2010-01-27 Jeremy AllisonFix bug #7067 - Linux asynchronous IO (aio) can cause...
2010-01-26 Lars MüllerAdd dependency of bin/smbfilter to libwbclient.
2010-01-26 Andreas Schneiders4-libcli: Fixed a talloc_reference error.
2010-01-26 Stefan Metzmachers4:winsrepl.idl: add random interface uuid
2010-01-26 Stefan Metzmachers4:smbtorture: add BASE-BENCH-HOLDOPEN
2010-01-26 Jeff Laytonmount.cifs: don't allow it to be run as setuid root...
2010-01-26 Jeff Laytonmount.cifs: check for invalid characters in device...
2010-01-26 Jeff Laytonmount.cifs: take extra care that mountpoint isn't chang...
2010-01-26 Günther Deschners4-smbtorture: also test smbc_getOptionUseCCache
2010-01-26 Volker Lendeckes3: Enable use of ccache by default for libsmbclient
2010-01-26 Jeremy AllisonCorrect fix for unused variable return from ndr_decode...
2010-01-26 Jeremy AllisonRevert "s3: remove unused Variable"
2010-01-26 Björn JackeRevert "libreplace: fix unused varibale warning on...
2010-01-25 Björn Jackes3: fix detection and flags for using pthread
2010-01-25 Björn Jackes3: remove unused variable
2010-01-25 Björn Jackes3:async_smb: remove unused variable
2010-01-25 Björn Jackelibreplace: fix unused varibale warning on IRIX
2010-01-25 Björn Jackes3: remove unused Variable
2010-01-25 Björn Jackes3:netapi: remove unused variable
2010-01-25 Karolin Seegerlib/popt: Fix typo in README.
2010-01-25 Karolin Seegers3/docs: Fix typo.
2010-01-25 Karolin Seegers3/registry: Fix typo in comment.
2010-01-25 Volker LendeckeRevert "libcli/security: Remove a call to strncasecmp"
2010-01-25 Volker LendeckeRevert "libcli/security: Convert some strtol calls...
2010-01-25 Volker LendeckeRevert "libcli/security: Fix a valgrind error in dom_si...
2010-01-25 Jelmer Vernooijs4-python: Fix formatting.
2010-01-25 Jelmer Vernooijupgrade_from_s3: Remove unused imports.
2010-01-25 Jelmer Vernooijpyxattr: Move to the same directory as the xattr code.
2010-01-25 Kai Blins4 includes: Include system/locale.h to get access...
2010-01-25 Volker LendeckeRevert "s3: Make string_to_sid a wrapper around dom_sid...
2010-01-25 Volker LendeckeRevert "libcli/security: Prohibit SID formats like...
2010-01-25 Günther Deschners4-smbtorture: test wbcResolveWinsByName/wbcResolveWins...
2010-01-25 Günther Deschners4-smbtorture: add test for wbcPingDc to WINBIND-WBCLIE...
2010-01-25 Günther Deschners4-smbtorture: split spoolss_RemoteFindFirstPrinterChan...
2010-01-25 Günther Deschnertestprogs: print all driver info levels in spoolss...
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckes3-libsmbclient: Add smbc_setOptionUseCCache()
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckes3: Add --use-ccache to net
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckes3: add libnetapi_set_use_ccache()
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix a bug in net's use of popt
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckes3: Enable -C in rpcclient
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckes3: Add CLI_FULL_CONNECTION_USE_CCACHE
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckes3: Use -C in smbclient
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckes3: Add -C (--use-ccache) to popt_common_credentials
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckes3: Add ccache use to cli_session_setup_ntlmssp
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckes3: Add NTLMSSP_FEATURE_CCACHE
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckelibwbclient: Actually implement wbcCredentialCache()
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckes3: Add the session key to the ccache_ntlm_auth response
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckes3: Add wbinfo --ccache-save
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove some calls to memset -- reduces text size...
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckelibwbclient: Use winbindd_free_response()
2010-01-24 Volker Lendeckelibwbclient: Remove a pointless talloc_strdup
2010-01-23 Endi S. Dewatas4-provision: Added msDS-NcType into samba4Top object...
2010-01-23 Endi S. Dewatas4-provision: Fixed typos and redundant code
2010-01-23 Endi S. Dewatas4-provision: Disable populating FDS during instance...
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckensswitch: Move nss_err_str to its only caller
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckensswitch: Make some functions static
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckes3: Make string_to_sid a wrapper around dom_sid_parse
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckes3: Add a little torture test for dom_sid_parse
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckelibcli/security: Prohibit SID formats like S-1-5-32...
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckelibcli/security: Fix a valgrind error in dom_sid_parse
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckelibcli/security: Convert some strtol calls to strtoul
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckelibcli/security: Remove a call to strncasecmp
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckelibreplace: Fix a C++ warning
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove string_sid_talloc
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove a call to string_sid_talloc
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix sending NULL sids to lookupsids3
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove some pointless uses of string_sid_talloc
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckes3: Use global_sid_Builtin in net_groupmap_memberships
2010-01-23 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix some nonempty blank lines
2010-01-22 Simo Sorces4:kdc Simplify header files
2010-01-22 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix some nonempty blank lines
2010-01-22 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix a typo in a comment
2010-01-21 Volker Lendeckes3:pdb_ldap: Fix large paged search.
2010-01-21 William Jojos3: Fix bug 7052: "DFS broken on AIX (maybe others)"
2010-01-21 Volker Lendeckes3: Initialize the seqnum in "init_smb_request"
2010-01-21 Volker Lendeckes3: Make "init_smb_request" static to process.c
2010-01-21 Michael Adams4:rpc-server:samr: fix setting of lockout duration...
2010-01-21 Volker Lendeckes3: Move "yesno" to the only place where it is used...
2010-01-21 Björn Jackes3/doc: update vfs_shadow_copy2 man page according...
2010-01-21 Ed PleseAdd localtime parameter to shadow_copy2.
2010-01-21 Ed PleseAdd format parameter to shadow_copy2.
2010-01-21 Ed PleseAdd sort parameter to shadow_copy2.
2010-01-21 Jelmer Vernooijpyxattr: Factor out helper functions.
2010-01-21 Jelmer Vernooijselftest: Cope with 'multipart' support in subunit.
2010-01-21 Jelmer Vernooijpyxattr: Simplify tests.
2010-01-21 Jelmer Vernooijpyxattr: Fix tests by not opening tdb files multiple...
2010-01-21 Jelmer Vernooijpyxattr: Fix tests by avoiding opening tdb files multip...
2010-01-21 Jelmer Vernooijpyxattr: Fix memory leaks.
2010-01-21 Jelmer Vernooijpyxattr: Simplify tests.
2010-01-21 Jelmer Vernooijpyxattr: Fix return value, raise exception, fix memory...
2010-01-21 Jelmer Vernooijpyxattr: Use standard functions for error handling.
2010-01-21 Jelmer Vernooijpyxattr: Remove unnecessary hacks.
2010-01-21 Jelmer Vernooijs4: Fix a few warnings.
2010-01-21 Jelmer Vernooijpidl: Include Python.h first, to avoid warnings.
2010-01-21 Jelmer Vernooijs4: Include Python.h early to avoid double definition...
2010-01-21 Björn Jackes3: fix dnsupdate configure check
2010-01-20 Andreas Schneiders4-winbind: Migrated winbind connection to tsocket.
2010-01-20 Matthieu Patouselftest-s4: set the posix:eadb at the global level
2010-01-20 Matthieu Patous4-python: add some helper for converting ldb_flag...
2010-01-20 Matthieu Patouupgradeprovision: forbid running upgradeprovision when...