders by half a pixel...
2013-04-08 Gerald CombsTry a blue fill for the stop capture button, using...
2013-04-07 Gerald CombsChange the "stop capture" icon to a Great Big Huge...
2013-03-29 Gerald CombsConvert png → xpm using a higher alpha threshold.
2013-03-29 Gerald CombsResurrect wsicon32.xpm using 'svn cp' then update it...
2013-03-28 Gerald CombsRemove a couple of unneeded lines and fix default execu...
2013-03-27 Gerald CombsAdd the new splash image. Designed by Elliott Aldrich...
2013-03-27 Gerald CombsAdd an interface list icon. Some of the new capture...
2013-03-26 Gerald CombsAdd new capture toolbar icons.
2013-03-26 Gerald CombsMore icon updates.
2013-03-26 Gerald CombsAdd new application icons. Designed by Elliott Aldrich.
2013-03-12 Gerald CombsThe merge dialog should probably say "Read filter"...
2013-03-04 Chris MaynardChange "Display filter:" to "Read filter:". They are...
2013-02-06 Gerald CombsAdd Filter Expressions^WButton^WShortcut^WBookmark...
2013-01-22 Gerald CombsGTK+:
2013-01-21 Gerald CombsAdd an initial layout preference pane. Set SVN properties.
2013-01-21 Gerald CombsIncrease the background opacity.
2013-01-19 Gerald CombsReplace more XPMs with PNGs.
2012-12-27 Gerald CombsAdd "+", "-", and "copy" images. Document their origins.
2012-12-05 Gerald CombsCreate 16x16 and 24x24 versions of the document icon...
2012-12-04 Gerald CombsReplace GTK_STOCK_SAVE with WIRESHARK_STOCK_FILE in...
2012-10-16 Bill MeierRemove svn:executable property
2012-10-09 Gerald CombsFix the layout of the "Export Dissected Packets" templa...