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[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / dissectors / packet-gsm_a_common.h
2015-06-11 Bill MeierReplace tabs in files with editor modeline "expandtab"
2015-04-07 AndersBroman[SGSAP] Add dissection of TMSI based NRI container and
2015-04-03 Pascal Quantin3GPP NAS: upgrade dissector to v12.9.0
2015-03-12 Mikhail KoreshkovGSM_A-BCC: dissector for BCC Protocol
2015-03-03 Mikhail KoreshkovGSM_A-GCC: dissector for GCC Protocol
2015-01-02 Michael MannReplace proto_tree_add_text in dissector header files...
2014-12-04 Pascal Quantin3GPP: upgrade 2G/3G NAS dissector to v12.7.0 and NAS...
2014-11-26 Michael MannRemove sccp_info member from packet_info structure.
2014-10-17 AndersBromanSGsAP Update to V12.6.0 except for IE TMSI based NRI...
2014-09-10 Bill MeierVarious minor changes:
2014-03-29 Evan HuusTighten the NO_MORE_DATA_CHECK macros
2014-03-04 Alexis La GoutteRemove all $Id$ from top of file
2013-12-18 Evan HuusAdd a sixteenth element to all BCD digit sets to avoid...
2013-12-03 Jakub ZawadzkiDissectors should not use dfilter.h, don't include it.
2013-10-13 Bill Meierwhitespace fixes; mostly: remove trailing blanks
2013-09-29 Pascal QuantinAdd a MBIM (Mobile Broadband Interface Model) dissector
2013-09-25 Anders BromanDissect bssmap_reroute_cmd and bssmap_reroute_complete and
2013-09-03 Michael Mannforgotten cleanup
2013-09-03 Michael MannBatch of filterable expert info.
2013-08-22 Chris MaynardFix clang warning: comma at end of enumerator list
2013-07-26 Anders BromanAdd dissection of more IEs
2013-04-15 Pascal QuantinAdd dissection of USAT TLV IARI, PLMN list, EPS PDN...
2013-03-18 Pascal QuantinAs suggested by Evan Huus, use extended value_strings
2013-03-01 Balint ReczeyExport libwireshark symbols using WS_DLL_PUBLIC define
2013-01-22 Pascal QuantinTry to fix dissection of GSM protocol family broken...
2012-12-26 Guy HarrisFix a bunch of warnings.
2012-11-11 Pascal QuantinDissect more DTM related messages
2012-10-29 Anders BromanAdd dissection ofDTM ASSIGNMENT COMMAND and fix message...
2012-10-08 Pascal QuantinEnhance dissection of Open Channel proactive command
2012-10-04 Pascal QuantinUpgrade NAS dissector to v11.4.0 (Release 11)
2012-10-02 Pascal QuantinUpgrade NAS EPS dissector to v11.4.0 (Release 11)
2012-09-21 Pascal QuantinDissect Update UE Location Information message
2012-08-01 Pascal QuantinFollow-up of r44162: clean more filters
2012-08-01 Pascal QuantinFollow-up of r44162: gsm_a_gm dissector is used for...
2012-07-31 Pascal QuantinUpdate filter names following the changes done in r44162
2012-06-28 Jakub ZawadzkiUpdate FSF address - part II.
2012-06-12 Pascal QuantinUpgrade GSM BSSMAP dissection to Release 9 (V9.8.0)
2012-05-20 pascalUpgrade NAS dissector to Release 10 (v10.6.1)
2012-05-20 pascalUpgrade NAS EPS dissector to Release 10 (10.6.1)
2012-04-15 pascalUpdate RRC to V10.7.0 and add dissection of Core Networ...
2012-03-09 Anders BromanFrom Sylvain Munaut:
2012-03-09 Anders BromanFrom Sylvain Munaut:
2012-03-09 Anders BromanFrom Sylvain Munaut: gsm_a_common: ELEM_MAND_VV_SHORT...
2012-01-01 Anders BromanFrom Mike Morrin:
2011-12-12 Anders BromanFrom Mike Morrin:
2011-12-01 Anders BromanExtend dissection of GTPv2 EPS Security Context and...
2011-12-01 Anders BromanFrom Pascal Quantin:
2011-09-11 Anders BromanFrom Pascal Quantin:
2011-07-30 Anders BromanAdd 3GPP Sv interface.
2011-04-27 Anders BromanFrom Pascal Quantin:
2011-04-09 Bill MeierDo some whitespace cleanup.
2011-04-04 Anders BromanChange the signature of elem_fcn():ns to include pinfo.
2011-04-04 Anders BromanChange the msg_fcn() signature to include pinfo.
2011-02-22 Anders BromanFrom Pascal Quantin:
2011-02-18 Anders BromanFrom Pascal Quantin:
2011-01-31 Anders BromanMore IE dissection.
2011-01-26 Anders BromanAdd NAS container for PS HO.
2011-01-25 Anders BromanExport de_emm_trac_area_id.
2011-01-21 Anders BromanMove sgsap_elem_idx_t to packet-gsm_a_common.h
2011-01-18 Anders BromanIntroduce EXTRANEOUS_DATA_CHECK_EXPERT
2011-01-14 Anders Broman- Add TELV to dissct IE's with an extention bit in...
2011-01-11 Anders BromanImprove dissection of UE Time Zone.
2011-01-08 Anders BromanTry to fix:
2011-01-07 Anders BromanAdd dissection of more IE:s
2010-12-28 Anders BromanAdd tvb_bcd_dig_to_ep_str()
2010-12-27 Anders Bromanmove the enum to packet-gsm_a_common to
2010-12-26 Anders BromanStart of a SGSAP (TS 29.118) dissector for LTE.
2010-11-09 Anders BromanUse value_string_ext for gsm_a_rr_rxlev_vals.
2010-10-06 Anders BromanFrom Pascal Quantin:
2010-06-01 Anders Broman- Traffic flow template miss dissected, use de_sm_tflow...
2010-04-29 Anders BromanFrom Mike Morrin:
2010-03-06 Gerasimos DimitriadisDecoding support for GPRS Session Management 'Activate...
2009-12-20 Gerasimos DimitriadisUpdate SM Cause IE; Decode SM Cause 2 IE; Update
2009-11-27 Gerasimos DimitriadisExplicitly show LAC and RAC when dissecting Routing...
2009-11-23 Gerasimos DimitriadisUse range_string for the decoding of the CN specific DRX
2009-11-18 Gerasimos Dimitriadis- Use the spare_bits hf from packet_gsm_a_common.c in
2009-09-22 Anders BromanFrom Gerasimos Dimitriadis:
2009-09-07 Anders BromanFrom Mike Morrin:
2009-08-20 Anders BromanFrom Harald Welte :
2009-08-06 Bill Meier'if (curr_len <= 0)' won't work as desired when curr_le...
2009-08-04 Jaap KeuterOptimize empty strings to NULL pointers.
2009-06-11 Anders BromanUpdates to Jun spec. version.
2009-04-26 Anders BromanMore IE decoding and bug fixes.
2009-03-18 Anders Broman- Fix APDU dissection.
2009-03-04 Anders Broman- Use correct length in TLV-E and LV-E.
2009-02-16 Anders BromanAdd dissection of some IE's, reworked input from Zakia...
2009-01-01 Anders BromanSome more NAS updates.
2008-12-23 Anders BromanImplement TLV-E and LV-E type IE dissection (2 byte...
2008-11-27 Anders BromanAdd the base for a LTE NAS PDU dissector.
2008-11-23 Anders BromanMove some of the BSSMAP LE stuff to packet-gsm_bssmap_le.c
2008-11-20 Anders BromanFrom Johnny Mitrevski:
2008-11-16 Anders BromanAdd some comments.
2008-11-15 Anders BromanFrom Pascal Quantin:
2008-11-07 Anders BromanFrom Pascal Quantin:
2008-11-06 Anders BromanFrom Pascal Quantin:
2008-11-04 Anders BromanFrom Pascal Quantin:
2008-11-03 Anders BromanFrom Pascal Quantin:
2008-10-30 Anders BromanFrom Pascal Quantin:
2008-10-28 Anders BromanMove dissect_geographical_description() from gsm_map...
2008-10-27 Anders BromanUpdate towards 48.008 8.4.0