libndr: Avoid assigning duplicate versions to symbols
[amitay/samba.git] / wintest / conf /
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2012-10-03 Andrew Bartlettwintest: Add config file for a second host
2012-09-12 Andrew Bartlettwintest: Rework support for the internal DNS server
2012-06-21 Björn Baumbachwintest: add working bbaumbach.conf file for use with...
2012-03-08 Andrew Bartlettwintest: continue turning over VMs...
2012-02-23 Andrew Bartlettwintest: Change to a new Win2008R2 VM
2012-02-17 Andrew Bartlettwintest: Update Win2003 VM
2012-02-16 Andrew Bartlettwintest: update WinXP-1 snapshot
2012-02-16 Andrew Bartlettwintest: Change Windows 7 VM
2012-02-16 Andrew Bartlettwintest: Update VM used for W2K8R2A
2011-09-01 Andrew Bartlettwintest: update snapshots
2011-03-28 Andrew Bartlettwintest New snapshot for my wintest VMs
2011-02-17 Andrew BartlettAdd support for testing a Win2k3 domain member
2011-01-20 Zahari Zaharievs4/wintest New ESXi configuration file
2010-12-03 Andrew Tridgellwintest: autodetect if named supports tkey-gssapi-keytab
2010-12-01 Andrew Tridgellwintest: we don't need the WIN_BASEDN vars any more
2010-12-01 Andrew Bartlettwintest Fix case of BASEDN variables
2010-12-01 Andrew Bartlettwintest Add more VMs and correct titles
2010-11-27 Andrew Tridgellwintest: cope with VMs sometimes not rebooting
2010-11-26 Andrew Tridgellwintest: make IPv6 optional in wintest
2010-11-24 Andrew Tridgellwintest: added an IPv6 address, and use fully qualified...
2010-11-24 Andrew Tridgellwintest: fixed interface handling and DNS forwarding
2010-11-23 Andrew Tridgellwintest: tidyups and new conf variables
2010-11-23 Andrew Bartlettwintest Evolve wintest to handle it's own BIND nameserver
2010-11-23 Andrew Bartlettwintest Explian that this is my KVM/libvirt configuration
2010-11-23 Andrew Bartlettwintest example configuration file for a KVM based...
2010-11-19 Andrew Tridgellwintest: move conf files to conf/