[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / CMakeLists.txt
2018-10-10 Gerald CombsWindows: Make our program details more consistent.
2018-10-08 Guy HarrisPut the Windows-specific system library settings in...
2018-10-07 Guy HarrisUse wsetargv.obj, and wmain() rather than main(), on...
2018-10-04 Guy HarrisRevert "Use CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS to set link flags...
2018-10-03 Guy HarrisUse CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS to set link flags on executa...
2018-10-02 Guy HarrisYou have to add setargv.obj as a link flag, not as...
2018-10-02 Guy HarrisWe should only link executables with setargv.obj.
2018-10-02 Gerald CombsCMake: Add a systemd RPM check.
2018-10-01 Gerald CombsAdd a systemd Journal Export extcap.
2018-09-24 Jeff MorrissRPM: optionally use ccache to speed up (re)builds.
2018-09-24 Jeff MorrissRPM packaging: maxminddb is optional.
2018-09-12 Guy HarrisDon't use -Werror with Apple's llvm-gcc.
2018-09-12 Guy HarrisOK, try to prevent -Wunused-function warnings with...
2018-09-12 Guy HarrisWith llvm-gcc, just don't do -Wshorten-64-to-32.
2018-09-12 Guy Harris-Wcomma isn't supported by llvm-gcc, so don't make...
2018-09-11 Guy HarrisJust spaces between -W arguments.
2018-09-11 Guy HarrisWERROR_COMMON_FLAGS isn't a list, so don't treat it...
2018-09-11 Guy HarrisAdd the -Wno-error= flags to the correct variable.
2018-09-11 Guy HarrisPut the -Wno-error= options after -Werror.
2018-09-11 Guy HarrisOK, try just suppressing the "-Wunused-function" warnin...
2018-09-11 Guy HarrisMore selectively prevent warnings from becoming errors.
2018-09-11 Guy HarrisDon't use -Werror with llvm-gcc.
2018-09-11 João ValverdeCMake: Remove some redundant and overly verbose code
2018-09-10 João ValverdeFix the build on the OSX buildbot
2018-09-09 João ValverdeRemove the tshark -z compare feature
2018-09-09 João ValverdeCMake: Use more descriptive name than WS_LD_FLAG_VALID0...
2018-09-09 João ValverdeCMake: We require version greater than 2.8.9.
2018-09-09 João ValverdeCMake: Remove Qt specific code for warnings
2018-09-09 João ValverdeCMake: Remove unused variable
2018-09-09 João ValverdeCMake: Add function to test compiler flags
2018-09-07 Peter Wucmake: optionally require Lua 5.1 or newer
2018-09-05 Gerald CombsUpdate tools help using a script.
2018-08-31 João ValverdeCMake: Add debian package target
2018-08-29 Peter WuCMake: fix dmg_package target since CMake 3.12
2018-08-25 João ValverdeCMake: Modernize config-file package support
2018-08-25 João ValverdeCMake: Add dumpcap group option to installation
2018-08-24 João ValverdeCMake: Change installation path for modules
2018-08-23 João ValverdeCMake: Clean up and homogenize plugin dir configuration
2018-08-22 João ValverdeRevert "CMake: Clean up plugin dirs"
2018-08-21 João ValverdeCMake: Clean up plugin dirs
2018-08-21 João Valverdeplugins: Minor interface improvement
2018-08-21 Stig BjørlykkeCMake: Remove a debug message
2018-08-12 Guy HarrisInclude dumpcap amongst the programs built with -Werror.
2018-07-06 Peter Wutests: add regression tests for Follow TCP Stream
2018-06-26 Gerald CombsRemove code specific to older versions of Visual Studio.
2018-06-26 Gerald CombsCMake: Make the pdb_zip_package target passive.
2018-06-26 Gerald CombsFix shellcheck issues in
2018-06-21 David KreitschmannFix build paths for cmake's Xcode project generator...
2018-06-21 Gerald CombsCMake+macOS: Make sure we're using the right Qt tools.
2018-06-21 Gerald CombsTest: Add sharkd tests.
2018-06-20 Gerald CombsCMake+macOS: Allow the use of ENV{CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH}.
2018-06-18 Gerald CombsTest+CMake: Make our test grouping more fine-grained.
2018-06-15 Joerg MayerAdd -Wextra-semi to (clang) C and C++ flags to make...
2018-06-11 João ValverdeRewrite make-{dissectors,taps} in Python
2018-06-11 Gerald CombsMore shellcheck fixes.
2018-06-08 Gerald CombsQt: Move wireshark-qt.cpp back to ui/qt/main.cpp.
2018-06-07 Gerald CombsMore shellcheck checks and fixes.
2018-06-07 Gerald CombsCMake: Get rid of FULL_SO_VERSION
2018-06-06 Peter Wucmake: fix DTD, Diameter and radius dependencies
2018-05-31 João ValverdeMove make-taps and make-dissectors to tools/
2018-05-31 Martin KaiserCMake: clarify that perl is mandatory
2018-05-29 Guy HarrisBoost the maximum frame size.
2018-05-24 Dario Lombardoextcap: set EXTCAP_DIR in the root cmake file and propa...
2018-05-24 Joakim KarlssonCMake: remove GIT_BIN_PARAM
2018-05-22 João ValverdeCMake: Fix unset VERSION_RELEASE variable in wireshark.pc
2018-05-21 Gerald CombsTest: Be more paranoid about our log output.
2018-05-19 Dario Lombardocmake: move extcap sections to extcap/CMakeLists.txt.
2018-05-17 Gerald CombsRemove older Visual Studio suport.
2018-05-16 Guy HarrisEliminate some unneeded header checks.
2018-05-16 Gerald CombsCMake: Skip more header checks on Windows.
2018-05-16 Guy HarrisUpdate a comment.
2018-05-15 Peter WuCMake: require at least CMake 3.5
2018-05-15 Joakim KarlssonCMake: fix Git binary parameter
2018-05-14 Dirk Eibachextcap: Support for DisplayPort AUX channel monitors
2018-05-11 Gerald CombsList some removed features in the release notes.
2018-05-11 Gerald CombsCMake: Remove FindFreetype.
2018-05-06 Gerald CombsTest: Make sure we run our display filter tests.
2018-05-04 Guy HarrisGet rid of more autotoolsisms.
2018-05-02 Peter WuCMake: check for /Qspectre before using it
2018-05-02 AndersBromanrpm-package: Use version.h to generate version string...
2018-05-02 Gerald CombsTest: Remove the Bash test scripts.
2018-04-27 Gerald Combstest: Miscellaneous fixups.
2018-04-26 Gerald CombsStart porting our test scripts to Python. Add ctest...
2018-04-25 Guy HarrisPut references to autotools in the past tense.
2018-04-24 Jakub Zawadzkioss-fuzzshark: use install directory for headers. Insta...
2018-04-24 Gerald CombsCMake: Doxygen and API reference target updates.
2018-04-22 Guy HarrisFix up handling of the Kerberos package.
2018-04-21 Joerg MayerRemove a few obsolete references to gtk from checkapi...
2018-04-20 Guy HarrisGet rid of unused variable.
2018-04-19 Peter WuCMake: fix build with json-glib with gold linker
2018-04-18 Dario Lombardotshark: add -G elastic-mapping report.
2018-04-17 Gerald CombsCMake: API reference fixes.
2018-04-17 Gerald CombsSwitch the Doxygen API reference build to CMake.
2018-04-17 Gerald CombsAdd a destination directory flag to git-export-release.
2018-04-16 Peter WuRPM: enable rpm target even if git is not available
2018-04-16 Dario LombardoRPM: support building from out-of-tree directories.
2018-04-15 Roland KnallGtk: Remove source code
2018-04-09 Roland KnallQt: Fix MacOSX menu entries
2018-04-09 Gerald CombsCMake: More Qt4 removal.
2018-04-05 AndersBromanglib: Require 2.32 or newer.