Rename "ws_version_info.h", also .c
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / CMakeLists.txt
2017-09-26 João ValverdeRename "ws_version_info.h", also .c
2017-09-24 João ValverdeCMake: Print build flags just before feature summary
2017-09-24 João ValverdeCMake: Pretty print PACKAGELIST
2017-09-23 João Valverdeplugins: Fixups for g9260461f4f
2017-09-22 Gerald CombsRevert "CMake: Print a warning if CCACHE_CPP2 is unset."
2017-09-22 Gerald CombsCMake: Print a warning if CCACHE_CPP2 is unset.
2017-09-22 Michael MannAdd Flow Graph functionality to TShark
2017-09-21 Peter Wucmake: look for Qt5 from Homebrew on macOS
2017-09-20 Martin KaiserCMake: fix extcaps dependency list
2017-09-17 Stig Bjørlykkecmake: Add option to disable -Wframe-larger-than
2017-09-17 João Valverdeplugins: Use minor version number for plugin install...
2017-09-17 João Valverdeplugins: Fix paths to match WSUG
2017-09-17 João ValverdeCMake: Initial work to install headers for the benefit...
2017-09-16 Stig Bjørlykkecmake: Add -Wcomma as a warning flag.
2017-09-11 João ValverdeCMake: Fix RPATH after ga338f87f33
2017-09-08 Guy HarrisUse cmake_push_check_state() and cmake_pop_check_state().
2017-09-06 João ValverdeCMake: Make plugin installation path use PLUGIN_INSTALL...
2017-09-06 João ValverdeCMake: Move CPACK remnants and remove stale comment
2017-09-06 João Valverdeplugins: config.h must not be included by public headers
2017-09-03 João ValverdeCMake: Use GNUInstallDirs module instead of our own
2017-09-01 Peter WuCMake: prevent unnecessary rebuilds due to version.h
2017-08-30 Alexis La GoutteRevert "Add -Wused-but-marked-unused as an extra warnin...
2017-08-29 Gerald CombsCMake: We no longer support Visual C++ 2005 or 2008.
2017-08-28 Peter Wucmake: add ENABLE_NGHTTP2 option
2017-08-27 Guy HarrisAdd -Wused-but-marked-unused as an extra warning flag.
2017-08-25 Gerald CombsCMake: Package list updates.
2017-08-19 Michael MannRemove support for CPack.
2017-08-17 Guy HarrisFix some comments.
2017-08-16 Gerald CombsCMake: Switch back to shipping README.txt on Windows.
2017-08-15 Gerald CombsConvert README to
2017-08-13 Peter WuCMake: allow CMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH to be overridden
2017-08-12 Gerald CombsSync some CMake and Autotools install behaviors.
2017-08-11 Gerald CombsCMake: Make PLUGIN_INSTALL_DIR absolute.
2017-08-10 Gerald CombsCMake: Update RPATH during installation.
2017-08-07 Guy Harris-Wcast-align will warn about legitimate code.
2017-08-07 Guy HarrisMinor comment style tweak.
2017-08-07 Guy HarrisSync up a bit with
2017-08-07 Guy HarrisAdd a comment explaining why ASan and UBSan are involved.
2017-08-06 Guy HarrisFix setting COMMON_WARN_FLAGS.
2017-07-31 Pascal QuantinCMake: do not check stack size when compiling with...
2017-07-30 Pascal QuantinAdd G.729 decoding based on bcg729 library
2017-07-27 Dario Lombardocmake: add a group target for all extcaps.
2017-07-25 Gerald CombsCMake: Don't pass /WX to rc.exe
2017-07-25 Dario Lombardocmake: remove duplicate libraries from sshdump and...
2017-07-23 João ValverdePut the well-known addresses into a separate file from...
2017-07-22 Guy Harrisc-ares isn't required.
2017-07-21 Guy HarrisRequire at least c-ares 1.5.0 when configuring.
2017-07-15 Gerald CombsRename enterprises to enterprises.tsv and ship it.
2017-07-04 Roland KnallCMake: Fix eclipse indexer
2017-06-28 Pascal QuantinWindows: update c-ares to v1.13.0 and zlib to v1.2.11
2017-06-26 João ValverdeParse enterprise-numbers at run time
2017-06-26 Peter Wucmake: fix SET_FEATURE_INFO deprecation warning
2017-06-21 Martin Kaisercmake: allow building from a UNC source directory
2017-06-16 Guy HarrisChange some names to reflect Apple's new UNIX-for-Macs...
2017-06-10 Pascal QuantinWindows: increase minimum CMake version to 3.7
2017-06-02 Gerald Combs2.3.0 → 2.5.0.
2017-06-01 Stig Bjørlykkecmake: Add -Wshorten-64-to-32 for C++ when using Qt...
2017-05-16 Peter WuAdd --enable-ubsan/ENABLE_UBSAN for UndefinedBehaviorSa...
2017-04-27 Peter Wucmake: cleanup package variable
2017-04-27 Peter WuCMake: prevent confusing "Git NOT FOUND" in CMake 3.1.3
2017-04-26 Peter Wucmake: remove dependency on sed
2017-04-25 Martin Kaisercmake: fix build without libxml2
2017-04-21 Guy HarrisUse the cfile_ failure_message routines in androiddump.
2017-04-20 Guy HarrisUse cfile_write_failure_message() in the randpkt code.
2017-04-20 Guy HarrisTake the error message generation out of the merge_file...
2017-04-20 Guy HarrisUse the new cfile_XXX_failure_message() routines more...
2017-04-20 Guy Harriseditcap now uses stuff from libui.
2017-04-19 Ahmad FatoumAdd libxml2 as optional dependency
2017-04-17 Jakub Zawadzkisharkd: support for "downloading" decoded RTP stream...
2017-04-15 Ahmad FatoumCMake: include PKG_INCLUDE_DIR if PKG_INCLUDE_DIRS...
2017-04-14 Joerg MayerFunctions that put large amounts of static data onto...
2017-04-12 Alexis La GoutteAdd -Wduplicated-branches to extra warnings
2017-04-09 Guy HarrisMove the filter file reading code to libui.
2017-04-08 Guy HarrisLink dftest with libui.
2017-04-08 Guy HarrisLink rawshark with libui.
2017-04-05 Guy HarrisA bunch of "{Mac} OS X" -> "macOS" changes.
2017-04-04 Martin Kaisercmake: add feature info for yapp
2017-03-19 Joerg MayerRemove echld/.
2017-03-02 Erik de JongRewrite dissectors to use Libgcrypt functions.
2017-02-24 Roland KnallPluginIF: AdditionalToolbar
2017-02-21 Alexis La Gouttecmake: Add some missing SET_FEATURE_INFO
2017-02-21 Alexis La Gouttecmake: SET_FEATURE_INFO don't need to add www: for URL
2017-02-16 Gerald CombsQt: Warn the user about DBAR 1.8 on Windows.
2017-02-13 Peter WuMake Libgcrypt a mandatory dependency
2017-01-25 Peter WuCMake,autotools: remove unneeded files, fixes build
2017-01-25 Jakub ZawadzkiAdd sharkd - daemon variant
2017-01-10 Peter Wucmake: fix empty data (Global Configuration) directory
2016-12-28 Peter WuCMake,autotools: enable -Werror=implicit by default
2016-12-25 Dario Lombardoudpdump: remove libwireshark dependancy.
2016-12-13 Pascal QuantinBuild TRANSUM plugin
2016-12-06 Peter Wucodecs: Add support for G.722 and G.726
2016-12-05 Peter Wucmake: Fix building with plugins disabled
2016-12-02 Moshe KaplanEnable exporting objects with tshark
2016-11-30 Роман ДонченкоFix the build when a different version of Qt is in...
2016-11-18 Peter Wucmake: install icons and .desktop files
2016-11-09 Gerald CombsCMake: Enable ccache for gcc and clang.
2016-11-08 Peter Wucmake: install missing profiles directory
2016-10-29 Jörg MayerRevert "Instead of supressing the warning of policy...
2016-10-29 Joerg MayerInstead of supressing the warning of policy 42, set...
2016-10-28 Alexis La GoutteCMAkelists: fix typo on comment