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[metze/wireshark/wip.git] / CMakeOptions.txt
1 # Build options for use by CMake
3 option(BUILD_wireshark     "Build Wireshark" ON)
4 option(BUILD_wireshark_gtk "Build Wireshark (GTK+ UI)" ON)
5 option(BUILD_tshark        "Build tshark" ON)
6 option(BUILD_tfshark       "Build tfshark" ON)
7 option(BUILD_rawshark      "Build rawshark" ON)
8 option(BUILD_dumpcap       "Build dumpcap" ON)
9 option(BUILD_text2pcap     "Build text2pcap" ON)
10 option(BUILD_mergecap      "Build mergecap" ON)
11 option(BUILD_reordercap    "Build reordercap" ON)
12 option(BUILD_editcap       "Build editcap" ON)
13 option(BUILD_capinfos      "Build capinfos" ON)
14 option(BUILD_captype       "Build captype" ON)
15 option(BUILD_randpkt       "Build randpkt" ON)
16 option(BUILD_dftest        "Build dftest" ON)
17 option(BUILD_androiddump   "Build androiddump" ON)
18 option(BUILD_sshdump       "Build sshdump" ON)
19 option(BUILD_randpktdump   "Build randpktdump" ON)
20 option(AUTOGEN_dcerpc      "Autogenerate DCE RPC dissectors" OFF)
21 option(AUTOGEN_pidl        "Autogenerate pidl dissectors" OFF)
23 option(DISABLE_WERROR    "Do not treat warnings as errors" OFF)
24 option(EXTCAP_ANDROIDDUMP_LIBPCAP    "Build androiddump using libpcap" OFF)
25 option(ENABLE_EXTRA_COMPILER_WARNINGS "Do additional compiler warnings (disables -Werror)" OFF)
26 option(ENABLE_CODE_ANALYSIS "Enable the compiler's static analyzer if possible" OFF)
27 option(ENABLE_ASAN "Enable AddressSanitizer (ASAN) for debugging (May be slow down)" OFF)
29 #
30 # Leave GTK2 the default on Windows, looks better than GTK3
31 #
32 if(WIN32)
33         option(ENABLE_GTK3       "Use GTK3 instead of GTK2 to build wireshark" OFF)
34 else()
35         option(ENABLE_GTK3       "Use GTK3 instead of GTK2 to build wireshark" ON)
36 endif()
37 option(ENABLE_QT5        "Use Qt5 instead of Qt4 to build wireshark" ON)
38 option(ENABLE_PCAP       "Enable libpcap support (required for capturing)" ON)
39 option(WANT_PACKET_EDITOR       "Enable packet editor (experimental)" ON)
40 #
41 # Do not make this the default on UN*X; AirPcap support is available
42 # only on Windows.  It might be nice to have it, on Windows, check
43 # whether the AirPcap SDK is available, and turn AirPcap support on
44 # only if it is.
45 #
46 if(WIN32)
47         option(ENABLE_AIRPCAP    "Enable AirPcap support" ON)
48 else()
49         option(ENABLE_AIRPCAP    "Enable AirPcap support" OFF)
50 endif()
51 # todo
52 option(ENABLE_STATIC     "Build a static version of Wireshark (not yet working)" OFF)
53 option(ENABLE_ECHLD      "Enable echld support" OFF)
54 option(ENABLE_PLUGINS    "Build with plugins" ON)
55 option(ENABLE_EXTCAP     "Build with extcap hooks" ON)
56 option(ENABLE_HTML_GUIDES       "Build HTML User & Developer Guides" OFF)
57 option(ENABLE_PDF_GUIDES        "Build PDF User & Developer Guides" OFF)
58 option(ENABLE_CHM_GUIDES        "Build HTML Help User & Developer Guides" OFF)
59 option(ENABLE_PCAP_NG_DEFAULT   "Enable pcap-ng as default file format" ON)
61 option(ENABLE_ADNS       "Build with adns support" ON)
62 option(ENABLE_PORTAUDIO  "Build with PortAudio support" ON)
63 option(ENABLE_ZLIB       "Build with zlib compression support" ON)
64 option(ENABLE_LUA        "Build with Lua dissector support" ON)
65 option(ENABLE_SMI        "Build with libsmi snmp support" ON)
66 option(ENABLE_GNUTLS     "Build with GNU TLS support" ON)
67 option(ENABLE_GCRYPT     "Build with GNU crypto support" ON)
68 option(ENABLE_GEOIP      "Build with GeoIP support" ON)
69 if(WIN32)
70         option(ENABLE_WINSPARKLE "Enable WinSparkle support" ON)
71 else()
72         option(ENABLE_WINSPARKLE "Enable WinSparkle support" OFF)
73 endif()
74 option(ENABLE_CAP        "Build with Posix capabilities support" ON)
75 option(ENABLE_CARES      "Build with c-ares support" ON)
76 #
77 # Libnl is Linux-specific.
78 #
80         option(ENABLE_NETLINK    "Build with libnl support" ON)
81 else()
82         option(ENABLE_NETLINK    "Build with libnl support" OFF)
83 endif()
84 # todo Mostly hardcoded
85 option(ENABLE_KERBEROS   "Build with Kerberos support" ON)
86 option(ENABLE_SBC        "Build with SBC Codec support in RTP Player" ON)
87 # How to install
88 set(DUMPCAP_INSTALL_OPTION   "normal" CACHE STRING "Permissions to install")
89 set(DUMPCAP_INST_VALS "normal" "suid" "capabilities")
91 if(APPLE)
92         option(ENABLE_APPLICATION_BUNDLE "Build an OS X application bundle (Wireshark.app)" ON)
93 else()
94         option(ENABLE_APPLICATION_BUNDLE "Build an OS X application bundle (Wireshark.app)" OFF)
95 endif()