tests: add regression tests for Follow TCP Stream
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / cmake /
2018-06-27 Dario Lombardodocbook: reduce ruby code duplication by introducing...
2018-06-21 David KreitschmannFix build paths for cmake's Xcode project generator...
2018-06-11 João ValverdeRewrite make-{dissectors,taps} in Python
2018-05-24 Gerald CombsAsciidoctor: Remove underscores from macro names.
2018-05-23 Gerald CombsDon't look for Asciidoctor PDF unless we find Asciidoctor.
2018-05-22 Gerald CombsCMake: Search for asciidoctor-pdf separate from asciido...
2018-05-11 Gerald CombsCMake: Remove FindFreetype.
2018-05-02 Gerald CombsTest: Remove the Bash test scripts.
2018-04-25 Guy HarrisPut references to autotools in the past tense.
2018-04-24 Joakim Karlssoncmake: remove warnings -Werror=old-style-definition
2018-04-24 Dario Lombardocmake: remove gtk find scripts.
2018-04-24 Gerald CombsCMake: Doxygen and API reference target updates.
2018-04-24 Gerald CombsCMake: If we find Strawberry's xsltproc, un-find it.
2018-04-22 Guy HarrisFix up handling of the Kerberos package.
2018-04-20 Pascal QuantinWindows: add JSON-GLib library
2018-04-20 Pascal QuantinWindows: upgrade GLib to 2.52.2
2018-04-19 Peter WuCMake: fix build with json-glib with gold linker
2018-04-19 Pascal QuantinRemove remnants of WS_QT_BIN_PATH
2018-04-18 Dario Lombardotshark: add -G elastic-mapping report.
2018-04-17 Gerald CombsAdd a destination directory flag to git-export-release.
2018-04-15 Gerald CombsMore PortAudio removal.
2018-04-15 Joerg MayerCheck for HAVE_LZ4FRAME_H in the LZ4 detection process...
2018-04-09 Peter WuRevert "Docs: Reduce our TOC depth."
2018-04-09 Roland KnallQt: Fix MacOSX menu entries
2018-04-07 AndersBromanFindAsciidoctor: On SLES 12.2 the executable name is...
2018-03-27 Peter Wucmake: fix "cmake -E env" compatibility with older...
2018-03-13 Gerald CombsCMake: Skip some header checks on Windows.
2018-03-09 Pascal QuantinAdd MaxMindDB 1.3.2 library to Windows
2018-03-09 Dario Lombardospdx: more licenses converted.
2018-03-06 Gerald CombsCMake: Fixup our Chocolatey bin path discovery.
2018-03-06 Gerald CombsTransition from GeoIP Legacy to MaxMindDB.
2018-03-06 Gerald CombsCMake: Remove FindSH.
2018-02-26 Gerald CombsDocs: Reduce our TOC depth.
2018-02-14 Gerald CombsCMake: Try to avoid Strawberry Perl's xsltproc.
2018-02-13 Gerald CombsCMake: Install the HTML guides.
2018-02-12 Gerald CombsRemove Lynx.
2018-02-11 Gerald CombsFix ASCIIDOCTORJ_OPTS.
2018-02-11 Gerald CombsSwitch from AsciiDoc to Asciidoctor.
2018-02-04 Guy HarrisHave individual plugin CMakeLists.txt files add library...
2018-02-03 Guy HarrisDon't link wiretap plugins with libwireshark.
2018-01-23 Gerald CombsDocbook: Generate one PDF paper size.
2018-01-21 Gerald CombsCMake: File copy updates.
2018-01-16 João Valverdeplugins: Add source tree subfolder for plugin library
2018-01-15 João ValverdeCMake: Remove incorrect comment
2018-01-11 Gerald CombsUse an enum for plugin types.
2017-12-28 Gizem YurdagulCMake: Additional default Cygwin location
2017-12-17 João ValverdeCMake: Replace generator expression with variable
2017-12-17 João Valverdeplugins: Remove moduleinfo.h
2017-12-17 João Valverdeplugin.rc.in: Cleanup some unnecessary code
2017-12-15 João Valverdeplugins: Remove redundant plugin.rc.in files
2017-12-14 João ValverdeRefactor plugin registration and loading
2017-12-11 João ValverdeRewrite make-tap-reg.py in C
2017-12-03 Guy HarrisFix the configuration check for remote-capture support...
2017-11-20 João ValverdeRename UseMakeDissectorReg.cmake
2017-11-20 João ValverdeRewrite make-dissector-reg.py in C
2017-11-19 João ValverdeFix (and chop) static build option
2017-11-19 Graham BloiceCMake: Fix error from bab9abfb7d259e1daaf84776ed9d4d09e...
2017-11-18 Graham BloiceCMake: Clean up Windows build
2017-11-07 Graham BloiceCMake: Detection of HTMHelp
2017-10-15 Peter WuFindPOD.cmake: look for pod2man.bat
2017-10-13 João ValverdeCMake: Allow user build flags to override default build...
2017-09-28 João ValverdeRemove TPG plugin and dependencies
2017-09-23 João Valverdeplugins: Fixups for g9260461f4f
2017-09-08 Guy HarrisUse cmake_push_check_state() and cmake_pop_check_state().
2017-09-03 João ValverdeCMake: Use GNUInstallDirs module instead of our own
2017-08-29 Gerald CombsCMake: We no longer support Visual C++ 2005 or 2008.
2017-08-22 Ahmad FatoumAdd hardware timestamping support
2017-08-14 Gerald CombsCMake: Remove an unused variable.
2017-08-04 Gerald CombsCMake: Don't look in WOW6432Node.
2017-08-01 Gerald CombsLook for Cygwin in one more place.
2017-07-30 Pascal QuantinAdd G.729 decoding based on bcg729 library
2017-07-29 Ike GilbertWindows: fix generation with CMake 3.9.0
2017-07-21 Guy HarrisRequire at least c-ares 1.5.0 when configuring.
2017-07-20 Gerald CombsCMake: Escape shell command quotes.
2017-06-27 Gerald CombsCMake: Fix the WiX search path.
2017-06-27 Guy HarrisOn UN*X, make sure we can find inflate() in libz.
2017-06-27 Guy HarrisDon't check for inflatePrime() on Windows.
2017-06-16 Guy HarrisRename FindOS_X_FRAMEWORKS.cmake for the new OS name.
2017-06-16 Guy HarrisChange some names to reflect Apple's new UNIX-for-Macs...
2017-06-10 AndersSimplify the search for HTMLHelp.
2017-06-08 Gerald CombsCMake: Look for Python in more places.
2017-06-08 Graham BloiceCMake: Add local copy of FindHTMLHelp.cmake
2017-06-05 Gerald CombsRevert "More 2.4 initialization."
2017-06-05 Gerald CombsMore 2.4 initialization.
2017-05-12 Pascal QuantinWindows: update LZ4 to 1.7.5 and USBPcap to
2017-05-11 Guy HarrisRevert "Revert "Get rid of HAVE_REMOTE.""
2017-05-11 Jörg MayerRevert "Get rid of HAVE_REMOTE."
2017-05-10 Guy HarrisGet rid of HAVE_REMOTE.
2017-04-26 Peter WuFindPOD.cmake: look for pod2html.bat
2017-04-26 Peter Wucmake: make Cygwin optional
2017-04-26 Peter WuRemove runlex.sh script, just run lex directly
2017-04-26 Peter Wucmake: remove dependency on sed
2017-04-19 Roland Knallcmake: FixLibXML2 include
2017-04-19 Ahmad FatoumAdd libxml2 as optional dependency
2017-04-14 Pascal QuantinUpdate Windows binaries to GeoIP 1.6.10 with a local...
2017-04-12 Peter Wucmake: fix sporadic WSDG build failure on Windows
2017-04-05 Guy HarrisA bunch of "{Mac} OS X" -> "macOS" changes.
2017-02-17 Gerald CombsCMake: Move the search for libgcc_s to GLib.
2017-02-16 Gerald CombsQt: Warn the user about DBAR 1.8 on Windows.
2017-02-15 Mark PhillipsCleanup runlex.sh to use builtin POSIX functions instea...