add a sync wrapper for the getpnn control
[metze/ctdb/wip.git] / doc /
2010-05-25 Ronnie SahlbergMerge commit 'rusty/libctdb2'
2010-05-20 Ronnie sahlbergdocument how to restore a backup into a different database
2010-03-31 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master'
2010-03-11 Ronnie SahlbergMerge commit 'obnox/master-rebase'
2010-03-11 Ronnie SahlbergMerge root@
2010-03-10 Michael Adamdoc: regenerate ctdb(1) manpages after xml change
2010-03-10 Michael Adamdoc: fix a linebreak in the example output of "ctdb...
2010-02-24 Michael Adamdoc: regenerate ctdb and ctdb manpages after xml changes
2010-02-24 Michael Adamdoc: add metainfo "manual" and "source" in the ctdbd...
2010-02-24 Michael Adamdoc: fill metainfo "manual" and "source" in the ctdb...
2010-02-24 Mathieu ParentCorrection of spelling errors in manpages
2010-02-23 Stefan Metzmacherdoc: regenerate ctdb.1*
2010-02-23 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/ctdb.1.xml: document "ctdb setifacelink <iface...
2010-02-23 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/ctdb.1.xml: document "ctdb ipinfo <ip>"
2010-02-23 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/ctdb.1.xml: update "ctdb ip" documentation
2010-02-23 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/ctdb.1.xml: document "ctdb ifaces"
2010-02-23 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/ctdb.1.xml: document PARTIALLYONLINE status
2010-02-11 Ronnie SahlbergMerge commit 'martins/master'
2010-02-10 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master'
2010-02-05 Martin Schwenkeonnode documentation - update documentation to reflect...
2010-01-15 Ronnie Sahlbergdocument the in-memory ringbuffer for logging and the...
2009-12-18 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master'
2009-12-16 Ronnie Sahlbergfix a conflict in the merge from rusty
2009-12-16 Ronnie Sahlbergfix conflict in merge from metze
2009-12-16 Stefan Metzmacherdoc: regenerate manpages master-tdb-check
2009-12-16 Stefan Metzmacherdoc: fix docbook warnings for ctdb.1 and onnode.1 manpages
2009-12-16 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/ctdb.1: update example "ctdb listvars" output
2009-12-16 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/ctdb.1: make clear the database is specified by...
2009-12-16 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/ctdb.1: document "ctdb getdbstatus <dbname>"
2009-12-16 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/ctdb.1: add "See also" for ctdb getdbmap
2009-12-16 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/ctdb.1: document "ctdb dumpdbbackup <file>"
2009-12-16 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/ctdb.1: document -Y output fot ctdb getdbmap
2009-12-16 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/ctdb.1: document UNHEALTHY for "ctdb getdbmap"
2009-12-16 Stefan Metzmacherdoc/ctdb.1: document "ctdb wipedb"
2009-12-04 Martin SchwenkeMerge branch 'status-test-2'
2009-12-03 Ronnie SahlbergDocument the procedure to remove/change the NATGW confi...
2009-11-11 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master'
2009-10-28 Ronnie Sahlbergupdate the manpage for "update" to indicate the "time...
2009-10-25 Ronnie Sahlbergdisabel the multipath eventscript by default
2009-10-25 Ronnie Sahlbergupdate the manpage for ctdb setreclock
2009-10-22 Ronnie SahlbergMerge commit 'martins/master'
2009-10-22 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master'
2009-10-22 Martin SchwenkeDocument onnode -n and -f options.
2009-10-06 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master'
2009-10-06 Martin SchwenkeDocument CTDB_NODES_FILE environment variable used...
2009-10-01 Ronnie Sahlbergdocument how to use the notification script
2009-09-15 Ronnie SahlbergRevert "try to restart statd everytime it fails, not...
2009-09-15 Ronnie Sahlbergtry to restart statd everytime it fails, not just the...
2009-09-11 Ronnie SahlbergMerge root@
2009-09-09 Ronnie SahlbergMerge commit 'martins/master'
2009-09-09 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master'
2009-09-08 Martin SchwenkeDocument onnode "onnode any".
2009-08-17 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master'
2009-08-13 Ronnie Sahlbergdocument enable/disablescript
2009-07-28 Ronnie Sahlbergdocument the two new commands setlmasterrole and setrec...
2009-07-28 Ronnie Sahlbergadd two commands : setlmasterrole and setrecmasterrole...
2009-07-28 Ronnie SahlbergDocument the natgw flag and how this changes the output...
2009-07-27 Ronnie Sahlbergadd a command "setnatgwstate {on|off}" that can be...
2009-07-27 Ronnie Sahlbergdescribe how to activate NATGW without restarting the...
2009-07-17 Ronnie SahlbergMerge commit 'martins/master'
2009-07-09 Ronnie Sahlbergdocument the new commands ctdb stop/continue
2009-07-08 Martin SchwenkeMerge branch 'ronnie_merge'
2009-07-08 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master' into ronnie_merge
2009-07-07 Ronnie SahlbergMerge root@
2009-07-06 Ronnie SahlbergMerge root@
2009-07-02 Ronnie Sahlbergdocument the ipreallocate command
2009-06-25 Ronnie Sahlbergupdate the man pages with the "getreclock" and "setrecl...
2009-06-02 Martin SchwenkeMerge branch 'init_rewrite'
2009-06-02 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master'
2009-06-02 Ronnie Sahlbergidocument how to remove a node from an existing cluster...
2009-05-25 Ronnie Sahlbergremove the obsolete ipmux component.
2009-05-25 Ronnie Sahlbergdocument the new support for ClamAV
2009-05-13 Ronnie Sahlbergchange the prefix NATGW_ to CTDB_NATGW_
2009-05-12 Ronnie Sahlbergremove NATGW_PRIVATE_IFACE from the documentation since...
2009-05-11 Martin SchwenkeUpdated onnode docs to reflect recent changes.
2009-04-07 Andrew TridgellMerge commit 'ronnie/master'
2009-03-25 Ronnie Sahlbergiupdate the documentation for NATGW to reflect that...
2009-03-24 Ronnie Sahlbergupdate the documentatio n with all the new commands...
2009-03-23 Michael AdamMerge commit 'ctdb-ronnie/master'
2009-03-18 Ronnie Sahlbergupdate the natgw eventscript and documentation
2009-03-17 Ronnie Sahlbergadd documentation for the NAT-GW feature
2009-03-06 Andrew TridgellMerge commit 'ronnie/master'
2009-02-19 Michael AdamMerge commit 'ctdb-ronnie/master'
2009-02-18 Ronnie SahlbergMerge branch 'martins'
2009-02-09 Michael AdamMerge commit 'ctdb-ronnie/master'
2009-02-08 Andrew TridgellMerge commit 'ronnie/master'
2009-02-03 Mathieu PARENTcorrect ctdbd(1) manpage warning
2009-01-16 Michael Adamdoc: join broken lines in excerpt from log.ctdb
2008-12-07 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master' into martins
2008-12-04 Ronnie Sahlbergadd a description of the recovery-process
2008-10-16 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master' into martins
2008-10-16 Andrew TridgellMerge commit 'ronnie/master'
2008-10-13 Ronnie Sahlbergupdate TAKEIP/RELEASEIP/GETPUBLICIP/GETNODEMAP controls...
2008-09-22 Ronnie SahlbergCheck that a database exists first before we dump its...
2008-09-17 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master' into martins
2008-09-14 Ronnie Sahlbergupdates to the precompiled documentation
2008-09-12 Martin SchwenkeDocument the new descriptive node specifications.
2008-09-12 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master' into for-ronnie
2008-09-12 Martin SchwenkeMerge commit 'origin/master' into martins
2008-09-12 Martin SchwenkeDocument the new descriptive node specifications.