tests: add regression tests for Follow TCP Stream
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / extcap.h
2018-04-07 Stig Bjørlykkeextcap: Always use byte mode in pipes
2018-04-05 Roland Knallextcap: Reload values on request
2018-04-05 Roland Knallextcap: Tell utilities the wireshark version
2018-02-08 Dario Lombardoreplace SPDX identifier GPL-2.0+ with GPL-2.0-or-later.
2017-11-09 Gerald CombsStart using SPDX license identifiers.
2017-08-31 Pascal Quantinextcap: fix parameters save in preferences file
2017-08-28 Håkon Øye Amundsenextcap: Interface Toolbar support on Windows
2017-08-23 Stig Bjørlykkeextcap: Create unique pipe names for each interface
2017-05-30 Michael MannQt: Add support to verify extcap capture filter
2017-04-25 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Add interface toolbar support
2017-03-04 Roland Knallextcap: Minor improvements
2017-02-22 Roland Knallextcap: Reduce number of scans and storage
2017-01-04 Guy HarrisInclude extcap binaries in the count of things to point...
2016-09-12 Guy HarrisRemove unnecessary extcap_cleanup() declaration.
2016-09-12 Mikael Kanstrupextcap: Fix misc memory leaks triggered by network...
2016-09-11 Peter Wuextcap: fix use-after-free for preferences
2016-09-07 Roland Knallextcap: Add tool-specified helppage
2016-07-30 Roland Knallextcap: Use stderr to print error message
2016-07-29 Roland Knallextcap: Restore functionality for options
2016-03-21 João ValverdeFix building without extcap enabled
2016-02-27 Guy HarrisReplace extcap_interface_list() with append_extcap_inte...
2016-02-27 Guy HarrisPut the extcap interfaces at the *end* of the interface...
2016-02-11 Mikael Kanstrupextcap: Convert settings to preference friendly key...
2016-02-01 Roland Knallextcap: Add Save functionality to options dialog
2016-01-28 Roland Knallextcap: Cleanup complex types and add save option
2016-01-15 Roland Knallextcap: Add list of extcaps to about dialog
2016-01-12 Roland Knallextcap: Sort extcap interfaces alphabetically
2016-01-05 Roland Knallextcap: Add regular expression validation support
2015-11-05 Stig Bjørlykkeextcap: Provide capture filter to extcap binary
2015-05-05 Roland Knallextcap: Implement QT extcap options
2015-04-13 Pascal Quantindumpcap: fix opening of pipes on Windows broken since...
2014-10-06 Bill MeierConvert "4 space tabs" to spaces; Adjust editor modelines.
2014-08-24 Graham BloiceModify includes of config.h so that out-of-tree builds...
2014-08-21 Roland KnallExtcap Capture Interface