Revert "sq h2"
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / diameter /
2019-01-02 Anders BromanDiameter: Add 3GPP avp name="eDRX-Related-RAT" code...
2018-12-18 dennis.lanovAdded AVPs: Idle-To-Connected-Transition-Count and...
2018-12-13 Joakim Karlssondiameter: Added Secondary-RAT-Type
2018-12-10 Anders BromanDiameter: Sort application id numerically.
2018-12-05 Pascal QuantinDiameter: add 3GPP MCPTT-Identifier and MCVideo-Identif...
2018-11-08 Anders BromanDiameter: Add AVPs for 3GPP S6c
2018-10-10 Pascal QuantinDiameter: add a few more AVPs from 3GPP 29.272 v15.5.0
2018-09-28 Jeff MorrissDiameter: add a bunch more AVPs from RFC 5777.
2018-09-11 Pascal QuantinDiameter: add ALU AVP 1016
2018-09-10 AndersBromanDiameter: Add ALU AVP 1139 from Ask.
2018-08-22 slavkaDiameter: add enum value to Presence-Reporting-Area...
2018-08-22 AndersDiameter: Add Commands and AVPs from 3GPP TS 29.338
2018-07-26 Joakim Karlssondiameter: Update with some AVPs from TS 29.272
2018-06-19 David BastianiUpdating T6aT6b specific DIAMETER AVPs per 29.128 15.3
2018-06-19 Dave BAdding changes for S6t AVPs to dictionary.xml based...
2018-06-18 AndersBromanDiameter: Update S6t interface AVP:s
2018-06-12 Matej TkacDiameter: added AVPs 2845 and 2846 to 'dictionary.xml'
2018-06-08 AndersBromanDiameter: Add enum value to 3GPP AVP 614 Server-Assignm...
2018-06-05 AndersDiameter: Type name should be IPAddress
2018-06-05 AndersDiameter: Add some protocol values to AVP Protocol...
2018-06-05 AndersDiameter: Update with some AVPs from RFC 5777
2018-05-30 AndersDiameter: Remove make file.
2018-05-02 Niall DugeraModify Ericsson.xml to include additional AVPs
2018-04-18 Dario LombardoRemove autotools build system.
2018-03-27 AndersDiameter: Fix some xml errors.
2018-03-27 AndersDiameter: Add &Custom last, fixup xml a bit.
2018-03-27 Guy HarrisThere's no entity "Verizon"; there's "VerizonWireless".
2018-03-26 Mike LugoAdded Diameter AVP decode details for Override Control...
2018-03-09 KasperDengupdate AVPs of diameter dictionary for diameter t6a...
2018-03-06 Joakim Karlsson[Diameter] Added extended AVPs for Gx and Rx
2018-03-06 Joakim Karlsson[Diameter] fixed valid Diameter xml
2018-01-12 AndersBroman[Diameter] Add command code 8388637 and 8388638.
2017-11-12 AndersFix typo.
2017-11-12 Anders[Diameter] Fix typo avp name="OC-Feature-Vector" code...
2017-10-29 Jeff DyerDiameter: Add Huawei DCC AVPs
2017-09-21 Pascal QuantinDiameter 3GPP: update S6a/S6d/S13/S13' AVPs
2017-09-04 Yury GargayDiameter: NAS-Identifier and Acct-Multi-Session-Id...
2017-08-02 Mike LugoAdded AVP definitions for the following AVPs:
2017-07-26 KasperDengupdate diameter dictionary for t6a/t6b/s6t
2017-07-18 AndersBroman[Diameter] Add a couple of command codes from IANA.
2017-05-30 Michael MannAdd Inovar specific Diameter AVP codes
2017-05-18 Marius PaligaRename AVP Emergency-Indication to Emergency-Services
2017-05-16 AndersBroman[Diameter dictionary] Add some AVPs from TS 32.299...
2017-04-27 AndersBroman[Diameter] Update experimental result codes according...
2017-04-19 Guy Davies[Diameter] Add Juniper SCG AVPs
2017-04-14 Pascal QuantinDiameter: update Reservation-Priority AVP values
2017-03-23 AndersBroman[Diameter] Fix typos
2017-03-23 AndersBroman[Diameter] Update with AVPs from TS 29.273 V14.2.2
2017-03-16 Pascal QuantinTGPP.xml: add a new enum value for Specific-Action AVP
2017-02-20 AndersBroman[Diameter] Add 3GPP AVPs
2017-02-14 AndersBroman[Diameter AVPs] Add 3GPP AVP 1664 to 1680 from TS 29.272
2017-02-10 Jan Spevakdiameter_3gpp: added decoding of TWAN-Identifier AVP
2017-01-12 Jan SpevakDiameter: decode Emergency-Indication AVP (1538)
2016-11-25 Jan Spevakdiameter: add values for AVP 2037
2016-11-02 Jeff MorrissAdd a few more T6a/T6b and charging AVPs.
2016-10-25 Jeff MorrissFix a couple typos in the Diameter XML.
2016-10-24 Jan SpevakUpdate several AVPs according to latest 3GPP TS
2016-10-24 Jeff MorrissAdd some Diameter AVPs referenced by (recently added...
2016-10-22 Joakim Karlssondiameter: add new standardized QCI
2016-10-21 Anders[Diameter] Add some 3GPP AVPs fom TS 39.299 v 14.1.0
2016-10-19 Jan SpevakGTPv2: Add support for NB-IoT features
2016-10-13 Jeff MorrissFix a few typos in the Diameter XML to make it (mostly...
2016-10-12 Marius PaligaAdd support for Enhanced-Diagnostics AVP
2016-10-12 Jan SpevakDiameter: Upadte AVPs 1003, 1094 and 1099
2016-09-28 Marius PaligaDiameter: Add support for DRMP AVP
2016-09-21 Pascal QuantinDiameter: fix a typo in AVP TGPP 1656
2016-09-21 AndersBroman[Diameter AVPs] Correct 3GPP AVPs 1655. 1656 531 and 532
2016-09-07 Michael SweetChanges to the IPP dissector:
2016-09-07 Marius PaligaAdd support for TWAN-User-Location-Info
2016-08-22 AndersBroman[Diameter] Add Command codes 8388718 - 8388722.
2016-08-19 AndersBroman[Diameter] Add stray AVP "Pseudonym-Indicator" code...
2016-08-17 AndersBroman[Diameter] Add a couple of AVP:s
2016-08-11 AndersBroman[Diameter] Add two LCS AVPs
2016-07-22 Marius PaligaAdd support for new AVPs defined in 29.273
2016-07-18 AndersBroman[Diameter] Update with new AVPs
2016-06-16 Jeff MorrissFinish getting making the Diameter XML valid XML.
2016-06-16 Jeff MorrissMake the rest of the Diameter AVP names unique.
2016-06-16 Jeff MorrissRemove a bunch of unassigned ETSI AVPs.
2016-06-15 Jeff MorrissMake some more Diameter AVP names unique.
2016-06-15 Jeff MorrissMake some Diameter AVP names unique.
2016-06-14 Jeff MorrissDon't list "AVP" as a possible member of a grouped...
2016-06-14 Jeff MorrissGive unique names to a bunch of reserved, experimental...
2016-06-14 Jeff MorrissAdjust the Diameter DTD to accept applications and...
2016-06-13 Jeff MorrissFix Custom.xml so it can be (correctly) included into...
2016-06-13 Jeff MorrissCisco Diameter: move the XML declaration to the top...
2016-06-13 Jeff MorrissDiameter (NSN): the attribute name is 'mandatory' not...
2016-06-13 Jeff MorrissDiameter: close command elements.
2016-05-20 AndersBromanAdd CiscoSystems, vendor id 9 AVPs
2016-05-11 Marius PaligaFixed value for experimental result code 5142
2016-04-29 AndersBroman[Diameter AVPs] Add AVP 620 Redirect-Realm
2016-01-21 Jeff MorrissRevert "Diameter: Add Redknee AVPs."
2016-01-20 Anders BromanRevert "[Diameter] Update Nokia Solutions and Networks...
2016-01-20 Anders BromanRevert "[Diameter AVPs] Add Vodafone AVPs"
2016-01-07 AndersBroman[Diameter] Add Data from 3GPP TS 29.344 V13.0.0 (2015-12)
2015-12-23 AndersBroman[Diameter] Update Nokia Solutions and Networks vendor...
2015-12-23 Jeff MorrissDiameter: Add Redknee AVPs.
2015-12-22 AndersBroman[Diameter AVPs] Add Vodafone AVPs
2015-12-21 AndersBromanAdd AVP 100 amd 223
2015-11-20 Branislav MakanRule-Failure-Code enum value 14 added.
2015-11-17 AndersBroman[Diameter] Add Diameter Overload Indication AVPs [RFC...