Remove Makefile.common files
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / nghttp2 /
2016-06-30 João ValverdeRemove Makefile.common files
2016-06-15 Pascal QuantinRemove Nmake build system
2016-03-08 João ValverdeAdd EditorConfig settings for most C files
2016-03-01 João ValverdeCMake: Add more structure to libwireshark build
2016-02-21 João Valverdeautotools: Use pkg-config autoconf macros for GLib/GTK
2016-01-28 João Valverdeautotools: Don't use "user variables" to set build...
2014-09-16 Gerald CombsFix the patch-bzip2 target.
2014-07-31 Guy HarrisAdd more files to the release tarball.
2014-07-09 Graham BloiceMoved nghttp2 to epan