List the disappearance of the ADDRESS macros as an API change.
[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / .gitignore
2015-08-25 Joerg MayerRemove gitversion.h
2015-06-25 Evan HuusAdd basic Vagrant configuration
2015-04-17 Gerald CombsRetire git_version.xml.
2015-04-11 Guy HarrisIgnore androiddump - it's another build target.
2015-04-10 Gerald CombsMove the PortabaleApps packaging up one level.
2015-02-01 Graham BloiceAdded nsis generated files to .gitignore
2015-01-23 Guy HarrisAdd .dirstamp - it's apparently some autotools thing.
2015-01-06 Gerald CombsNSIS: Quote all paths in config.nsh.
2015-01-01 Bill Meier.gitignore: Add '*.nativecodeanalysis.xml'
2014-11-25 Stephen FisherAdd on to the dummy.cpp hack that forces wireshark...
2014-11-10 Gerald CombsFinish converting the User's Guide to AsciiDoc.
2014-11-04 Stephen FisherIgnore additional generated files:
2014-11-04 Stephen FisherAlso ignore TAGS files in addition to the already ignor...
2014-09-02 Gerald CombsFix PortableApps packaging.
2014-08-01 Jeff MorrissIgnore RPM output directories.
2014-07-30 Gerald CombsInstall our Qt DLL directories recursively.
2014-07-27 Pascal QuantinAdd PortableApps temporary files to .gitignore
2014-06-30 Guy HarrisAdd echld_test to the list of files we ignore (built...
2014-06-16 Bill MeierIgnore 'docbook/ws?g_chm/'
2014-05-09 Gerald CombsBe less aggressive about rebuilding sminmpec.c.
2014-04-15 Alexis La GoutteUpdate .gitignore to ignore doxygen generate file/direc...
2014-03-31 Bill MeierRemove 3 dups from .gitignore
2014-03-04 Gerald CombsAdd gitversion.h.
2014-02-25 Hadriel KaplanChange libsmi url and Lua version in
2014-02-23 Evan HuusDocumentation updates
2014-02-23 Hadriel KaplanAdd note to .gitignore on how to ignore locally-specifi...
2014-02-16 Bill MeierAdd config.cache to .gitignore
2014-02-11 Gerald CombsFinish converting the Developer's Guide to AsciiDoc.
2014-02-07 Gerald CombsReplace "svn" with "git" all over the place.
2014-02-01 Gerald CombsConvert the libraries chapter to AsciiDoc.
2014-01-31 Evan HuusAdd experimental gitreview file
2014-01-30 Hadriel KaplanIn .gitignore: added dylib and sublimetext file types...
2014-01-30 Alexis La GoutteMerge "openSAFETY: Fixing field / byte assignment"
2014-01-29 Evan HuusAdd missing gitignore entries
2014-01-29 Alexis La GoutteMerge "Apply layouts in Qt Creator. Fix a tooltip."
2014-01-15 Evan HuusAdd captype and tfshark binaries to .gitignore
2014-01-14 Alexis La GoutteAdd filetap/abi* to .gitignore
2013-12-13 Gerald CombsAdd .gitreview
2013-12-11 Alexis La GoutteUpdate .gitignore
2013-10-28 Martin Kaiseradd tags file to .gitignore
2013-09-19 Alexis La GoutteAdd *.lai file to wireshark
2013-08-10 Alexis La GoutteUpdate .gitignore
2013-07-28 Pascal QuantinFrom David Richards via
2013-07-21 Jakub ZawadzkiAdd test binaries to .gitignore
2013-07-12 Jeff MorrissMove the ignore entries for ps.c to epan.
2013-06-29 Alexis La GoutteUpdate .gitignore to add some Windows specific build...
2013-05-13 Alexis La GoutteAdd wmem_test to .git(bzr)ignore
2013-05-13 Alexis La GoutteAdd abi stuff to .git(bzr)ignore (files generated by...
2013-05-13 Alexis La GoutteAdd epan/packet-ncp2222.c to .git(bzr)ignore (file...
2013-02-23 Alexis La GoutteUpdate .gitignore Add ignore mesa / xcbproto folder...
2013-01-18 Alexis La GoutteRemove epan/packet-ncp2222.c from .gitignore
2012-12-11 Alexis La GoutteUpdate .git(bzr)ignore when build qt with Autotools...
2012-11-04 Alexis La GoutteUpdate .git(bzn)ignore add to ignore list : (already...
2012-11-04 Alexis La GoutteNot ignore *.qm file
2012-10-06 Evan HuusUnify the bzr and git ignore files - they're the exact...
2012-10-06 Evan HuusIgnore qm files in bzr and git.
2012-09-25 Evan HuusAdd reordercap binary to gitignore, and copy gitignore...
2012-09-18 Alexis La GoutteAdd ui/qt/console.lua to .gitignore
2012-06-24 Pascal QuantinRemove useless packet-spnego.h file
2012-03-16 Alexis La GoutteAdd *Tilde file to .gitignore
2012-02-04 Alexis La GoutteUpdate .gitignore with the last change in svn:ignore...
2012-01-21 Alexis La GoutteUpdate gitignore after the change of gtk directory
2011-12-31 Gerald CombsAdd more entries and sort them.
2011-12-28 Gerald CombsAdd some CMake files and directories.
2011-11-22 Balint ReczeyAdd initial .gitignore files