[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / AUTHORS
2015-10-28 Stig BjørlykkeAUTHORS: Small layout fixes
2015-09-19 Guillaume AutranTCPROS - Initial implementation for the Robot Operating...
2015-08-30 PyeoleBGP: fixed incorrect NLRI decoding
2015-07-22 Gerald CombsUpdate the AUTHORS entry for David Eisner.
2015-03-16 Francesco FondelliPCEP, support new drafts:
2015-02-19 Hofer ManuelAdd a dissector for Microsoft's SSTP protocol.
2015-01-25 Dario LombardoAdded HCrt (Hotline Command-Response Transaction) Disse...
2015-01-17 maisheriEAPOL-MKA: Included fixes for the distributed sak handling.
2014-11-26 Enrico Jornscanopen: Enhanced SDO decoding
2014-11-25 Joe FowlerAdd new dissector for Shared Memory Communications...
2014-11-22 Jesse GrossAdd version check in Geneve dissector.
2014-11-14 Stephen FisherUpdate my e-mail address again.
2014-11-14 Ryan DoyleDissector for elasticsearch protocol
2014-11-11 Raphaël DoursenaudInitial Harman HiQnet dissector
2014-11-03 Stephen FisherUpdate my e-mail address
2014-10-22 Michal LabedzkiAndroid: Add ADB dissector
2014-09-29 Jeff MorrissAdd KNXnetIP and DSR to the list of new-to-1.99 protoco...
2014-09-24 Gilles RoudiereAdded a new DSR dissector
2014-09-04 Jeff MorrissUpdate NEWS: Add S7 Communication dissector and the...
2014-09-04 Qiaoyin YangAdd dissector for CP "Cooper" 2179 Protocol
2014-09-03 Sean O. StalleyAdded name to AUTHORS
2014-08-26 David AmeissAdded missing name to AUTHORS file.
2014-08-21 Michal LabedzkiUpdate AUTHORS
2014-08-05 Jeff MorrissAdd Stateless Transport Tunneling to the list of new...
2014-08-04 Kevin CoxInitial Ceph Dissector.
2014-07-29 Jeff MorrissAdd a couple more dissector authors.
2014-07-28 Martin Kaiseradd 恵 to the AUTHORS file
2014-07-25 Jeff MorrissAdd OptoMMP to the Release Notes and NEWS. Add its...
2014-06-25 Jeff MorrissRemove wiretap/AUTHORS (after ensuring all names are...
2014-06-17 Hannes MezgerAdd myself as author for the opcua dissector plugin
2014-06-07 Anish BhattUpdates as requested
2014-04-06 Francesco FondelliIANA assigned port number 6653 to OpenFlow. However...
2014-02-18 Michal LabedzkiAndroid: Add support for Logcat dissector
2014-02-08 Evan HuusLicensecheck improvements, just two errors left.
2014-02-05 Alexis La GoutteAdd Aruba Intant AP dissector
2014-01-30 Alexis La GoutteMerge "openSAFETY: Fixing field / byte assignment"
2014-01-30 Gerald CombsFix Juan Antonio Montesinos' name.
2014-01-29 Alexis La GoutteMerge "Apply layouts in Qt Creator. Fix a tooltip."
2014-01-20 Evan HuusFrom Pavel Moravec via
2013-12-29 Bill MeierFor the Juan Antonio entry: specify the dissector written;
2013-12-29 Michael MannNew dissector for the CCSDS CFDP protocol. Bug 9517...
2013-12-26 Evan HuusFrom Robert Jongbloed via
2013-12-23 Bill MeierFrom Ville Skyttä: Spelling Fixes
2013-11-30 Michael MannSTANAG 5066 DTS Layer dissector. Bug 9217 (https:...
2013-11-29 Michael MannStats_tree enhancements for sorting, averages and burst...
2013-11-29 Michael MannGeneral "Prosody" placeholder parameter ("prosody-...
2013-11-17 Martin KaiserFrom Abhik Sarkar:
2013-11-09 Alexis La GoutteAdd QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) dissector
2013-11-06 Michael MannAdd Zoltan Lajos Kis as author
2013-11-06 Tomas KukosaEmail updated
2013-11-04 Bill MeierPromote/update the entry for robionekenobi.
2013-10-28 Bill MeierFrom Ishraq Ibne Ashraf: Tinkerforge protocol dissector
2013-10-21 Michael MannUpdate spice protocol dissector. Bug 9143 (https:...
2013-10-20 Pascal QuantinFrom e.yimjia via
2013-10-18 Bill MeierRevert SVN #52665.
2013-10-18 Bill MeierFrom Shekhar Chandra: support for version 3.0 of netsca...
2013-10-16 Bill MeierAdd blank line before 'and by'
2013-10-16 Chris MaynardAdd Ed Beroset to the list of Wireshark authors.
2013-10-06 Michael MannImprove "eHRPD Indicator" NVSE dissection in 3GPP2...
2013-10-06 Michael MannAdd IEEE802.11ac VHT NDP announcement dissection. ...
2013-10-06 Michael MannImproved zebra dissector. Bug 9219 (https://bugs.wires...
2013-09-20 Michael MannEnhance DOCSIS dissector with new fields. Bug 9149...
2013-09-19 Alexis La GoutteAdd Peter Wu to AUTHORS
2013-09-16 Evan HuusFrom Mark Vitale via
2013-09-14 Evan HuusFrom Patrick Lundquist via
2013-09-12 Evan HuusFrom RobiOneKenobi via
2013-09-03 Pascal QuantinFrom Andreas Urke via
2013-09-03 Michael MannAdd MACSEC dissector
2013-08-30 Alexis La GoutteFrom me and Stephen Ludin via https://bugs.wireshark...
2013-08-28 Bill MeierFix formatting again (so blank line before "and by...
2013-08-28 Chris MaynardCredit Martin Pool for his natural order string compari...
2013-08-27 Gerald CombsCredit Emanuel Eichhammer.
2013-08-27 Pascal QuantinFrom Hadar Shoham via
2013-08-26 Evan HuusFrom Jiri Engelthaler via
2013-08-19 Michael MannBugfix SGI Nsym disambiguation is unconditionally displ...
2013-08-18 Evan HuusFrom Peter Lemenkov via
2013-08-07 Jeff MorrissFrom Francesco Fondelli via https://bugs.wireshark...
2013-08-07 Jeff MorrissFrom Vaibhav Katkade via
2013-08-05 Michael MannSCSI dissector does not parse PERSISTENT RESERVE comman...
2013-07-30 Michael MannAdd request/response tracking to COPS dissector. Bug...
2013-07-28 Evan HuusFrom Linas Vepstas via
2013-07-26 Jeff MorrissFrom Роман Донченко via
2013-07-22 Anders BromanAdd forgotten update.
2013-07-12 Alexis La GoutteFrom Matt Texier via
2013-07-01 Evan HuusFrom Javier Godoy via
2013-06-21 Michael MannAdd Uli Heilmeier
2013-05-31 Michael MannAdd UDT dissector. Bug 8741 (https://bugs.wireshark...
2013-05-30 Pascal QuantinFrom Chris Bontje via
2013-05-25 Evan HuusFrom Fabio Tarabelloni via
2013-05-25 Chris MaynardAdd Mike Garratt to the list of authors for (at the...
2013-05-20 Evan HuusFrom Marko Hrastovec via
2013-05-17 Evan HuusFrom Robert Bullen via
2013-05-16 Jeff MorrissFrom Michal Labedzki via
2013-05-11 Jörg MayerPeter Van Eynde
2013-05-10 Evan HuusFrom "0xBismarck" via
2013-05-05 Evan HuusFrom Hauke Mehrtens via
2013-04-30 Jörg MayerAdd Diederik de Groot to the AUTHORS list
2013-04-15 Pascal QuantinSpell Tomasz' surname correctly
2013-04-14 Pascal QuantinFrom Tomasz Mon via
2013-04-12 Evan HuusFrom Max Baker via