Get rid of C++/C99-style comments.
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2012-12-26 Guy HarrisChange to make the operation argument...
2012-07-26 Chris MaynardFix trivial typos and other misc. minor updates.
2011-11-18 Alexis La GoutteEthereal => Wireshark
2006-11-05 Ronnie Sahlbergrename the nspi dissector from idl (where the idl2wrs...
2006-11-04 Jörg Mayerpropset...
2006-11-04 Jörg MayerJulien Kerihuel:
2005-08-02 Jörg Mayer Fix svn properties where needed:
2005-06-28 Anders BromanAdd the Tango IDL file from Paolo Frigo.
2005-06-24 Guy HarrisAdd IDL for cosnaming and coseventcomm.
2005-06-22 Anders BromanAdd the IDL doc's needed to build the Parlay dissector.