descriptionPure-python implementation of the Git file formats and protocols.
ownerJelmer Vernooij
last changeSat, 19 Jul 2014 20:26:55 +0000
2 days ago Jelmer VernooijAdd tag_delete porcelain. master
2 days ago Jelmer VernooijSplit out build_file_from_blob.
2 days ago Jelmer VernooijAdd 'fetch' porcelain.
2 days ago Jelmer VernooijAdd porcelain for branch delete/list/create.
2 days ago Jelmer VernooijMerge dul-web into dulwich command.
2 days ago Jelmer VernooijUse optparse to handle options in dulwich.web.main...
2 days ago Jelmer VernooijDrop handling of python installations without wsgiref...
6 days ago Jelmer VernooijUpdate NEWS, add check for validity of shas passed...
6 days ago Mike EdgarStrip newline from final ACKed SHA while fetching packs.
6 days ago Jelmer VernooijIn dulwich.tests.test_object_store, use real sha lengths.
7 days ago Jelmer VernooijUpdate NEWS.
8 days ago Robert BrownLimit delta copy length to 64K.
2014-07-02 Jelmer VernooijAdd tests for adding empty thin packs to object stores.
2014-07-02 Jelmer VernooijAdd extra check for bytes to read in compute_file_sha.
2014-06-19 David OstrovskyFix typo in method description
2014-06-19 David OstrovskyRemove tags from list of missing documentation
2 months ago dulwich-0.9.6 I hereby unleash Dulwich 0.9.6...
4 months ago debian/0.9.5-2
4 months ago debian/0.9.5-1
4 months ago upstream/0.9.5 Upstream version 0.9.5
4 months ago dulwich-0.9.5 Release 0.9.5.
7 months ago debian/0.9.4-1
7 months ago dulwich-0.9.4 Release 0.9.4.
9 months ago dulwich-0.9.3 Release 0.9.3.
9 months ago dulwich-0.9.2 Release 0.9.2.
9 months ago upstream/0.9.1 Upstream version 0.9.1
9 months ago dulwich-0.9.1
13 months ago debian/0.9.0-1
13 months ago dulwich-0.9.0
19 months ago dulwich-0.8.7
20 months ago debian/0.8.6-1 Debian release 0.8.6-1
20 months ago dulwich-0.8.6
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