HACK setup decryption keys for kerberos session setups smbclient...
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / dissectors / packet-smb2.c
2019-01-20 Stefan MetzmacherHACK setup decryption keys for kerberos session setups...
2019-01-20 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "reassamble TODO"
2019-01-20 Stefan Metzmacherreassamble TODO
2019-01-01 Guy HarrisAdd a "failed" return for tap packet routines.
2018-12-27 Guy HarrisTry to squeeze some bytes out of the frame_data structure.
2018-07-21 Guy HarrisAdd a tap "finish" callback, called when a listener...
2018-07-01 Dylan Ulissmb2: Add request/response arrows
2018-05-13 Guy HarrisGet rid of some GTK+-only stuff.
2018-03-07 Ronnie SahlbergSMB1/2: Update some FileFS fields with new flags
2018-03-07 Pascal QuantinSMB2: use file scope to avoid leaking memory
2018-02-12 Dario Lombardodissectors: use SPDX identifiers.
2017-11-08 Richard Sharpesmb2: Fix bug 6027 to correct SRT computations.
2017-10-18 Aurelien AptelSMB2: accept and save empty filenames on CREATE requests
2017-10-17 Aurelien AptelSMB2: rename QUERY_INFO buffer input fields and parse...
2017-08-01 Hassan SultanSMB2: Move the blob offset & length fields
2017-07-14 Aurelien AptelSMB2: add sessionkey table in prefs for decryption
2017-06-14 Richard SharpeSMB2: Improve FILE_ALL_INFORMATION query response.
2017-06-13 Richard SharpeAdd support for dissecting FIND responses of FileIdFull...
2017-06-08 linzhao115export-smb2-objects: Make sure tap be called for named...
2017-05-24 Aurelien AptelSMB2: set session server port in partial capture
2017-04-18 Guy HarrisRename BASE_VALS_NO_UNKNOWN to BASE_SPECIAL_VALS.
2017-04-10 Alexis La GoutteAdd support for BASE_VALS_NO_UNKNOWN
2017-04-05 Guy HarrisA bunch of "{Mac} OS X" -> "macOS" changes.
2017-04-02 Guy HarrisFix dissection of Get Info requests.
2017-03-19 Michael MannSMB2: Remove useless blurbs
2017-03-19 Jeremy HittEnhance SMB2 dissector to include negotiate contexts...
2017-03-10 Volodymyr KhomenkoSMB3 SVHDX_OPEN_DEVICE_CONTEXT_V2 implementation
2017-02-26 Alexis La Gouttesmb2: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement/Dead increment...
2017-02-18 Volodymyr KhomenkoSMB2 ioctl FSCTL_STORAGE_QOS_CONTROL dissector
2017-02-13 Peter WuMake Libgcrypt a mandatory dependency
2017-02-08 Volodymyr KhomenkoRSVDv2 support - 1st stage
2017-02-05 Volodymyr KhomenkoRSVD dissector: minor fixes
2017-01-29 Michael MannRegister reassembly tables
2017-01-22 Volodymyr KhomenkoSMB2: better RSVD flow
2017-01-19 Volodymyr KhomenkoRSVD dissector: added RSVD v2 verbs
2017-01-10 Guy HarrisRename tvb_new_subset() to tvb_new_subset_length_caplen().
2016-12-02 Michael MannMake SMB2 MessageId field a FT_UINT64
2016-10-31 Guy HarrisHandle -K, -n, -N, and -u in the common dissection...
2016-10-27 Alexis La Gouttesmb2: fix spelling typo found by lintian
2016-09-06 Alexis La GoutteSMB2: Always display reserved field
2016-09-06 Alexis La Gouttesmb2: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement/Dead increment...
2016-09-04 Uri SimchoniSMB2: dissect the buffer of getinfo quota request
2016-09-03 Uri SimchoniSMB2: dissect getinfo request fixed parameters
2016-09-02 Uri SimchoniSMB2: dissect class and infolevel in get quota info...
2016-09-02 Uri SimchoniSMB2: dissect quota info
2016-07-31 Hiroshi Iokapacket-smb2: fix field type of hf_smb2_ea_data_len
2016-07-26 Hiroshi Iokapacket-smb2: fix data type of share_type
2016-07-26 Hiroshi Iokapacket-smb2: add a dissector for STATUS_STOPPED_ON_SYMLINK
2016-07-26 Alexis La GoutteSMB2: Always display reserved field
2016-07-25 Alexis La GoutteSMB2: (Re)indent hf_register_info hf (use tab)
2016-07-18 Hiroshi Iokapacket-smb2: add dissectors for
2016-06-19 Pascal QuantinRevert "tap: change glib functions to wmem."
2016-06-17 Dario Lombardotap: change glib functions to wmem.
2016-06-03 Alexis La GoutteSMB2: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement/Dead increment...
2016-06-01 Gordon RossSMB2 ioctl FSCTL_OFFLOAD_WRITE
2016-05-31 Gordon RossSMB2 ioctl FSCTL_SRV_COPYCHUNK and related
2016-05-30 Gordon RossSMB2 ioctl FSCTL_QUERY_ALLOCATED_RANGES etc
2016-05-27 Guy HarrisShow the reserved fields in AAPL buffers.
2016-05-27 Gordon RossSMB2 FSCTL_SRV_ENUMERATE_SNAPSHOTS misnamed
2016-05-27 Gordon RossSMB2 Notify response shown as malformed
2016-05-25 Guy HarrisRemove an extra break from a copy-and-pasteo.
2016-05-25 Guy HarrisClean up indentation.
2016-05-24 Guy HarrisStylistic constency.
2016-05-24 Guy HarrisAdd support for Apple Create Context extensions.
2016-04-22 Pascal QuantinDo not mix wmem and glib allocators
2016-03-20 Michael MannCreate call_data_dissector() to call data dissector.
2016-03-20 Michael MannManually add protocol dependencies derived from find_di...
2016-03-17 Michael MannAssociate dissector tables and heuristic subdissector...
2016-03-02 Alexis La GoutteSMB2: fix Uninitialized variables (UNINIT) (CID 1354418)
2016-02-03 Michael MannPass smb2_info_t structure to heuristic subdissectors.
2016-01-24 Guy HarrisAdd the packet number to the packet_info structure...
2016-01-23 Guy HarrisAdd more fields to packet_info structure and use them.
2015-12-07 Balint ReczeySpelling fixes for errors found by lintian
2015-11-30 DiablosOffensSMB2: fix problems with dissection of error response
2015-11-10 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-smb2: provide reassembling support for Named...
2015-11-07 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-smb2: make smb2_set_dcerpc_file_id() more reliable
2015-11-02 Martin Kaiserwsgcrypt.h checks internally if we HAVE_LIBGCRYPT
2015-10-30 Michael Adampacket-smb2: Add dissector for SMB2_FSCTL_OFFLOAD_READ
2015-10-29 Michael Mann[SMB2] Fix compile error.
2015-10-29 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-smb2: display SMB2_FLAGS_PRIORITY_MASK in the...
2015-10-29 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-smb2: maintain a smb2_fid_info per open file
2015-10-02 Richard SharpeAdd support for the FSCTL_QUERY_FILE_REGION FSCTL.
2015-07-28 Noel PowerSMB2: only move ssi for request if request is really...
2015-07-25 Gregor BeckMSWSP: Initial implementation of MS-WSP (windows search...
2015-07-17 Michael MannRemove all preferences related to enabling/disabling...
2015-07-16 Alexis La GoutteSMB2: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement/Dead increment...
2015-07-16 Guy HarrisOne definition of the same typedef suffices.
2015-07-16 Richard SharpeAdd support to the SMB2 protocol for one of the proposa...
2015-07-12 Michael MannAdd "user presentable" and "unique string ids" to heuri...
2015-07-04 Richard SharpeAdd support for dissecting Notify Responses based on...
2015-07-03 Bill Meier[smb2] Update some comments
2015-07-02 Alexis La GoutteRevert "SMB2 - An out-of-order entry in smb2_ioctl_vals...
2015-07-02 cturneySMB2 - An out-of-order entry in smb2_ioctl_vals[] cause...
2015-07-01 Guy HarrisSort smb2_ioctl_vals[] numerically.
2015-07-01 Gregor Becksmb2: dissect FSCTL_PIPE_WAIT
2015-06-22 Evan HuusRemove a bunch of deprecated tvb_length calls
2015-06-21 Michael MannFurther refactor SRT stats.
2015-06-06 Alexis La GoutteSMB2: There are identical sub-expressions to the left...
2015-04-01 Richard SharpeFix bug #10858. There were several cases where uint32...
2015-03-31 Richard SharpeCorrectly handle the CREATE_APP_INSTANCE_ID Create...