build: Reduce build systems to just top level waf and autoconf
[amitay/samba.git] / libcli / nbt / wscript_build
2011-10-07 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Reduce build systems to just top level waf and...
2011-08-08 Andrew Bartlettbuild: provide tevent-util as a public library
2011-06-24 Stefan MetzmacherMerge commit 'release-4-0-0alpha15' into master4-tmp
2011-06-24 Andrew BartlettMerge 2610c05b5b95cc7036b3d6dfb894c6cfbdb68483 as Samba... samba-4.0.0alpha16
2011-04-26 Andrew Bartlettlibcli/dns Improve dns_hosts_file, using Samba3's struc...
2011-02-25 Matthias Dieter... libcli/nbt/wscript_build - fix build of "lmhosts"
2011-02-24 Andrew Tridgellbuild: moved lmhosts.c into a common subsystem
2011-02-22 Andrew Tridgells3-waf: use common libcli/nbt build rules
2011-02-22 Andrew Tridgelllibcli/nbt: allow use of the waf build for nbt in source3
2011-01-07 Günther Deschnernetlogon: move netlogon helpers to ../libcli/netlogon.
2010-10-26 Jelmer Vernooijwaf: Stop automaticaly changing dashes to underscores...
2010-10-26 Jelmer Vernooijwaf: Remove lib prefix from libraries manually.
2010-10-26 Jelmer Vernooijs4: Drop duplicate 'lib' prefix for private libraries.
2010-10-24 Jelmer Vernooijs4: Rename LIBCLI_NBT -> cli_nbt.
2010-10-24 Jelmer Vernooijs4: Rename LIBSAMBA-* to libsamba-*
2010-10-23 Jelmer Vernooijs4: Rename LIBNETIF to libnetif.
2010-10-21 Andrew Tridgelllibcli: make LIBCLI_NBT a private library
2010-10-18 Stefan Metzmacherlibcli/nbt: we don't need LIBCLI_COMPOSITE anymore
2010-10-18 Stefan Metzmacherlibcli/nbt: convert nbt_name_refresh_wins_send/recv...
2010-04-18 Andrew Tridgells4-waf: removed the unused installdir= option to SAMBA_...
2010-04-06 Andrew Tridgells4-waf: more dependencies on talloc
2010-04-06 Andrew Tridgells4-waf: cleanup use of LIBPOPT vs popt dependency
2010-04-06 Andrew Tridgells4-waf: mark the wscript files as python so vim/emacs...
2010-04-06 Andrew Tridgellbuild: waf quicktest nearly works
2010-04-06 Andrew Tridgellbuild: commit all the waf build files in the tree