libndr: Avoid assigning duplicate versions to symbols
[amitay/samba.git] / librpc / wscript_build
2020-10-20 Amitay Isaacslibndr: Avoid assigning duplicate versions to symbols master
2020-10-02 Volker Lendeckelibrpc: Add GUID_to_ndr_buf()
2020-07-02 Douglas BagnallCVE-2020-10745: ndr/dns-utils: prepare for NBT compatib...
2020-07-02 Douglas BagnallCVE-2020-10745: ndr_dns: move ndr_push_dns_string core...
2020-07-02 Douglas BagnallCVE-2020-10745: librpc/tests: cmocka tests of dns and...
2020-05-24 Samuel Cabrerolibrpc: core: Move the s4 handles implementation to...
2020-03-20 Samuel Cabreros3:rpc_server: Do not generate and build s3 RPC server...
2020-02-27 Gary Lockyerlibrpc ndr: add recursion check macros
2020-02-07 Gary Lockyerlibrpc ndr: Heap-buffer-overflow in lzxpress_decompress
2019-12-18 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Move winstation.idl to the top level and exclud...
2019-12-10 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Fill in full deps for NDR_* subsystems
2019-12-10 Douglas Bagnalldcerpc: developer option to save ndr_fuzz_X seeds
2019-12-04 Gary Lockyerlibrpc ndr: Tests for ndr_pull_string
2019-11-19 Andrew Bartlettndr: Include the caller location in ndr_{pull,push...
2019-11-13 Andrew Bartlettpidl: Generate the trailing ndr_table even if the UUID...
2019-10-18 Samuel Cabreros4:rpc_server: Move core functions to core library
2019-10-18 Samuel Cabrerolibrpc: Add new dcerpc server core library
2019-10-10 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove client and server build of w32time.idl
2019-10-10 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove client and server build of rot.idl
2019-08-08 Ralph Boehmelibrpc: add RPC_NDR_MDSSVC
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: No longer generate or build unused client bindi...
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove frsblobs.idl
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_MDSSVC
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_KEYSVC
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_TRKWKS
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_SCERPC
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_WZCSVC
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_MSGSVC
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_SERVER_ID
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_NBT
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_DSBACKUP
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_POLICYAGENT
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_EFS
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_AUDIOSRV
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_SMB_ACL
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_IDMAP
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_XATTR
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_DRSBLOBS
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Remove unused RPC_NDR_NTLMSSP
2019-06-26 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Do not generate client code for dbgidl.idl
2019-02-14 Andreas Schneiderlibrpc:ndr: Implement ndr_zero_memory()
2018-08-16 Garming Sampreg: Use gensize to allow modification of winreg data...
2018-08-16 Garming Sampreg: Using winreg_Data_GPO instead of DATA_BLOB
2018-07-31 Noel Powerlibrpc/idl Add some query [getset]info quota related...
2018-02-22 Douglas Bagnallshift read_hex_bytes() and parse_guid_string() into...
2017-03-29 Andrew Bartlettpython: Add bindings for NTLMSSP
2017-03-02 Douglas Bagnallndr: Use resizing array instead of linked lists (breaki...
2017-01-24 Günther Deschnerlibrpc/ndr: add ndr_push_charset_to_null and increase...
2016-11-24 Günther Deschnerlibrpc: Introduce cab.idl
2016-10-26 Stefan Metzmacherlibrpc: add dcerpc_ncacn_pull_pkt_auth() helper function
2016-09-22 Günther Deschneridl: compile iremotewinspool.idl.
2016-07-28 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Add ndr_push_struct_into_fixed_blob() and use...
2016-07-20 Günther Deschnerkrb5pac: no need for a noprint PAC_BUFFER.
2016-05-03 Andrew Bartlettlibndr: Add ndr_pull_struct_blob_all_noalloc
2016-03-22 Douglas Bagnalllibrpc ndr: add ndr_pull_steal_switch_value()
2016-03-10 Stefan MetzmacherCVE-2016-0771: s4:dns_server: fix idl for dns_txt_record
2016-03-10 Stefan MetzmacherCVE-2016-0771: librpc: add RPC_NDR_DNSSERVER to dcerpc...
2016-01-13 Jelmer VernooijRename 'errors' to 'samba-errors' and make it public.
2015-12-18 Stefan Metzmachernegoex.idl: initial version
2015-07-07 Ralph Boehmemdssvc: IDL file for new RPC service
2015-07-03 Günther Deschnerwitness: autogenerate the marshalling of the witness_no...
2015-03-31 David Disseldorplibrpc: add FSRVP server state idl
2015-03-13 Günther Deschnerlibrpc: build clusapi.idl
2015-03-13 Günther Deschnerlibrpc/ndr: add ndr_{pull|push|print}_HRESULT and relea...
2015-02-16 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: Move messaging.idl to the top level
2014-10-02 Matthieu Patouidl: Add frs blobs for dumping of frs related blobs...
2014-10-02 Matthieu Patouidl: frsrpc depends on bkupblobs.idl and fscc.idl
2014-10-02 Matthieu PatouCreate talloc-less functions for formating GUID
2014-09-26 Andrew Bartlettidl: Merge NETR_TRUST and LSA_TRUST definitions into...
2014-07-24 Anubhav Rakshitlibrpc: Add NETWORK_INTERFACE_INFO IDL data structure
2014-06-12 Volker Lendeckelibsmb: Put the "smb2_lease" struct into idl
2014-06-11 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc/idl: Merge wbint.idl with winbind.idl so we...
2014-02-11 Stefan Metzmacherlibrpc/idl: add witness.idl
2014-02-11 Stefan Metzmacherlibrpc/ndr: add ndr_syntax_id_[from|to]_string()
2014-01-08 Gregor Becklibrpc/ndr: add ndr_pop_dcerpc_sec_verification_trailer()
2014-01-06 Stefan Metzmacherdcerpc.idl: add dcerpc_sec_verification_trailer
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2013-05-18 Kai Blinlibrpc: Add NDR_PRINT_DEBUGC to ndr print to a debug...
2013-05-09 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Move nfs4acl to the top level
2012-10-30 Andrew Bartlettpymessaging: Use the server_id IDL structure rather...
2012-10-29 Andrew Bartlettpidl: Remove depends_on=PIDL_MISC as it sets -I/ into...
2012-08-22 Andrew Bartletts4-python: Complete python bindings for idmap.idl
2012-08-21 Andrew Bartletts4-python: complete python bindigns for smb_acls.idl
2012-08-15 Andrew Bartletts3-smbd: Move smb_acl_t declaration to smb_acl.idl
2012-08-10 Björn Jackebuild: rename security → samba-security
2012-06-25 Stefan Metzmachers3:librpc: add smbXsrv.idl
2012-06-08 David Disseldorpidl: add File Server Remote VSS Protocol idl
2012-03-26 Jelmer VernooijAdd ABI file for libndr.
2012-03-20 Jelmer Vernooijlibrpc/wscript_build: Fix formatting.
2012-03-20 Jelmer Vernooijlibrpc/wscript_build: Santizize formatting.
2011-11-21 Günther Deschnerlibrpc: install drsuapi and drsblobs headers.
2011-11-04 Kai Blindns: Build the python bindings
2011-11-03 Günther Deschnerwaf: convert NDR_NBT into shared library.
2011-11-03 Günther Deschnernbt: merge in LIBCLI_NDR_NETLOGON helper into NDR_NBT.
2011-10-31 David Disseldorps4-torture: Add tests for the smb2 copychunk ioctl
2011-10-20 Amitay Isaacss4-dns: Added support for multiple DNS_RPC_RECORDS...
2011-10-04 Andrew Tridgelldns: build python bindings for dnsserver RPC protocol
2011-09-08 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc: put NDR_NTPRINTING into ndr-samba grouping...
2011-08-21 Jelmer Vernooijdcerpc-binding: Install header file.
2011-08-21 Jelmer Vernooijwafsamba: Require public libraries to have a pc file...