ssl-utils: Fix parsing pre-master-secrets in keylog-file
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / dissectors / packet-ssl-utils.c
2015-10-13 Gergely Nagyssl-utils: Fix parsing pre-master-secrets in keylog...
2015-10-07 Peter Wussl-utils: load RSA keys based on their modulus+exponent
2015-10-07 Peter Wussl-utils: simplify private key storage, fix resource...
2015-09-21 Peter WuRevert "Report an error if we fail to open the keylog...
2015-09-21 Alex Badeassl: determine DTLS by positively checking for UDP
2015-09-14 Alexis La GoutteSSL: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement/Dead increment...
2015-09-07 Olaf BergmannSSL: bugfix for raw public keys in certificate message
2015-08-21 Timo WarnsSSL: refine KEX handling and fix _anon KEX dissecting
2015-07-17 Peter Wussl-utils: do not check for empty keylog filenames
2015-07-17 Guy HarrisReport an error if we fail to open the keylog file.
2015-07-16 Peter Wussl-utils: fix RSA keys with GnuTLS 2.12.23
2015-07-15 Peter Wussl-utils: fix failing decryption for some RSA keys
2015-07-15 Peter Wussl-utils: remove unused, broken libgcrypt code
2015-07-03 Peter Wussl,dtls: split init/cleanup routines
2015-06-30 Guy HarrisUse ws_fstat64() to determine the size of an open file.
2015-06-29 Peter Wussl: test for file type before reading key file
2015-06-16 Adam PridgenTLS Decryption is now possible with a user provided...
2015-05-28 Gerald CombsDon't warn about overwriting filename preferences.
2015-05-26 Michael MannRemove proto_tree_add_text from packet-ssl-utils.c
2015-05-11 Guy HarrisDo not assume the data field of an address structure...
2015-04-27 Alexis La GoutteSSL/TLS: Add support of TLS Fallback Signaling Cipher...
2015-03-12 Peter WuExport CLIENT_RANDOM with Export SSL Session Keys
2015-03-12 Peter Wussl,dtls: fix CertificateVerify dissection for TLSv1.2
2015-02-23 Peter Wussl-utils: refactor keyfile matching
2015-02-17 Jeff MorrissGive users a more helpful error message if they enter...
2015-02-09 Peter Wussl,dtls,ssl-utils: Prepare for STARTTLS handling
2015-02-09 Peter Wussl-utils: use ALPN hint for improved spdy/http2 recogn...
2015-01-13 Guy HarrisUAT error string pointers should not be const pointers.
2015-01-12 Michael MannRemove emem APIs from UAT functionality.
2015-01-11 Michael MannReplace some "low hanging fruit" uses of emem.
2015-01-08 Michael Mannbytes_to_ep_str -> bytes_to_str
2015-01-07 Michael MannReplace bytes_to_ep_str_punct with wmem equivalent.
2015-01-04 Gerald CombsMake sure we don't underrun a buffer when decrypting...
2014-12-30 Martin Kaiserfree the temporary buffers allocated by gnutls_x509_pri...
2014-12-26 Bill MeierFix some dissectors doing termio (fprintf(stderr,....
2014-12-21 Bill MeierCleanup use of #includes in non-generated epan/dissecto...
2014-11-24 Dave TapuskaSSL: Implement Extended Master Secret
2014-10-26 Martin KaiserSSL 3.0 and TLS ciphersuite values are two bytes long
2014-10-26 Martin Kaiseradd TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV
2014-10-20 Guy HarrisGet rid of unnecessary includes of ctype.h.
2014-10-19 Michael MannRemove unnecessary tvb_ensure_bytes_exist calls.
2014-09-20 Evan Huusssl: allocate regexes with glib
2014-09-09 Michael MannEliminate proto_tree_add_text from some of the dissectors.
2014-09-01 Jamil NimehTLS: fix dissection of status_request_v2 hello extension
2014-08-03 Peter WuFix uninitialized session ticket
2014-07-31 Peter Wussl: fix SSL keylog file live-capture use case
2014-07-31 Peter Wussl,dtls: simplify keyfile handling
2014-07-30 Peter WuFix use of uninitialized field
2014-07-24 Peter Wussl: clarify meaning of StringInfo, cleanup PRFs, maste...
2014-07-24 Peter Wussl,dtls: move Finished dissection to ssl-utils
2014-07-23 Peter Wussl,dtls: move Session Ticket to ssl-utils
2014-07-23 Peter Wussl-utils: stop exporting some symbols
2014-07-23 Peter Wussl,dtls: move ClientHello to ssl-utils
2014-07-23 Peter Wussl,dtls: move ServerHello to ssl-utils
2014-07-18 Hauke Mehrtensssl-utils: change some references from ietf drafts...
2014-07-16 Alexis La GoutteTLS: Update to the final RFC (7301) for ALPN
2014-07-16 Guy HarrisDon't use __func__, use G_STRFUNC.
2014-07-15 Peter Wussl: move decoder init from ClientKeyExchange to Change...
2014-07-15 Peter Wussl: unify common Hello dissection to ssl-utils
2014-07-11 Peter Wussl: move CertificateRequest to ssl-utils
2014-07-11 Peter Wussl: move Certificate handshake dissection to ssl-utils
2014-07-11 Peter Wussl: add missing valid handshake types
2014-07-09 Michael Mannconvert to proto_tree_add_subtree[_format]
2014-06-24 Guy Harrisproto_tree_add_uint() takes a value, not an encoding...
2014-06-23 Peter Wussl: fix ClientKeyExchange, fix TLSv1.2 SKE for DH
2014-06-19 Guy HarrisUse address_to_str(NULL, ...) for strings allocated...
2014-06-19 Michael MannRevert "Fixup: ep_address_to_str -> address_to_str"
2014-06-18 Guy Harrisssl_parse_key_list() gets called from the UI, so don...
2014-06-18 Dario LombardoFixup: ep_address_to_str -> address_to_str
2014-06-16 Evan HuusRemove emem from ssl utils, use glib instead.
2014-06-02 Marc BevandUpdate TLS extensions
2014-05-30 Hauke Mehrtensssl/dtls: add support for Raw Public keys
2014-05-30 Hauke Mehrtensssl-utils: dissect the certificate type TLS extension
2014-05-30 Hauke Mehrtensssl: add SslSession structure
2014-05-20 Alexis La GoutteSSL/TLS: Add Padding Extension (20)
2014-05-13 AndersBromanisprint() -> g_ascii_isprint()
2014-04-27 Hauke Mehrtensssl/dtls: add keyfile support to dtls
2014-04-27 Pascal QuantinSSL: fix compilation without GnuTLS and Gcrypt
2014-04-26 Peter Wussl: support any address/port combi for priv key
2014-04-26 Peter Wussl: return early if no private keys are found
2014-04-26 Peter Wussl: Reduce chance of hash-collisions SSL private keys
2014-04-26 Peter WuChange ssl_find_private_key to void
2014-04-25 Peter WuFix reading keyfile for "any" IP address
2014-04-25 Peter WuRevert back to emem due to UAT use
2014-04-11 Stig BjørlykkeFix compilation if HAVE_LIBGNUTLS but not HAVE_LIBGCRYPT.
2014-04-06 Pascal QuantinPartly revert fdeed480bf89a1f43f7b3d4be67fa0e4333f7120
2014-04-06 Michael MannConvert ep_address_to_str -> address_to_str(wmem_packet...
2014-04-05 Hauke Mehrtensssl-utils: add signed_certificate_timestamp tls hello...
2014-04-05 Hauke Mehrtensssl-utils: add constants defined for draft-ietf-tls...
2014-04-05 Hauke Mehrtensssl-utils: add named brainpool ecc curves
2014-04-05 Hauke Mehrtensssl-utils: add detection of Supplemental Data
2014-04-05 Hauke Mehrtensssl-utils: add support for tls cipher suites from draft...
2014-03-31 Alexis La GoutteFix Argument with 'nonnull' attribute passed null found...
2014-03-11 Martin Kaiserfix the SSL decryption using the master secret
2014-03-10 Martin KaiserSSL/TLS payload decryption:
2014-03-08 Hauke Mehrtensssl: add more ciphers for decryption
2014-03-06 Martin Kaiseradd the (not yet official) TLS channel_id extension...
2014-03-04 Alexis La GoutteRemove all $Id$ from top of file
2014-03-03 Pascal QuantinSSL: dynamically allocate session ticket storage area...