libndr: Avoid assigning duplicate versions to symbols
[amitay/samba.git] / packaging /
2020-05-12 Marcos Mellowinbind.service: drop quotes from $WINBINDOPTIONS variable
2020-05-12 Marcos MelloDrop NotifyAccess=all from systemd units
2019-06-25 Karolin Seegerpackaging: Update READMEs to reflect current status.
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoypackaging/wscript: update to handle waf 2.0.4
2018-08-03 Oleksandr Natalenkosystemd: Only start smb when network interfaces are up
2018-01-16 Günther Deschnerpackaging: fix default systemd-dir path.
2018-01-14 Mathieu Parentsystemd: Fix kill path
2018-01-14 Mathieu Parentsystemd: Add documentation to Unit files
2018-01-14 Mathieu Parentsystemd: is obsolete
2018-01-08 Aurelien Aptelpackaging: add configure option to preprocess and insta...
2017-12-20 Andreas Schneidersystemd: Only start samba and nmbd when network interfa...
2017-11-28 Andreas Schneidersystemd: Start processes in forground and without a...
2017-09-12 Rowland Pennypackaging: Remove Solaris directory and contents
2017-09-12 Rowland Pennypackaging: Remove RHEL directory and contents
2017-09-12 Rowland Pennypackaging: Remove RHEL-CTDB directory and contents
2017-05-10 David Disseldorppackaging: Remove Mandrake
2017-05-10 Andreas Schneiderpackaging: Remove SWAT references from Solaris
2017-05-10 Andreas Schneiderpackaging: Remove SWAT references from RHEL
2017-05-10 Andreas Schneiderpackaging: Remove SWAT references from RHEL-CTDB
2017-05-10 Andreas Schneiderpackaging: Remove LSB packaging
2017-05-10 Andreas Schneiderpackaging: Remove setup script for SWAT
2016-05-18 Anoop C Spackaging: Set default limit for core file size in...
2016-05-18 Anoop C Spackaging: Set default limit for core file size in...
2016-05-18 Anoop C Spackaging: Remove ulimit usage for setting core file...
2016-05-06 Raghavendra Talurinit: set core file size to unlimited by default
2015-11-13 Jeremy Allisons3: smbd: Remove --with-aio-support. We no longer would...
2015-11-10 Volker Lendeckevfs: Remove smb_traffic_analyzer
2015-11-06 Alexander Bokovoyspec files: remove pam_smbpass
2015-08-21 Robin Hackvfs_scannedonly: Remove vfs_scannedonly from samba...
2015-03-23 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Convert valid.dat to C code
2015-03-23 Volker Lendeckelib: Convert [up|low]case.dat to C
2015-02-10 Andrew BartlettUpdate mailing list references to point at
2015-02-10 Andrew BartlettRemove obsolete SGI packaging
2014-12-04 Jeremy Allisons3: leases: libsmbsharemodes no longer works with SMB2...
2014-04-23 Alexander Bokovoyadd systemd integration
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2013-06-11 Andrew BartlettRemove remaining references to "password level" in...
2013-05-24 Anand Avatibuilding RPMs on RHEL fail because of a typo.
2013-04-22 Volker Lendeckedocs: Fix bug 9809 -- missing entry in specfile
2013-03-09 Christof Schmittpackaging(RHEL-CTDB): Add idmap_rfc2307 module
2013-02-22 Alexander BokovoyMake systemctl reference indirect in packaging/NetworkM...
2013-02-19 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL-CTDB): remove unpackaged manpages (samba...
2013-02-19 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL-CTDB): package the fake-acls vfs module
2012-11-22 Andrew Bartlettpackaging: Remove long-gone --disable-merged-build...
2012-11-22 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Remove --enable-smbtorture, require bin/smbtortu...
2012-11-22 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Be consistent with the name of smbtorture binaries
2012-10-30 Andreas Schneiderpackaging: Add NetworkManager dispatcher script for...
2012-10-29 Andreas Schneiderpackaging: Move smbprint to a comman location.
2012-10-11 Andreas Schneiderpackaging: Add support for reloading systemd services.
2012-10-09 Andreas Schneiderpackaging: Add config for systemd-tmpfiles.
2012-09-18 Karolin SeegerRHEL packaging: Try to fix on RHEL.
2012-09-18 Stefan Metzmacherpackaging/RHEL-CTDB: add "BUILD_GPFS=no configure.rpm...
2012-09-18 Stefan Metzmacherpackaging/RHEL-CTDB: try harder to set $RPMVER
2012-09-18 Stefan Metzmacherpackaging/RHEL-CTDB: fix the build
2012-09-14 Björn Jackepackaging: apply some solaris packaging fixes
2012-08-17 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove the gpfs_hsm_notify module
2012-08-15 Gregor Becks3:utils: remove standalone cclean tool
2012-07-03 Andreas Schneiderdoc: Remove all references to 'printer admin' option.
2012-06-29 Gregor Beckpackaging(RHEL-CTDB): package cclean tool
2012-06-29 Gregor Beckpackaging(RHEL-CTDB): make aware of new...
2012-06-28 Björn Baumbachpackaging(RHEL-CTDB): fix build dependencies
2012-04-04 Andreas Schneidersystemd: Add samba service file.
2012-02-08 Andrew Bartletts3-build: remove EXEEXT from Makefiles
2012-02-08 Andrew Bartletts3-docs: Remove references to long-gone smbmount utilities
2012-01-17 Volker LendeckeRHEL-CTDB: *.msg files moved
2012-01-17 Volker LendeckeRHEL-CTDB: *.dat files moved
2012-01-17 Volker LendeckeRHEL-CTDB: CP*so are no more
2012-01-17 Volker LendeckeRHEL-CTDB: --with-mandir -> --mandir
2011-11-18 Karolin Seegers3/packaging: Fix rpm build issues on RHEL4.
2011-11-17 Karolin Seegers3/packaging: Fix rpm build issues on RHEL.
2011-11-04 Andreas Schneidersystemd: Fix dependencies.
2011-11-03 David Disseldorppkg: add comments to the systemd sysconfig file
2011-10-28 Andreas SchneiderAdd systemd service files.
2011-06-24 Stefan MetzmacherMerge commit 'release-4-0-0alpha15' into master4-tmp
2011-06-24 Andrew BartlettMerge 2610c05b5b95cc7036b3d6dfb894c6cfbdb68483 as Samba... samba-4.0.0alpha16
2011-05-27 Christian Ambachpackaging(RHEL-CTDB): align configure.rpm to the spec...
2011-05-18 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL-CTDB): honour rpm build target options...
2011-05-18 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL-CTDB): adapt configure.rpm
2011-05-18 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL-CTDB): enforce building of libtdb and...
2011-05-18 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL-CTDB): build libtdb and libtalloc packag...
2011-05-18 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL-CTDB): update configure.rpm (--disable...
2011-05-18 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL-CTDB): disable smbtorture4 in the rpm...
2011-05-18 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL-CTDB): Remove the packaging of the winbi...
2011-05-18 Volker Lendeckepackaging(RHEL-CTDB): create the rpm directories
2011-05-04 Volker LendeckeAlways build before commit ... :-)
2011-05-04 Volker LendeckeRHEL-CTDB: Build vfs_gpfs_hsm_notify
2011-04-07 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL-CTDB): fix configure.rpm (honour additio...
2011-04-05 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL-CTDB): Fix debuginfo builds
2011-04-05 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL-CTDB): add BuildRequires to ctdb-devel...
2011-04-05 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL-CTDB): replace Prereq by Requires.
2011-01-21 Volker Lendeckepackaging(RHEL-CTDB): explicitly build the tsm vfs...
2011-01-18 Michael Adampackaging/RHEL-CTDB: add the smbta-util manpage
2011-01-18 Michael Adampackaging/RHEL-CTDB: add the pam_winbind.conf manpage
2011-01-18 Michael Adampackaging/RHEL-CTDB: do not use an external docs tarbal...
2011-01-18 Michael Adampackaging/RHEL-CTDB: untangle the various %doc entries...
2010-11-09 Volker Lendeckes3: Package autorid module
2010-10-28 Abhidnya P Chirmules3: Add a vfs_time_audit module
2010-10-26 Volker Lendeckes3: Package tdbrestore in RHEL-CTDB
2010-08-31 Volker Lendeckepackaging: build fixes
2010-08-31 Volker Lendeckepackaging: cifsutils are no longer part of Samba