Fix CMake checks of PCap functions, along with AirPCap
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / cmake / modules / FindPCAP.cmake
2014-08-21 Graham BloiceFix CMake checks of PCap functions, along with AirPCap
2014-08-01 Gerald CombsFix comparison.
2014-08-01 Gerald CombsFix the CMake WinPcap library path check.
2014-06-18 Joerg MayerDon't put c-comments into cmake files. Won't work at...
2014-06-18 Joerg MayerFix building uiqt on Windows with the cmake build system:
2014-03-31 Alexis La GoutteContinue to remove $Id$ from top of file
2013-10-10 Guy HarrisDon't check for pcap_version(); we don't use it.
2013-10-10 Guy HarrisCheck for bpf_image(), just as the autoconf script...
2013-10-06 Jörg MayerRewrite FindPCAP.cmake to current practices
2013-09-23 Jörg MayerBeginnings of win cmake support (not yet working),...
2011-08-05 Gerald CombsFindGTK2: Add a check for pangocairo. It has to be...
2011-07-06 Jörg MayerAdd detection of rpcap support in libpcap and use it...
2010-09-28 Jörg Mayer- Reset a few more variables used in FindXYZ scripts.
2010-05-24 Jörg MayerJose Pedro Oliveira <>
2010-05-24 Guy HarrisAt least according to the CMake 2.6 documentation,
2010-03-17 Guy HarrisAdd CMake tests for pcap_datalink_val_to_description...
2009-12-29 Jörg Mayer- Beginnings of cmake in docbook directory
2009-09-23 Jörg Mayer- Add $Id: $ tags
2009-09-09 Jörg MayerCMAKE: Get most of of missing *build* pieces into place
2006-10-30 Jörg Mayerfrederic heem:
2006-10-26 Jörg Mayerfrederic.heem:
2006-10-24 Jörg MayerParts of
2006-09-06 Jörg Mayercmake/