steam-ihs: fix memleak on exception
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / NEWS
2018-03-15 Gerald CombsBuild 2.5.1.
2018-02-06 Gerald CombsBuild 2.5.0.
2016-07-14 Gerald CombsBuild 2.1.1.
2016-06-08 Gerald CombsBuild 2.1.0.
2015-09-02 Gerald CombsBuild 1.99.9.
2015-07-24 Gerald CombsBuild 1.99.8.
2015-06-18 Gerald CombsBuild 1.99.7.
2015-05-28 Gerald CombsBuild 1.99.6.
2015-03-19 Gerald CombsBuild 1.99.5.
2015-03-19 Gerald CombsBuild 1.99.4.
2015-03-05 Gerald CombsBuild 1.99.3.
2015-02-04 Gerald CombsBuild 1.99.2.
2015-01-20 Alexis La GoutteAdd DNS stats to release-notes
2015-01-12 Jeff MorrissAdd DJI UAV Drone Control Protocol to the list of new...
2015-01-05 Dario LombardoAdded DNS statistics support
2014-12-11 Gerald CombsCMake: Make it easier to generate the release notes...
2014-12-10 Gerald CombsBuild 1.99.1.
2014-11-25 Joe FowlerAdd new dissector for Shared Memory Communications...
2014-11-14 Ryan DoyleDissector for elasticsearch protocol
2014-10-28 Jeff MorrissAdd some new features to the list and regenerate NEWS.
2014-10-07 Gerald CombsBuild 1.99.0.
2014-10-02 Jeff MorrissSome Release Notes cleanup.
2014-09-29 Jeff MorrissAdd KNXnetIP and DSR to the list of new-to-1.99 protoco...
2014-09-04 Jeff MorrissUpdate NEWS: Add S7 Communication dissector and the...
2014-08-25 Joerg MayerThe timezone for generating the NEWS file timestamp...
2014-08-17 Jeff MorrissAdd a few more NEWS items.
2014-08-13 Joerg MayerFix warning when compiling with -O3:
2014-08-05 Jeff MorrissAdd Stateless Transport Tunneling to the list of new...
2014-07-29 Jeff MorrissDocument some new features (and API changes) since...
2014-07-25 Jeff MorrissAdd OptoMMP to the Release Notes and NEWS. Add its...
2014-06-20 Joerg Mayerrelnotes got updated again
2014-06-16 Joerg MayerNEWS was updated again
2014-06-04 Joerg MayerFix message about detection of asciidoc package (would...
2014-05-11 Joerg MayerNEWS got updated again. This shows two inconsistencies how
2014-04-15 Gerald CombsBuild 1.11.3.
2014-02-25 Joerg MayerAs long as the NEWS file is part of the source distribu...
2014-01-09 Jörg MayerMove cfile.c into SHARK_COMMON_SRC (as was done in...
2014-01-05 Alexis La GoutteEnhance NSIS Windows installer (Wireshark Qt support)
2014-01-03 Alexis La GoutteUpdate NEWS and Release note
2014-01-02 Jörg MayerActually enable building filetap library.
2013-12-20 Jörg Mayerunknown2/3 -> capturelen1/2
2013-12-01 Jörg Mayer- Rename PCAP_VERSION to WINPCAP_VERSION - the version...
2013-11-27 Jörg MayerHaving a generated file in the source tree is not fun.
2013-11-16 Chris MaynardAdd a basic finger dissector.
2013-11-15 Jörg MayerUpdating a generated file
2013-11-08 Jörg MayerThe release notes update caused a new NEWS file to...
2013-11-01 Jörg MayerAdd generation of release notes.
2013-03-28 Gerald CombsBuild 1.9.2.
2009-09-14 Gerald CombsBuild 1.3.0.
2008-11-07 Sake BlokSince NEWS is not updated for the development builds...
2007-02-01 Gerald CombsFix a link.
2007-02-01 Gerald CombsThe contents of the NEWS file come from the release...
2007-01-31 Ulf Lamping- correct the U3 section and add a link
2007-01-24 Gerald CombsUpdate the NEWS file.
2006-08-24 Gerald CombsCopy over files from the release.
2006-05-22 Ronnie Sahlbergethereal->wireshark
2006-05-22 Ronnie Sahlbergethereal->wireshark updates
2005-12-28 Gerald CombsFix download URLs in the release notes. Disable buildi...
2005-10-14 Gerald CombsUpdate the NEWS file.
2005-10-12 Gerald CombsUpdates for 0.10.13.
2005-07-26 Gerald CombsMore updates.
2005-07-26 Gerald CombsMinor changes/updates.
2005-07-26 Ronnie SahlbergFrom fred hoekstra
2005-07-26 Ronnie Sahlbergmore news
2005-07-25 Ulf Lampingadded some other things that came to my mind
2005-07-25 Gerald CombsPrep for 0.10.12. If you've added or changed any major...
2005-07-24 Ulf LampingUpdate to zlib 1.2.3
2005-07-22 Gerald CombsBump the version and add a few entries to the NEWS...
2005-05-03 Gerald CombsIn proto_tree_set_string(), don't set a null fvalue...
2005-05-02 Gerald CombsPrep for the next release. ETA Wednesday (the 4th).
2005-03-11 Gerald CombsCopy over more changes from the 0.10.10 release branch.
2005-03-11 Gerald CombsCopy over from the 0.10.10 release branch.
2005-03-10 Gerald CombsMore NEWS updates.
2005-03-09 Gerald CombsPrep for 0.10.10: Update the ChangeLog and NEWS files...
2005-01-17 Ulf LampingOk, as I remember being able to change it myself, I...
2005-01-17 Gerald CombsUpdates for 0.10.9. The NEWS is downright depressing.
2004-10-20 Gerald CombsPull in versions from the 0.10.7 branch.
2004-08-13 Gerald CombsCopy over the NEWS and ChangeLog from the 0.10.6 releas...
2004-08-08 Jörg MayerSmall typo fix
2004-08-08 Gerald CombsMore updates for 0.10.6.
2004-08-06 Gerald CombsBump the version to 0.10.6. Drop in a new ChangeLog...
2004-07-18 Guy HarrisSet the svn:eol-style property on all text files to...
2004-07-07 Gerald CombsFinal (heh) changes for 0.10.5.
2004-07-07 Gerald CombsMore NEWS updates.
2004-07-07 Olivier BiotSpecify which "protocol" is added to WBXML (User-Agent...
2004-07-06 Gerald CombsAdd ENRP to the new protocol list.
2004-07-06 Gerald CombsPrep for the 0.10.5 release.
2004-05-14 Gerald CombsRemove an extra comma.
2004-05-14 Gerald CombsFix protocol formatting.
2004-05-14 Gerald CombsFinal commits for 0.10.4 (I hope).
2004-05-13 Olivier BiotWBXML OPAQUE is not really a protocol.
2004-05-13 Gerald CombsFrom Carlos Pignataro: Add MPLS Echo support.
2004-05-13 Gerald CombsAdd a note about generic media dissection, and add...
2004-05-13 Ulf Lampingwe now have export dialogs,
2004-05-13 Gerald CombsBump the version up to 0.10.4. Preliminary updates...
2004-03-26 Gerald CombsFinal changes for the 0.10.3 (codename: "Ides of March...
2004-02-24 Gerald CombsAdd a missing line.
2004-02-24 Gerald CombsFinal updates for 0.10.2.
2004-02-19 Gerald CombsWe're releasing 0.10.1, not 0.10.0.
2004-02-19 Gerald CombsUpdates for 0.10.1.