2016-02-02 Stefan Metzmacherlib/krb5: allow predefined PAC_{LOGON_NAME,PRIVSVR_CHEC... heimdal-for-upstream
2016-01-21 Nicolas WilliamsAppveyor: get past package manifest validation
2016-01-21 Nicolas WilliamsAppveyor: workaround perl texinfo
2016-01-21 Nicolas WilliamsAdd appveyor.yml for Windows CI via Appveyor
2016-01-21 Nicolas WilliamsKDC: Don't confuse master process with master
2016-01-21 Nicolas WilliamsKDC: fix C-style
2016-01-20 Nicolas WilliamsFix Windows build: no fork for kdc
2016-01-20 Nicolas WilliamsDetect fork et al for kdc
2016-01-20 Nicolas WilliamsFix Windows tests: add missing hcrypto export
2016-01-18 Nicolas WilliamsFix Windows build (inc. roken.h before assert.h)
2015-12-16 Luke Howardgssapi: correct OID for GSS_C_PEER_HAS_UPDATED_SPNEGO
2015-12-09 Luke Howardgssapi: plug leak in test_context IOV test
2015-12-09 Luke Howardhcrypto: PKCS#11 backend
2015-12-09 Luke Howardhcrypto: fix spelling mistakes in comments
2015-12-09 Luke Howardhx509: explicitly include ref/pkcs11.h
2015-12-09 Luke Howardcf: define __EXTENSIONS__ on Solaris
2015-12-09 Luke Howardbase: Solaris and AIX atomic increment/exchange
2015-12-08 Luke Howardhx509: update to newer PKCS#11 header
2015-12-08 Luke Howardlibedit: Solaris portability fixes
2015-12-08 Luke Howardkdc: Fix compile error on OS X
2015-12-04 Luke Howardadd CommonCrypto SHA-384/512 to test_bulk
2015-12-04 Luke Howardexport CommonCrypto SHA-384/512 implementations
2015-12-04 Luke HowardMerge pull request #121 from heimdal/lukeh/cfb8
2015-12-04 Luke Howardadd CommonCrypto support for SHA-384 and SHA-512
2015-12-04 Luke HowardFix broken CFB8 implementation, use CC for CFB8
2015-11-30 Nicolas WilliamsUse pthread_once() when available
2015-11-30 Luke Howardbase: Windows heim_base_once_t cleanup
2015-11-30 Nicolas Williamsbase: correct Windows heim_base_once_f semantics
2015-11-29 Jeffrey Altmanbase: Windows implementation of heim_base_once
2015-11-24 Jeffrey Altmanhcrypto: Default to CommonCrypto on Apple OSes
2015-11-06 Roland C. Dowdeswellinclude/ don't clean files that are distrib...
2015-11-06 Roland C. DowdeswellMake the KDC use a multi-process model.
2015-10-06 Love Hörnquist... Update ack.texi
2015-10-06 Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #142 from hasufell/master
2015-10-06 hasufellCompletely remove RAND_egd support
2015-09-28 Love Hörnquist... Update copyright.texi
2015-09-28 Love Hörnquist... Update ack.texi
2015-09-28 Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #141 from madscientist159/master
2015-09-27 Timothy PearsonAdd ability to store extended principal attributes...
2015-09-24 Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #140 from madscientist159/master
2015-09-24 Timothy PearsonDo not crash if private key not found
2015-09-24 Timothy PearsonAdd ability to specifiy PKCS#11 slot number when using...
2015-09-14 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Remove *_PA_ClientCanon* from export list
2015-08-03 Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #134 from abartlet/allow-null-authen...
2015-07-31 Andrew BartlettMerge pull request #138 from abartlet/lorikeet-heimdal...
2015-07-31 Stefan Metzmacherlib/gssapi/krb5: implement gss_[un]wrap_iov[_length...
2015-07-31 Stefan Metzmacherlib/gssapi/krb5: split out a arcfour_mic_cksum_iov...
2015-07-31 Stefan Metzmacherlib/gssapi/krb5: add const to arcfour_mic_key()
2015-07-31 Stefan Metzmacherlib/gssapi/krb5: clear temporary buffer with cleartext...
2015-07-31 Stefan Metzmacherlib/gssapi/krb5: fix indentation in _gk_wrap_iov()
2015-07-31 Stefan Metzmacherlib/gssapi/krb5: make _gssapi_verify_pad() more robust
2015-07-31 Stefan Metzmacherkdc: add support for HDB_ERR_WRONG_REALM
2015-07-31 Stefan Metzmacherkdc: generic support for 3part servicePrincipalNames
2015-07-31 Stefan Metzmacherkdc: base _kdc_fast_mk_error() on krb5_mk_error_ext()
2015-07-31 Stefan Metzmacherlib/krb5: add krb5_mk_error_ext() helper function
2015-07-31 Stefan Metzmacherlib/krb5: correctly follow KRB5_KDC_ERR_WRONG_REALM...
2015-07-31 Stefan Metzmacherlib/krb5: verify_logonname() to handle multi component...
2015-07-31 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/standardisation: add rfc6806.txt
2015-07-31 Stefan Metzmacherlib/ntlm: add missing dependency to
2015-07-31 Andrew BartlettMerge pull request #137 from douglasbagnall/oid-regenerate
2015-07-31 Douglas BagnallGSSAPI: regenerate lib/gssapi/mech/gss_oid.c with consi...
2015-07-31 Douglas BagnallGSSAPI: generate full NULL structure initializers in...
2015-07-31 Douglas BagnallGSSAPI: keep consistent sort order in lib/gssapi/gen...
2015-07-31 Douglas BagnallGSSAPI: use rk_UNCONST() on password and cert oid
2015-07-31 Douglas BagnallGSSAPI: update lib/gssapi/ to work with Perl 5
2015-07-29 Andrew Bartlettgssapi: Allow a NULL authenticator
2015-07-24 Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #136 from HenryJacques/pkinit_improv...
2015-07-20 HenryJacquesFix typo
2015-07-20 HenryJacquesAllow to use more than one token
2015-07-20 HenryJacquesadd error codes related to User PIN
2015-07-20 HenryJacquesFix typo
2015-07-20 HenryJacquesAdd new error codes related to PIN
2015-06-17 Stefan Metzmacherheimdal:krb5.asn1: remove KRB5_PADATA_CLIENT_CANONICALI...
2015-06-17 Andrew Bartlettlib/krb5: Remove KRB5_PADATA_CLIENT_CANONICALIZED from...
2015-06-17 Stefan Metzmacherkdc: remove KRB5_PADATA_CLIENT_CANONICALIZED handling
2015-06-17 Stefan Metzmacherheimdal:lib/krb5: let build_logon_name() use KRB5_PRINC...
2015-06-17 Stefan Metzmacherheimdal:lib/krb5: allow enterprise principals in verify...
2015-06-17 Volker Lendeckeheimdal: Fix the developer O3 build
2015-06-17 Andrew Bartlettheimdal: Ensure that HDB_ERR_NOT_FOUND_HERE, critical...
2015-06-17 Günther Deschners4-heimdal: fix krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_process_las...
2015-06-17 Santosh Kumar... heimdal: Use krb5_free_default_realm() for free()
2015-06-17 Andrew Bartlettheimdal: remove checking of KDC PAC signature, delegate...
2015-06-17 Andrew BartlettFix shell syntax in COVERITY_SCAN_BRANCH test
2015-06-17 Andrew Bartlettkdc: Preserve error code from Pre Authentication .valid...
2015-06-17 Andrew BartlettAdd test for incorrect password
2015-05-26 Sergio Gelato(patch) man page syntax errors
2015-05-20 Nicolas Williamsiprop slave: try incremental after complete xfer
2015-05-20 Nicolas WilliamsFix HDB rename/close order in iprop slave
2015-05-20 Nicolas WilliamsTolerate some time-travel by slaves
2015-05-20 Nicolas Williamsiprop master: Don't ignore flock() result
2015-05-20 Nicolas Williamsstart-realm: don't write NUL
2015-05-20 Jeffrey Altmanroken: fix 0acef7729f664cfe591ff86964651bb0bbf5d6b0
2015-05-20 Jeffrey Altmanroken: fix append_string "%.s" non-nul termination
2015-04-30 Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #128 from kiransj/patch-1
2015-04-30 Kiran S JFix compilation error when in dlfcn.h
2015-04-28 Love Hörnquist... call hdb_auth_status when password is wrong in the...
2015-04-28 Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #124 from Sp1l/master
2015-04-28 Love Hörnquist... remove always true condition
2015-04-25 vdukhovniMerge pull request #127 from jelmer/typo-fixes
2015-04-25 Jelmer VernooijTypo: enviroment -> environment.