support for new-style dissectors in check_hf_entries
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / epan / address_types.c
2018-08-29 João ValverdeMake AT_VINES a built-in type
2018-03-07 Robert Sauteraddress_types: fix returned length of eui64_addr_to_str
2018-02-28 Stig Bjørlykkeaddr: Include trailing '\0' in length from ipv6_to_str()
2018-02-08 Dario Lombardoepan: use SPDX indentifiers.
2018-01-18 Guy HarrisDon't cast away constness if it's not necessary.
2017-10-29 João Valverdesizeof(buf) is not what you want here
2017-10-29 João ValverdeImprove our ip6_to_str_buf() implementation
2017-10-29 Guy HarrisGet rid of MAX_IP_STR_LEN and MAX_IP6_STR_LEN.
2017-10-26 João ValverdeImprove our inet_ntop() wrapper
2017-10-26 Guy HarrisAdd a ws_in6_addr typedef for struct e_in6_addr.
2017-06-24 Martin Kaiseraddr_types: replace DISSECTOR_ASSERT() with g_assert()
2016-08-26 Jaap KeuterProperly end address type search by name (CID-1362742)
2016-06-23 Jens KilianIncrease MAX_DISSECTOR_ADDR_TYPE.
2016-06-22 Michael MannAdd address_to_bytes API.
2016-06-22 Michael MannMove AT_VINES address type to VINES dissector.
2016-06-22 Michael MannMove AT_USB to inside USB dissector.
2016-06-13 Michael MannConvert AT_SS7PC to a "dissector address type"
2016-06-13 Michael MannAdd address_type_get_by_name
2016-06-06 João ValverdeMove ip6_to_str_buf() to to_str.c and make it take...
2016-02-19 João ValverdeAdd inet_pton/inet_ntop interface to libwsutil
2015-11-29 João ValverdeMake address_to_display() use proper (non-)constness
2015-11-03 João ValverdeRemaining ADDRESS macro to address function conversions
2015-09-25 João ValverdeDon't display duplicate addresses without name resoluti...
2015-07-03 Guy HarrisFix address resolution for columns.
2015-03-03 Alexis La GoutteAddress types: fix no previous prototype for ... [...
2015-03-02 Guy HarrisFix typo caught by Coverity - wrong structure members...
2015-02-27 Guy Harrisaddress_to_string routines need to remember the beginni...
2015-02-23 Guy HarrisFix generation of address-with-resolution strings.
2015-02-22 Michael MannAdd tvb_address_with_resolution_to_str.
2015-02-20 Pascal Quantinaddress_types.c: fix a "conditional jump or move depend...
2015-02-19 AndersBromanAdd some casts to satisfy the various compilers.
2015-02-19 Michael MannAdd name resolution support to address type.
2015-02-16 Michael MannMake get_manuf_name return a const string.
2015-02-13 Bill MeierReplace tabs by spaces when editor modelines has "expan...
2015-02-12 Anders BromanRevert "Make get_manuf_name return a const string."
2015-02-12 Michael MannMake get_manuf_name return a const string.
2015-02-09 Michael MannAdd fixed length function for address types.
2015-02-09 Michael MannEliminate the hf member out of the address structure.
2015-02-09 Michael MannAdd "column filter string" support to address types.
2015-02-09 Michael MannAdd address type registration.