tests: add regression tests for Follow TCP Stream
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2018-05-17 natejauthors update
2018-03-25 Michał ŁabędzkiUpdate my email
2018-01-26 Lazar SumarAdded the Proconx CAN-ETH protocol dissector
2018-01-02 Robert Grangepacket-mq: Improve display of ID Struct + Segmented...
2017-10-21 Michael MannAdd button in Qt UAT dialog/frame to remove all UAT...
2017-08-28 Håkon Øye Amundsenextcap: Interface Toolbar support on Windows
2017-07-17 Peter WuFix formatting of AUTHORS list, fix Perl warning
2017-03-15 S. ShapiraAdded Heuristic dissectors for the following UMTS FP...
2017-02-25 Martin Kacerjson2pcap support added
2016-11-07 Harald WelteAUTHORS: Update record for Harald Welte
2016-10-11 Francesco FondelliHL7 protocol support
2016-08-21 Guillaume AutranTCPROS - Protocol dissector improvements
2016-08-15 Ben StewartImplement support for SCTE-35 switching messages.
2016-07-13 Kim KempfAdding 802.1BR E-Tag dissector
2016-07-12 sjha3Generic Protocol Extension support for VxLAN
2016-06-27 Alexis La GoutteFix typo on AUTHORS.src (about @)
2016-06-17 Martin Kacertshark JSON and Elasticsearch output
2016-06-16 João ValverdeAlign AUTHORS.src column
2016-06-06 Alexis La GoutteUpdate .mailmap: fix duplicate entry or name typo
2016-06-01 Benoît CanetApache Cassandra CQL protocol v3.0
2016-03-28 Peter Wutools/generate_authors.pl: avoid duplicates
2016-03-21 João ValverdeAUTHORS: More column alignment improvements
2016-03-10 João ValverdeAdd myself to AUTHORS.src
2016-03-08 João ValverdeAUTHORS: Use LF line endings and remove BOM
2016-03-08 Alexis La GoutteAUTHORS: Update some e-mail address from AUTHORS.src...
2016-03-03 Michael MannCreate perl script to append existing AUTHORS file...