From John Bradshaw:
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / diameter / etsie2e4.xml
2011-09-01 Anders BromanFrom John Bradshaw:
2010-11-09 Anders BromanDefine unused AVP:s to make it possible to use value_st...
2010-09-23 Jeff MorrissRemove a trailing space from an AVP name (which becomes...
2009-11-13 Anders BromanUpdate ETSI AVP:s
2009-07-08 Anders BromanFrom Magnus Sörman:
2008-02-12 Anders BromanAs we don't destinguish between the application ID...
2008-02-11 Anders BromanUpdates according to ETSI ES 283 026 V1.6.0 (2008-02)
2007-11-16 Anders BromanFrom Martin Gignac:
2007-11-08 Anders Broman- "Location-Information" is grouped.
2007-07-10 Martin MathiesonAdd ETSI e2/e4 Diameter applications