descriptionautocluster repository
ownerAndrew Tridgell
last changeMon, 16 Dec 2019 06:18:51 +0000 (17:18 +1100)
2019-12-16 Martin Schwenkebuild: Improve building of RPM master autocluster-1.5
2019-12-16 Martin Schwenkeansible: Default to not checking GPG signatures on... autocluster-1.4
2019-12-09 Martin Schwenkeansible: build nodes must have gcc installed
2019-12-04 Martin Schwenkevagrant: Use memory size setting
2019-12-04 Martin Schwenkeansible: Ensure GPFS build prerequisites are installed
2019-10-08 Martin Schwenkeautocluster: Do not run destroy if generated config... autocluster-1.3
2019-10-08 Martin Schwenkeautocluster: Factor out construction of generated confi...
2019-10-08 Martin Schwenkeautocluster: Fix typo in usage message
2019-10-08 Martin Schwenkeautocluster: Run ssh setup during host setup
2019-10-08 Martin Schwenkeansible/host: Ensure ~/.ssh/config exists
2019-10-08 Martin Schwenkeansible/host: Single-quote regexp string
2019-10-08 Martin Schwenkeansible/host: Reload NFS exports after updating
2019-10-08 Martin Schwenkeansible/host: Fix missing directories and dependencies
2019-10-08 Martin Schwenkeansible/host: Fix indentation
2019-10-08 Martin Schwenkeansible/host: Update to latest upstream Vagrant version
2019-09-21 Martin Schwenkevagrant: Change addition of default route to use "ip...
2 months ago autocluster-1.5 autocluster-1.5
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4 months ago autocluster-1.3 autocluster-1.3
5 months ago autocluster-1.2 Latest Samba master needs zlib...
10 months ago autocluster-1.1 NFS port fixes, EPEL improvement
11 months ago autocluster-1.0 New Python version using Vagrant...
5 years ago autocluster-0.10 Version 0.10
6 years ago autocluster-0.9 Version 0.9
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