2014-07-23 Ira Cooperpopt, zlib, iniparser: Update wscript files for lib_3p. master
2014-07-16 Ira Cooperlib/zlib: Remove undeeded files that trigger GPL issues.
2014-07-11 Stefan Metzmachers3:smb2_negprot: change "smb max {read,write,trans...
2014-07-07 Garming Samparam: change snum parameter in special functions to...
2014-07-07 Garming Samlib/param: rename do_parameter to lpcfg_do_parameter
2014-07-07 Garming Samparam: handle smb_ports as a special handler
2014-07-07 Garming Samparam: Use set_variable instead of set_variable_helper...
2014-07-07 Garming Samparam: replace lp_set_cmdline in s3 helpers to store_cm...
2014-07-07 Garming Samparam: Ensure the correct mem context is always being...
2014-07-07 Garming Samparam: set the flags on a s3 loadparm context
2014-07-07 Garming Samparam: flag fixes in s3 loadparm
2014-07-07 Garming Samparam: allow fallback to s3 do_section in lib/param
2014-07-07 Garming Samparam: add do_section to s3 helpers
2014-07-07 Garming Samlib/param: add deprecated warning to be consistent...
2014-07-07 Garming Samparam: make some more changes to lp_do_parameter to...
2014-07-07 Garming Samlib/param: change set_variable_helper formatting
2014-07-07 Garming Samparam: use str_list_make_v3 instead of str_list_make...
2014-07-07 Garming Samparam: Add null checks for upcoming str_list_make changes
2014-07-07 Garming Samparam: pre-emptively correct use of str_list_make_v3...
2014-07-07 Garming Samlib/param: factor out a common portion of set_variable
2014-07-07 Garming Samparam: change a number of parameters from P_LIST to...
2014-07-04 Andrew Bartletts4-winbind: Use winbindd in the AD DC by default
2014-06-30 Volker Lendeckelib: Align nt_time_to_unix_timespec with unix_timespec_...
2014-06-30 Volker Lendeckelib: Align unix_timespec_to_nt_time with nt_time_to_uni...
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: defragment the freelist in tdb_allocate_from_freel...
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: add "freelist_size" sub-command to tdbtool
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: use tdb_freelist_merge_adjacent in tdb_freelist_size()
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: add tdb_freelist_merge_adjacent()
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: add utility function check_merge_ptr_with_left_rec...
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: simplify tdb_free() using check_merge_with_left_re...
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: add utility function check_merge_with_left_record()
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: improve comments for tdb_free().
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: factor merge_with_left_record() out of tdb_free()
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: fix debug message in tdb_free()
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: reduce indentation in tdb_free() for merging left
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: increase readability of read_record_on_left()
2014-06-26 Michael Adamtdb: factor read_record_on_left() out of tdb_free()
2014-06-21 Volker Lendeckenss_wrapper: Fix some "discarding const" warnings
2014-06-21 Volker Lendeckenss_wrapper: Align indentation with the rest of Samba
2014-06-20 Michael Adamldb:build: improve detection of srcdir
2014-06-20 Michael Adamreplace:build: improve detection of srcdir
2014-06-20 Michael Adamntdb:build: improve detection of srcdir
2014-06-20 Michael Adamtalloc:build: improve detection of srcdir
2014-06-20 Michael Adamtevent:build: improve detection of srcdir
2014-06-20 Michael Adamtdb:build: improve detection of srcdir.
2014-06-18 Volker Lendeckelib: Apply const to nt_time_to_unix_timespec
2014-06-17 Volker Lendeckelib: Use server_id_str_buf in server_id_str
2014-06-17 Volker Lendeckelib: Add server_id_str_buf
2014-06-07 Jeremy Allisonlib: tevent: make TEVENT_SIG_INCREMENT atomic.
2014-06-05 Michael Adamlib: Bump socket_wrapper version to 1.1.1.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Disable incomplete bind checks (and tests) for...
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderlib: Bump socket_wrapper version to 1.1.0.
2014-06-05 Michael Adamswrap: check whether an address:port is already in...
2014-06-05 Michael Adamswrap: implement check_addr_port_in_use()
2014-06-05 Michael Adamswrap: fix AF_UNSPEC special case in swrap_bind()
2014-06-05 Michael Adamswrap: extend input checks in swrap_bind()
2014-06-05 Michael Adamswrap: add check for rpc/rpc.h - needed on freebsd...
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add support for bindresvport().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add missing family check in bind().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Setup myname in swrap_socket() for getsockname().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Make sure cmbuf is not NULL.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: We need to pass a pointer-pointer to not leak...
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Support more socket options in getsockopt().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Call swrap_msghdr_filter_cmsghdr in swrap_sendms...
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_msghdr_filter_cmsg_pktinfo().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_sendmsg_filter_cmsg_socket().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_sendmsg_copy_cmsg().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_sendmsg_filter_cmsghdr().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Implement support for IP_RECVDSTADDR on BSD.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Check if the in_pktinfo structure is available.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Silence a warning on OpenIndiana.
2014-06-05 Pino Toscanoswrap: Properly cache the handle also in LIBC_SO case.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Truncate the address if the buffer is to small.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Process control messages in recvmsg().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Call swrap_msghdr_socket_info in swrap_recvmsg_a...
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_msghdr_socket_info().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_msghdr_add_pktinfo().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add swrap_msghdr_add_cmsghdr().
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Add IP_PKTINFO support in setsockopt.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Add check for HAVE_STRUCT_IN6_PKTINFO.
2014-06-05 Andreas Schneiderswrap: Correctly set the bind iface address on connect().
2014-06-05 Pino Toscanoswrap: use LIBC_SO from GNU libc, if available
2014-06-04 Christian Ambachwaf: add --with-fake-kaserver option
2014-06-04 Christian Ambachs3:lib/afs move afs_settoken.c to common lib dir
2014-06-04 Christian Ambachs3:lib/afs move afs.c to common lib dir
2014-06-04 Andrew Bartlettwinbind: Fix template homedir to match source3
2014-05-23 Michael Adamsmbd: add missing newline to debug message in daemon_re...
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmacherlib/util: s/daemon/name
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/tools: Allow tdbtool to r/o open mutexed tdbs
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/tools: add -m option to tdbtorture
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/test: add marklock deadlock test
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb/test: add mutex related tests
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb: add TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING support
2014-05-22 Volker Lendecketdb: introduce tdb->hdr_ofs
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmachertdb: introduce TDB_SUPPORTED_FEATURE_FLAGS
2014-05-22 Stefan Metzmachertdb: use asprintf() to simplify tdb_summary()
2014-05-22 Volker Lendeckelibreplace: Define PTHREAD_MUTEX_ROBUST along with...
2014-05-22 Volker Lendeckelibreplace-waf: Only check for _np functions if standar...
2014-05-22 Volker Lendeckelibreplace: Add support for pthread_mutex_consistent
2014-05-22 Volker Lendeckelibreplace: Add support for pthread_mutexattr_setrobust