More information on the Windows Console and escape sequences.
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / print_stream.c
2018-01-08 Guy HarrisMore information on the Windows Console and escape...
2018-01-08 Guy HarrisPoint to the MSDN blog post about 24-bit color support...
2018-01-08 Gerald CombsUpdate a comment about Windows Console color support.
2018-01-06 Gerald CombsTShark: Fix color handling on Windows.
2017-06-12 Robert Sauterprint_stream.c: Fix compile error on Windows regression
2017-06-11 Guy HarrisAdd a big comment about the ISO 8613-6/T.416 SGR support.
2017-06-11 Dave Goodellprint_stream: add a new print_line_color() method
2017-02-27 Dario Lombardoprint_stream: free memory on exit.
2016-06-30 Gerald CombsSpeed up print_line_text.
2016-05-14 Gerald CombsUse g_get_charset instead of g_get_codeset.
2016-05-09 Gerald CombsTShark: Convert TTY output.
2015-01-02 Bill MeierAdd "Editor modelines"; Adjust whitespace as needed.
2014-11-22 Guy HarrisFix comments.
2014-11-22 Guy HarrisSplit the low-level print stream code into a separate...