2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "smb2.connect loop" master4-smb2
2018-01-16 Stefan Metzmachersmb2.connect loop
2018-01-16 Stefan Metzmacherlib/crypto/hmac_sha256_kdf.c
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherTODO: skip cli_echo SMB2
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "largest valid SMB 2.02 smb2create"
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "largest smb2.1 create"
2018-01-16 Stefan Metzmacherlargest smb2.1 create
2018-01-16 Stefan Metzmacherlargest valid SMB 2.02 smb2create
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "DEBUG cancel"
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherDEBUG cancel
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherTODO cli_openx_cancel
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "smb2.connect loop"
2018-01-16 Stefan Metzmachersmb2.connect loop
2018-01-16 Stefan Metzmachersmb1 CAP_DYNAMIC_REAUTH
2018-01-16 Stefan Metzmachers3:selftest: add ktest-krb5.keytab and use as "dedicate...
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherTODO backport? smb1 spnego smb1.sessions.done_sesssetup
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherTODO all s4:auth/gensec_gssapi: add NT_STATUS_NO_MEMORY...
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "TODO s3:gse: gensec_gssapi", "requested_life_time"
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherTODO s3:gse: gensec_gssapi", "requested_life_time
2018-01-16 Stefan Metzmachersmbd-adm
2018-01-16 Stefan Metzmachersmbd-adm
2018-01-16 Stefan Metzmachersource3/libsmb/smb2cli_ioctl.c
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "cli_list_smb2"
2018-01-16 Stefan Metzmachercli_list_smb2
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherHACK: pidl: always dump idl and ndr tree
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "TODO doesn't work for cli_trans s3:libsmb:...
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherTODO doesn't work for cli_trans s3:libsmb: if we have...
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherHACK: add smbd-adm.txt
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "DEBUG cancel CHAIN1"
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherDEBUG cancel CHAIN1
2018-01-16 Stefan MetzmacherTESTING
2018-01-16 Jamie McClymontselftest: fix envvars for creation of default user...
2018-01-16 Volker Lendeckesrcctl3: Improve debug messages
2018-01-15 Volker Lendeckerpc_server: Improve a debug message
2018-01-15 Andreas Schneiders3:rpc_client: Clenup copy_netr_SamInfo3() code
2018-01-15 Andreas Schneiders3:winbind: Use a stackframe and cleanup when leaving
2018-01-15 Andreas Schneiders3:winbind: Use a goto for cleaning up at the end
2018-01-15 Andreas Schneiders3:winbindd: Improve logic so it is easier to understand
2018-01-15 Karolin SeegerVERSION: Bump version up to 4.9.0pre1...
2018-01-14 Karolin SeegerVERSION: Bump version up to 4.8.0rc1... samba-upstream/tags/samba-4.8.0rc1
2018-01-14 Karolin SeegerWHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.8.0rc1.
2018-01-14 Andreas Schneiders4:torture: Improve error message in whoami test
2018-01-14 Andreas Schneiders3:test: Always validate the join after changing the...
2018-01-14 Mathieu Parentwaf: Remove build system info (uname -a)
2018-01-14 Mathieu Parentsystemd: Fix kill path
2018-01-14 Mathieu Parentsystemd: Add documentation to Unit files
2018-01-14 Mathieu Parentsystemd: is obsolete
2018-01-14 Volker Lendecketorture: Add test for channel sequence number handling
2018-01-14 Volker LendeckesmbXcli: Add "force_channel_sequence"
2018-01-14 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Fix channel sequence number checks for long-runni...
2018-01-14 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Remove a "!" from an if-condition for easier...
2018-01-14 Volker Lendecketorture4: Fix typos
2018-01-14 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Fix a typo
2018-01-14 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: set routing_domain when enumerating trusts
2018-01-14 Garming Samdocs: Remove reference to environment variables for now
2018-01-13 David Muldergpo: Add the winbind call to gpupdate
2018-01-13 David MulderRevert "gpo: Create the gpo update service"
2018-01-13 David Muldergpo: Continue parsing GPOs even if one fails
2018-01-13 David Muldergpo: Fix crashes in gpo unapply
2018-01-13 Andrej Gesselsamba_kcc: do not commit new nTDSConnection, if we...
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallsamba_kcc: simplify NCReplica.set_instantiated_flags()
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallsamba_kcc: simplify NCReplica constructor
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallsamba_kcc: clarify readonly logging, removing now unuse...
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallsamba_kcc: remove unused functions
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallsamba_kcc: fix dot_file_dir documentation
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallsamba_kcc: remove an unused function
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallsamba-tool visualize for understanding AD DC behaviour
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallsamba_kcc: use new graph module for writing dot files
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallpython/graph: module for generating ASCII and graphviz...
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallsamba_kcc: respect kcc.read_only flag on RODC
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallsamba_kcc: kcc.debug module defers to samba.colour
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallpython: module containing ANSI colour sequences
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallpython tests: assert string equality, with diff
2018-01-13 Douglas Bagnallsamba_kcc: documentation fix
2018-01-13 Stefan Metzmachers4:torture/samba_tool_drs: demote the test dc at the...
2018-01-13 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: document some more new options
2018-01-13 Stefan Metzmacherwinbindd: add "winbind scan trusted domains = no" to...
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: add more trust types to get_trust_type_string
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmelibwbclient: add more trust types
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmewbinfo: support for local, workstation and routed trust...
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmelibwbclient: add trust routing and more trust-types
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: fix trust_is_oubound()
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: fix trust_is_inbound()
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: transitive trust logic in trust_is_transitive()
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: use add_trusted_domain_from_auth
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: add add_trusted_domain_from_auth
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: add set_routing_domain()
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: add find_default_route_domain()
2018-01-13 Stefan Metzmacherwinbindd: avoid automatic enumerating trusts on DCs
2018-01-13 Stefan Metzmacherwinbindd: load the trusted domains on a DC already...
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmepdb_samba_dsdb: set PDB_CAP_TRUSTED_DOMAINS_EX
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmepdb_samba_dsdb: implement pdb_samba_dsdb_del_trusted_domain
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmepdb_samba_dsdb: implement pdb_samba_dsdb_set_trusted_domain
2018-01-13 Stefan Metzmacherpdb_samba_dsdb: implement PDB_CAP_TRUSTED_DOMAINS_EX...
2018-01-13 Stefan Metzmacherpdb_samba_dsdb: implement pdb_samba_dsdb_enum_trusteddoms()
2018-01-13 Stefan Metzmachers4:dsdb: add dsdb_trust_search_tdo_by_sid() helper...
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmes3/torture/pdbtest: delete trusted domain at test end
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmes3/torture/pdbtest: creating a trusted domain requires...
2018-01-13 Stefan Metzmacherwinbindd: use find_trust_from_name_noinit when we requi...