Final updates for 0.9.14.
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / NEWS
2003-07-23 Gerald CombsFinal updates for 0.9.14.
2003-07-23 Gerald CombsPrep for the 0.9.14 release
2003-06-12 Gerald CombsFinal updates for 0.9.13.
2003-06-10 Guy HarrisFix a typo.
2003-06-10 Gerald CombsBump the version to 0.9.13 and otherwise prep for the...
2003-05-02 Gerald CombsFinal changes for 0.9.12.
2003-05-01 Gerald CombsBump the version number to 0.9.12. Make NEWS and Chang...
2003-04-29 Gerald CombsAdd entries for March.
2003-03-11 Gerald CombsUpdate for 0.9.11.
2003-03-08 Gerald CombsUpdates for 0.9.10.
2003-03-05 Gerald CombsUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog to January 31.
2003-01-24 Gerald CombsUpdate for the 0.9.9 release.
2003-01-21 Gerald CombsBump the version to 0.9.9. Update the NEWS and ChangeL...
2002-12-08 Gerald CombsMove the advisory notice to the top.
2002-12-08 Gerald CombsAdd Fibre Channel entries.
2002-12-07 Gerald CombsBah. I somehow lost the ChangeLog entries from Nov...
2002-12-07 Gerald CombsTidy up for the 0.9.8 release
2002-12-04 Gerald CombsBump the version to 0.9.8. Update NEWS and ChangeLog...
2002-09-29 Gerald CombsFinal versions for the 0.9.7 release.
2002-09-28 Gerald CombsDisable network name resolution by default.
2002-09-28 Gerald Combs"New Features" updates
2002-09-27 Gerald CombsMore NEWS and ChangeLog updates in preparation for...
2002-09-26 Gerald CombsBump the version up to 0.9.7. The countdown begins...
2002-08-21 Gerald CombsUpdate ChangeLog and NEWS files for the 0.9.6 release.
2002-08-17 Gerald CombsBump the version number to 0.9.6. Update the ChangeLog...
2002-06-29 Gerald CombsFinalize release text.
2002-06-28 Gerald CombsAdd the 0.9.5 release information.
2002-06-28 Gerald CombsMove the contents of NEWS to ChangeLog, since NEWS...
2002-05-19 Gerald CombsGet NEWS ready for the 0.9.4 release.
2002-05-18 Gerald CombsIncrement versions to 0.9.4, get NEWS current to April...
2002-03-30 Gerald CombsUpdate NEWS to release 0.9.3.
2002-03-29 Gerald CombsBump the version to 0.9.3. Update NEWS to be current to
2002-03-04 Gerald CombsAdd entries for March.
2002-03-04 Guy HarrisNote the update to the SCTP checksum code.
2002-03-04 Guy HarrisFix some items.
2002-03-03 Gerald CombsBump the version to 0.9.2. Update NEWS to include...
2002-02-02 Gerald CombsUpdate version to 0.9.1. Add NEWS entries for 0.9...
2001-12-24 Gerald CombsCisco HDLC and frame relay direction reporting, from...
2001-12-24 Gerald CombsVMS TCPIPtrace efficiency improvments, from Marc Milgram.
2001-12-23 Guy HarrisFrom Ronnie Sahlberg: initial NDMPv3 support, and an...
2001-12-23 Guy HarrisFix some news items.
2001-12-23 Guy HarrisThe key change made for preferences on Windows is that...
2001-12-23 Gerald CombsBump the version up to 0.9.0. Update the NEWS file.
2001-10-13 Gerald CombsMake NEWS current to today (October 13).
2001-10-12 Gerald CombsMake current up to August 31.
2001-10-12 Gerald CombsGet NEWS current up to July 31, update version to 0...
2001-07-13 Jeff FosterUpdated for release 0.8.19
2001-05-16 Guy HarrisUpdate hte entry for the Cisco-proprietary capabilities...
2001-05-16 Jeff FosterUpdate NEWS file for release 8.18
2001-05-16 Jeff FosterUpdate files for release 8.18
2001-04-11 Guy HarrisAdd an item for the tvbuffified HCLNFSD dissector.
2001-04-10 Gilbert RamirezUpdated for 0.8.17.
2001-03-05 Gilbert RamirezAll the news, in 80 columns. :)
2001-03-03 Guy HarrisFix a typo, and break some lines at 80 characters.
2001-03-03 Gilbert RamirezAdd changes through the end of January. I'll work on...
2001-01-11 Gilbert RamirezAdd list of changes for 0.8.15 release.
2000-11-20 Gilbert RamirezChanges in 0.8.14
2000-10-27 Gilbert RamirezMove to version 0.8.13.
2000-10-26 Gilbert RamirezMake new version 0.8.13, not 0.9.0.
2000-10-26 Guy HarrisFix typos, and give credit to Jason Lango for the origi...
2000-10-25 Gilbert RamirezList of changes for this next release, which I'll proba...
2000-09-14 Gilbert RamirezMove to version 0.8.12
2000-09-13 Guy HarrisAdd an item for Craig Metz's OSPF patches.
2000-09-12 Guy HarrisExpand on the item about G_HAVE_GINT64.
2000-09-12 Guy HarrisFix typos and give more detail on some changes.
2000-09-12 Gilbert RamirezAdd news for upcoming 0.8.12
2000-08-03 Gilbert RamirezMove to version 0.8.11
2000-07-04 Gilbert RamirezMore news for 0.8.10
2000-06-24 Gilbert RamirezReport changes for 0.8.10
2000-06-08 Gilbert RamirezThe last bit of news for 0.8.9
2000-06-05 Gilbert RamirezAdd news for 0.8.9.
2000-05-09 Guy HarrisFix a couple of typos.
2000-05-08 Gilbert RamirezMove to version 0.8.8
2000-04-13 Gilbert RamirezAdd last minute changes.
2000-04-12 Gilbert RamirezMove to version 0.8.7.
2000-04-07 Gilbert RamirezMove to version 0.8.6.
2000-04-04 Gilbert RamirezMove to version 0.8.5
2000-03-03 Guy HarrisThe developer's README now includes the stuff in Gilber...
2000-03-03 Guy HarrisAssorted fixes to the news items.
2000-03-03 Gilbert RamirezMove to version 0.8.4.
2000-02-01 Gilbert RamirezMove to version 0.8.3.
2000-01-26 Gilbert RamirezCredit fix, and fix for building editcap.1 with build...
2000-01-26 Guy HarrisItojun did part of the BSD zlib fix.
2000-01-26 Gilbert RamirezMove version to 0.8.2, add Win32 to list of platforms...
2000-01-09 Gilbert RamirezAdd finaly news item.
2000-01-07 Guy HarrisInclude L2TP support in the list of new features in...
2000-01-07 Gilbert RamirezMove to version 0.8.1
1999-12-30 Gerald CombsUpdated for the upcoming release, codenamed "...and...
1999-12-22 Guy HarrisFix some news items.
1999-12-22 Gerald CombsPrep for the next release.
1999-11-29 Gilbert RamirezMove to version 0.7.9 and add less than a week's change...
1999-11-23 Gilbert RamirezAdded Cisco Auto-RP dissector from Heikki Vatiainen...
1999-11-23 Gilbert RamirezMove to version 0.7.8.
1999-10-28 Gilbert RamirezFinal change for 0.7.7
1999-10-27 Gilbert RamirezMore comments about changes in 0.7.7.
1999-10-27 Gilbert RamirezMoved version to 0.7.7
1999-10-22 Gilbert RamirezMention nettl in docs, and mention VLAN addition in...
1999-10-20 Gilbert RamirezMoved to version 0.7.6 and updated NEWS file. We have...
1999-09-24 Gilbert RamirezChanged version to 0.7.5
1999-09-24 Gilbert RamirezMoved version to 0.7.4; updated documentation.