2015-07-24 Günther Deschnerpidl: merge multiple 'genpad' implementations into... master-mit-kdc-ok
2015-07-24 Günther Deschnervfs: fix build warning in smb traffic analyzer.
2015-07-24 Günther Deschners4-torture: don't build the lsa forest trust krb5 tests...
2015-07-24 Adrian Cochraneinstall_with_python: Secure Python download with sha256...
2015-07-23 Martin Schwenketdb: Fix broken build with --disable-python
2015-07-23 Volker Lendecketdb_wrap: Use a struct initializer
2015-07-23 Volker Lendecketdb_wrap: Use talloc_pooled_object
2015-07-22 Amitay Isaacsctdb-daemon: Correctly process the exit code from faile...
2015-07-22 Amitay Isaacsctdb-tool: Correctly print timed out event scripts...
2015-07-22 Volker Lendeckevfs: Fix CID 1312072 Failure to restore non-local value
2015-07-22 Volker Lendeckevfs: Fix CID 1312073 Argument cannot be negative
2015-07-21 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: Clear release notes for Samba 4.4.0pre1.
2015-07-21 Stefan MetzmacherVERSION: Bump version up to 4.4.0pre1
2015-07-21 Stefan MetzmacherVERSION: Release Samba 4.3.0rc1
2015-07-21 Stefan MetzmacherWHATSNEW: Start release notes for Samba 4.3.0rc1.
2015-07-21 Stefan Metzmacherldb: version 1.1.21
2015-07-21 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.7
2015-07-21 Stefan Metzmachertalloc: version 2.1.3
2015-07-21 Stefan Metzmachertestsuite/headers: remove unused checks for ntdb.h
2015-07-21 Aurelien Apteltdb python binding: raise KeyError(key) when the key...
2015-07-21 Petr Viktorinpytdb: Add tests for text interface
2015-07-21 Petr Viktorinpyldb: Add a text-based interface for Python 3
2015-07-21 Petr Viktorinpytdb: Use new dict API on Python 3
2015-07-21 Petr Viktorinpytdb: Build for two versions of Python at once
2015-07-21 Petr Viktorinpytdb: Port to Python 3
2015-07-21 Petr Viktorinpytdb: Allow nextkey() to be called
2015-07-21 Petr Viktorinbuildtools: Fix crash on invalid --extra-python option
2015-07-21 Petr Viktorinbuildtools: Don't configure Python more than once
2015-07-21 Andreas Schneiders4-auth: Make sure error_string is correctly initialized
2015-07-21 Günther Deschners4-kdc_kpasswd: split out some code to a KPASSWD_GLUE...
2015-07-21 Günther Deschners4-kdc: move kdc_check_pac() to a new subsystem KDC...
2015-07-21 Günther Deschners4-kdc: only use a void* in samba_kdc_entry instead...
2015-07-21 Günther Deschners4-kdc/pac_glue: remove old samba_kdc_build_edata_reply().
2015-07-21 Günther Deschners4-kdc/mit_samba: add a copy of samba_kdc_build_edata_r...
2015-07-21 Günther Deschners4-kdc/wdc-samba4: add a copy of samba_kdc_build_edata_...
2015-07-21 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Make mit_samba a subsystem and do not build with...
2015-07-21 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Fix a casting warning
2015-07-21 Andreas Schneiders4-kdc: Fix a typo
2015-07-21 Volker Lendeckepdb_tdb: Use fstr_sprintf
2015-07-21 Martin Schwenkectdb-daemon: Ignore SIGUSR1
2015-07-21 Martin Schwenkectdb-scripts: Move 60.nfs Ganesha callout to doc/examples/
2015-07-21 Martin Schwenkectdb-scripts: Support RPC checks for tcp6 and udp6
2015-07-21 Douglas BagnallUse uintptr_t for pointer int cast in SMBC_getdents_ctx()
2015-07-20 Volker Lendeckedbwrap_rbt: Make "key" and "value" aligned to 16 byte
2015-07-20 Martin Schwenkedoc: Fix documentation for "ctdb timeout" parameter
2015-07-20 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Add knownfail entry required to disable tombs...
2015-07-20 Kamen Mazdrashkidsdb: Disable tombstone_reanimation module until we...
2015-07-20 Karolin Seegerdocs: Bump version up to 4.3.
2015-07-20 Andrew Bartlettlib/tls: Change default supported TLS versions.
2015-07-20 Andrew Bartlettlib/tls: Add new 'tls priority' option
2015-07-20 Andrew BartlettRemove support for OpenPGP certificates in our TLS...
2015-07-17 Andreas Schneiderselftest: Add test for the dfree command
2015-07-17 Andreas Schneiders3-smbd: Remove the global dfree_broken variable
2015-07-17 Andreas Schneiders3-smbd: Leave sys_disk_free() if dfree command is...
2015-07-17 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd: initialize dst->primary_gid with (gid_t)-1
2015-07-17 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd: initialize acct_desc fields in rpc_enum_...
2015-07-17 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd: initialize an [in,out] variable in rpc_try...
2015-07-17 Andreas Schneiders3-auth: Fix a possible null pointer dereference
2015-07-17 Andreas Schneiders4-kerberos: Make sure we handle kvno's in keytabs...
2015-07-17 Uri Simchonitorture: include config.h before any glibc headers
2015-07-16 Uri Simchonifssd: include config.h before any glibc headers
2015-07-16 Uri Simchonisource3/lib: include config.h before any glibc headers
2015-07-16 Uri Simchonilib/util: include config.h before any glibc headers
2015-07-16 Uri Simchonitdbrestore: include config.h before any glibc headers
2015-07-16 Uri Simchonilibads: disable dns_lookup_realm in auto-generated...
2015-07-16 Andreas Schneiderselftest: Do not lookup the realm with Kerberos
2015-07-16 Andreas Schneiders4-torture: Make the backupkey test as a noop with...
2015-07-16 Andreas Schneiders4-waf: Reformat torture_rpc
2015-07-16 Andreas Schneiders4-auth: Always pass down the salt principal
2015-07-16 Andreas Schneiders4-auth: Use kerberos util functions in srv_keytab
2015-07-16 Andreas Schneiders4-auth: Add smb_krb5_remove_obsolete_keytab_entries()
2015-07-16 Andreas Schneiders4-auth: Add smb_krb5_create_principals_array()
2015-07-16 Andreas Schneiders4-samdb: Correctly cast data pointer
2015-07-16 Volker Lendeckevfs: Consolidate failure paths in vfswrap_init_asys_ctx
2015-07-16 Volker Lendeckevfs: Fix CID 1035384 Unchecked return value from library
2015-07-16 Ralph Boehmes3:smbd: change a loglevel from 0 to 1 when SMB_VFS_CON...
2015-07-16 Ralph Boehmevfs_shadow_copy2: change log level from 0 to 1 and...
2015-07-15 Uri Simchoniwinbindd: shorten client list scan
2015-07-15 Uri Simchoniwinbindd: keep client list sorted by access time
2015-07-15 Uri Simchoniwinbindd: add service routines to support a sorted...
2015-07-15 Uri Simchonidoc: clarify "winbind max clients"
2015-07-15 Uri Simchoniwinbindd: periodically remove timed out clients
2015-07-15 Uri Simchoniwinbind client: avoid vicious cycle created by client...
2015-07-15 Uri Simchoniwinbindd: verify that client has closed the connection
2015-07-15 Uri Simchoniasync_req: check for errors when monitoring socket...
2015-07-15 Uri Simchoniwinbindd: cleanup client connection if the client close...
2015-07-15 Uri Simchoniwinbindd: set file descriptor limit according to config...
2015-07-15 Michael Adamdocs:smb.conf: fix typo in 'smb encrypt' text.
2015-07-15 Andreas Schneiderdocs: Documents length limitations for NetBIOS name
2015-07-15 Alexander Bokovoyauth/credentials: if credentials have principal set...
2015-07-15 Andreas SchneiderCID 1311772: Fix null pointer check
2015-07-14 Andreas SchneiderCID 1311771: Fix a null pointer dereference
2015-07-14 Andreas SchneiderCID 1311767: Cast enum type to avoid compiler warnings
2015-07-14 Andreas SchneiderCID 1311764: Fix logical compare in if clause
2015-07-14 Andreas SchneiderCID 1311763: Fix incorrect return value
2015-07-14 Günther Deschners4-torture: add test for ClusterControl to clusapi...
2015-07-14 Günther Deschnerclusapi: add and use clusapi_ClusterControlCode to...
2015-07-14 Günther Deschners3-rpcclient: add cmd_clusapi_get_cluster_version2.
2015-07-14 Günther Deschners4-torture: add test for clusapi_QueryValue.
2015-07-14 Günther Deschnerclusapi: use winreg_AccessMask in clusapi.idl.